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CJT ROMANIA WoW Burning Crusade 2.0.12 version, Funserver 60x rate, 100mb/s conn, no lag, tier 2,3,4 in shop


Wow-events 1.000 Mbit / wow-event server BC 2.0.12 patch german/ jede woche ein event bei uns/super support über [irc,ts,forum] schaut es euch einfach selber an


-=The Burning Crusade=- ^WoW.IZMAYLOVO^ !!Please Welcome!! Friendly administration, no lags, good rate x2, and more


JCB Server BC 15x XP, 20x Drops, Friendly Gms


Postal WoW Australia 1.12.1 Bliz Like Remeber, This is a Blizzlike, but with a twist, it will have some Fun Server Elements to it, but the Rates Stay the Same.


<1.12.1> [-<Barakiel WoW FunServer>-] This is a new server runing on a dedicated machine (Athlon64 X2 3800+, 2 GB RAM and 6 mbits internet connection) we need players....come and test it....


WoW server Romania for all functioning on version A nice server from Romania for all players high rate of XP With high procesing speed


Nexis Realms Newest TBC 2.0.10, NO Lag, HELPFUL Gms, Awesome Community, JOIN TODAY!


Warcraft Leveling Guides We have one of the biggest selections of WoW guides you will find online!


..::MuConOnda 1.03n+Season II::.. la nueva web de server free mu con onda


Burning Emblem 1.11.1 Private WoW Server 1.11.1 WoW Private server. 100x XP. lvl 60. Server cap 100, USA Server. Low pings | Tier 3| working instances| Nice and helpful GM's. Come join our community today!


The Last Age Shard WoWserver 1.12.2. Exp 5X - Item 5X - Money 3X.


Intracom BC InTraCom BC Server.


Espanyolitos [BC] Español | v2.0.10-2.0.12


Hallo Romania 1.12 Best vv0vv Server in Romania


World of Warcraft Guides World of Warcraft Guides including Joanas Guide, Brian Kopps Guide, Warcraft Cash Creating Guide, Ultimate Warcraft, Warcraft Mastery and others.


Helljumper Home Sever WoW Mangos WotLK 3.2.2a Blizzlike / German / Homepage / Forum


WoW-Empire-United -Custom Events-2 Realms-3.0.9- New Server -Soccer Events (Known as Football on Server)- Non-Hamachi - Constant Uptime - No DC - No Crashes - Fun around every-single-corner-of-the-pixeled-world - Join Today! MUST REGISTER ON FORUMS TO MAKE GAME ACCOUNT


~Bringers Of Death WoW Server~ HighRate German WOW Server V. 1.12.1!Join Now!Rate.XP.Kill = 60 | Rate.XP.Quest = 70 | Rate.XP.Explore = 50 |


-=][ShadowbladeClan][=->>>2.0.12 - 2.1.0& ~German/English Community | Lag free | Nice Server Event's | Tier 0 - Tier 6 Set's | Hyjal Set | Flying Mount's | Player Treff | Outlands spawned | Friendly GM Team | 24/7 online | Many updates | Daily backups | Join now and secure your Item!~


World of Terror Frendly GMs---Free item when u first join!---Free epic mount when u join


wow powerleveling we provide world of warcraft powerleveling ,wow powerleveling service and account the whole day, the 24’hours wow powerleveling,world of warcraft powerleveling service The price is reasonable. We make sure that your account\


ggoldskywow This is the blog in GgoldSky. Our purpose is transfer the latest news, guides, cheats and anything of games to you.As you know, we are the professional mmorpg’s service site. All what we do is for your best game experience.We supply World of Warcraft Gold and Power Leveling all US realms. And Gold a


Knights Legion Private Server Xp Rates : 2x - Auction cost : 0.5x - Other Rates : Blizzlike Come join our Legion of players, and our great community.


WoW Extreme Realm German 2.0.12 + TBC ,nice pings,very nice gameplay and great GM´s.High Rated but short time,join fast and level :)


SydWoW SydWoW is a new Sydney (Australia) hosted private WoW server with low rates of 4X and a friendly community so join us now!


WoW Krowow Very GooD asdfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff


WoW Power Leveling EZGamers is the cheapest power leveling service on the net. We level for you!


