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Warcraft Chamber This contains a TON of Free WoW Guides on Gold Making, Power Leveling, Quests and MORE!


Free World of Warcraft Guide Reviews | WoW Guides We give you the inside scoop on which WOW Guides beat the others hands down. Put your hard earned money to good use. We have bought and reviewed all the top World of Warcraft Guides on the net. Don\\\'t waste your money buying outdated and obsolete information. Read our reviews and make up your own


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GermanGamingCommunity A nice German Community with WoW, Ragnarok and CSS Server.


unknoW . Server Servidor Brasileiro de World of WarCraft


Dwarven Legion Dwarven Legion is a WoW Alliance Guild on the Staghelm server. We are looking for new recruits on for a casual gaming guild working towards end-game.


Alliance vs Horde Fastest growing world of warcraft fansite, which has everything a member or fan needs all in one complete site...


S-WoW S-WoW has extremely high 100x exp rates, supports the latest patch always (currently 2.3.3) and even better drop rates! If your looking for a high rate server, but still fair in their rules, this is the server for you!


Zion Reanimetion (WoW Version 1.12.1) Russian WoW Server 'Zion Reanimetion' [Exp 6x] [Drop 4x] Good Staff,Good World Good Exp!New Server Go All! mIRC Channel ||#WoW.Zion


Yasnet Russian PVP server


Evolution Night Evolution Night, WoW Private server, Great GM's, almost no bugs


Dragonia WoW Deutscher wow Server mit wenig Bugs und Freundlichen GM's >Schwebende Mounts<


Tail-Tara Serveur tounant sous midgar beta 1 ==> 2.0.1 xp kill : x4 xp quete : x6 xp decouverte : x2


Generation WoW 1.12.1 Mangos World of Warcraft Server International Rates:4x Lagless Playing good Ping nice community come and join


The Palms World of Warcraft Server Version 2.0.1, Blizzard-Like, 100+ players registered, friendly GM's, Burning Crusade (test period ended, until newer emulator comes out).


TerranWoW Burning Crusade exp y drop muy alta pruebenlo!!!


DeadLand WOW private server this server is NOT 24/7 it will be mostly every day, but i shut it down at night (mostly until 1.00AM, GMT+2) rates:Items:10x Money:10x Kill:15x Quest:20x Explore:15x


Amp WoW Very accessible and easy to use WoW & BC database with active item comparison and every instance or raid map in the game. Boss strategies, videos, loot tables and an interactive recipe section that tells you which recipes you already know.


Live Illusions WoW Server Great server friendly and helpful GMs Friendly community. Running newest mangos as released. Now with working HONOR.


GothiX-WoW World 1.12.2 MangoS Guten tach @ all Neuer RoOT Server sehr bugfrei die meisten Charrs alle funzen hauptsachlich die Pets gehen auch so wie Original.


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WoW.WaR.Lv WoW.WaR.Lv Blizlike server up time 24/7 v1.12.x


WoW Gold Finder On this page you will find links to buy World of Warcraft gold, buy wow items, wow power leveling, databases for the game and other useful material.


Wow Brothers of Daemon Many quest and features, blizz-like exp rate for World of Warcraft. No-Lag, x10 Rate Server, UK Based, Friendly GM's, 1.2 patch.


~FUNrr~\/\/o\/\/ Server ! LOW PING | GOOD GM'S | MAX PL: 25 | RATE:Very High | Drop:High | GooD Server | Join N-O-W


Warcraft Stuff apparel and gifts World of Warcraft shopping site featuring CafePress apparel and gifts, Warcraft board games and TCG


der deutsche srever nemisan der server läuft auf den patch 2.0.1 (also kein tbc!)


WoWGamerz FunServer italiano perfettamente funzionante!!!


not telling i am a great guy ,trust me !


WoW Shattered Hand All rates x55/Dedicated GM TeaM/GM's at every hour of the day online/Tons of events/Custom weapons for donations and a lot of more coming so join us now !


Arcane Whispers A World of Warcraft graphics site providing avatars, banners, buttons and much more. Also has a Game Information section and forums. Add Your Guild to Arcane Whispers!


Malnet WOW server Many quest and features, blizz-like exp ratex2 for World of Warcraft. No-Lag. Version 2.1.3 Russian Server! Online 24/7 days.


Fica\'s Server blizzlike server


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Undead Lair Free WoW Server, Friendly Staff. x3, Raids, Events! running dual 3400+ Amd Processors, NO LAG!


Greens WoW Welcome to a server Greens WoW 1.12.1. The server is located in Russia, in Moscow that provides good communication with a server and excellent ping! Rates on a server x3 to shake easily. Come, we wait for you!


.: PSP World :. Site dédié à la console portable de SONY, la PSP


Achilles Kingdom Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 : Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz w/ HT : Corsair XML 2048MB DDR RAM(unbuffered) : 2x Samsung 7200rpm 160 GB S-ATA HDD (One for swap)


Bob Server Bon serveur Français, Version:1.12.1, Xp:Blizzlike, LvL:60, peu de monde pour l'instant, en constante évolution...


World of Warcraft TOP Sites Many links to WOW related sites only ranked by popularity! Free sites, servers, wallpapers and more...


World of Warcraft Sa!nt Russian Server (WoW SRS) wow server blizlike + fun server 100x (two servers!, one realmlist!)


Toxic pvp wow 30xp rate and 30drop rate very fun very few bugs


Scotts Fun Server Set realmlist,


ShadowFang Private 1.12 Server A Server For Fun/Nice People, Max Level 255, Little To No Lag, Rarely Any Server Crashes!, Looking For More Players/Gm's


Mystical-Gaming Hallo, Sucht ihr auch einen Server mit: -Besten GM Support -Dauerhaft Grüne Latenz -Gute Spielqualität -Nette Community -Patch 1.12-1.12.2 -Erhöhte Geld,Item und Explore Rate -Neuste Spielversion (Mangos) Dann seid ihr bei uns Richtig!


DarkCraft PvP Server Brand new WoW Private Server! Version 1.12.0, Many people, Great GM's, And Minimal DOWNTIME! Hurry and Join! Also we need extra help, gm's/forum mods/Realm hosters!


World Of WarCraft Private Server List We offer a list of more than 100+ private servers , Online/Offline checking, comments by players for players, Uptime for each day and uptime media for 5 days for each server


play65 Backgammon Homepage - The place for Online Backgammon lovers: backgammon, Backgammon strategy, Backgammon Forum and more.


Veracity - 1.12.2 MangoS New server running latest mangos and SDB, constantly being updated, custom content coming soon,XP: x15,Drops: x20,RegenRates: x7,PVP rank patch to remove need for rank to use rank items, 100% uptime


WoWSnS O server de wow brasileiro!!! 100%brasil

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