Valkor's Gold Making Guide Learn the BEST gold making techniques that will have you making you over 250 Gold per hour!!


United Class 200 xp rate 100 drop rate , 100 level cap,come and join!


Active Realm Romania Activ Team Romania , va prezinta o noua generatie de servere , XP High , foarte stabil , crashuri (nici 1 de la deskidere ) , GM team cu ff multa experienta ... vom adauga iteme custom dak avem o comunitate de ssZECI de playeri .;


Burning Crusade 2.0.12 Join Burning Crusade 2.0.12 :: 2 Servers (Blizzlike + High Rate) :: Outlands :: New Zones in Azeroth :: Flying Mounts :: Custom Epic Shops + Trainers :: Tier 4 & 5 :: New Blood Elf and Draenei Races :: Popular Community! Plus heaps more!


[email protected] Deutscher Funserver - Max Level 254 - Player Treff - Nette Gms - [email protected] Items


World of Warcraft Power Burning Crusade 2.0.12, 2 Servers, New Zones, NO LAG EVER, PVP, Events


Gaming Zone Look here and find anything u want related to gaming.


Digital Angels World Of Warcraft LONG TERM | Version : 2.0.12 | Rates : 5x/5x/5x/5x | 100 User Cap | 100mb Internet

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Freezetime WOW:BC Server DER NEUE WOW:BC SERVER ; Freundliche und faire GM's, keine Lags, 75fache EP Rate MELDE DICH NOCH HEUTE AN


Warcrafting Tips & tricks for World of Warcraft


Chaos Dimension We run an official version of Antrix not available to the public. +We do not give free gold+ +We do not give free levels+ -Xp rate is 75- -Money rate is 750- -Item rate is 750- ***Battlegrounds do work!*** (Warsong only for the time being)


FireZone World Of Warcraft LONG TERM | Version : 2.0.12 | Rates : 5x/5x/5x/5x | 100 User Cap | 100mb Internet Connection | Dedicated Servers | Helful GM Team/Community | PVP | Events | Join our Community , Let\\\'s make it Bigger | Thanks |


DreamlesS Privat Server! Deutscher Server | Ver. 2.0.12 | XP/Kill: 100x | XP/Quest. 100x | XP/Explore: 100x | Gold: 60x | Items: 100x | Jäger funkt! Keine Lags!


WoWing.Info / All MMORPG Hacks, Bots... World of Warcraft - Guild Wars - Maple Story - Knight Online And Much More! // Newest Exploits/Hacks/Bots/Guides And Much More!!!No Requires Any Payment - Everything Free!


World of Azeroth -Free WoW Bc 2.0.8-2.0.12 Friendly Gm´s No Laggs Nice Ping 95%Bug Free German Community !!! XP Rate X5!!!


Blackrock Revolution TBC 2.0.12 BlackRock ReVoLuTion TBC 2.0.12 TEAM BLACKROCK™ present`s (Scherbenwelt /Flugmounts/MegaBugfrei!!/Raidgruppen/Schlachtfelder Warsong & Arathi... und mehr. Grosse Community since 2004!! Join Us)


Sandoria Burning Crusade 2.0.12 :: Blizz-like rates :: Custom Events :: Friendly Staff :: Great Community


World of Warcraft InfoX Tired of paying money for strategy guides? Get guides here FREE!


WoWasr serveur BC fr rate X10 Serveur BC versions jusqu\'à 2.0.12, outreterre spawné, quêtes, montures volantes. Rate X10. Récup des perso possible (imprime ecran et id items). serveur dédié ouvert 24/24 7/7, pas de lag et mise à jour fréquente. inscription en 5 min.


xXxCuda's BC ServerxXx 2.0.7 - 2.0.12 FUNSERVER! Nice GMs! HIGH Rates! Epic Vendors!


CHAOS SERVER 2.0.12 BC T4 Dedicated Server T4 Dedicated Server,Custom Zones & Mobs, Outland Instances WORKING, Working Flying Mounts, 20x Kill Exp,30x Quest Exp,5x Explore Exp,5x Item Drop Rate,5x Gold Drop Rate

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