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War Lords an Online RPG game the some one will always be online


LiZZard's W0W LiZZard's succeeds to the former XGamers, inheriting it's traditions: stability, reliability, nice community, and a team, devoted to ensure due and friendly support. Now the server supports 1.8.2 up to 1.9.4. Anti-Cheat, Honor, Proffesions, Quests working. Ahn'Qiraj open. 24/7


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WoW Drammen Private WoW server located in Drammen city in Norway. Play for Free. XP rate=Blizzlike.


DragonWoWserver This is Cool Russian server!!!


Home Of Destruction PW0WS Blizzlike W0W CD protected private server


Realm of Raiten Version 1.11.1, very nice community and good rates. Up 99.9% of time and no lag


WOW Gold, FFX Gil, Lineage2 Adena WOW Gold, FFX Gil, Lineage2 Adena. Cheap and fast delivery


WoW Server: Larvass Server Larvass se presenta!! High Exp, Hig Drop, Friendly GM\'s y version V 1.9.0 1.8.0--1.8.1--1.8.2! Espero veos alli!


Warzone Fr Serveur Priver de World Of Warcraft


Killers-WoW GEILER FUNSERVER!!!!!!!!!!!


Unreal Rp Serveur Priver world of warcraft , rate 3500 % , Max joueurs 150 - 200 , config dual core 3800+ , Conexion 8M


Australian World Of Warcraft Server Supported clients are 1.8.0-1.8.2 & *1.8.3-1.9.4 - 1.1.0 This server is using UWC1.3.0 by Valleriani| Enjoy your stay here... its free!


Alux Server Es un buen server en español entren y disfruten de su alojamiento :)


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World of Warcraft Resource Site The only site you will need to bookmark for ALL your World of Warcraft needs! Here you will find links to everything you need to help you on your journeys & adventures in World of Warcraft!


BgFunServer Hi All!This Server Is Very CooL!Go Go!Server-Realmlist


Lordz of Perdition WoW Gilde inkl. Gildenroster


Tons of Free World of Warcraft Guides Free guides for all Blizzard games, especially World of Warcaft, But there are Diablo and starcraft guides too.


World of Warcraft Cheats and Guides Cheats | Dupes | Guides | Bots | Macros | Exploits | Tutorials | Strategies | Walkthroughs | Hacking Tool | Help Forum | Gallery | Gold Dupe | Item Dupe | Gold Dupe | Much More!


Digital Hell Saga High rates, Custom items and mobs! Custom spells and quests coming soon!!!


World of Warcraft Exploits and Cheats Three full-time employees actively seek and post bugs and exploits, long before they are discovered and fixed. Active and retired professional gold farmers anonymously reveal the top money making strategies used by their employers.


Crimson Knights World of Warcraft Server Signup page not fully working so manually signup by having you use messenger or email me at the email address on my site!!


www http://www.worldofwarcraft_dk_thomas_bomb


wowhitsu un serveur prive de wow tres bien encoe nouveau


Warcraft Zone - Private Server Heaven Warcraft Help :: Private Server Lists :: Private Server Creation & Connection Guides :: Forums :: Teamspeak :: Friendly Community :: Stop In And Say Hi!


[FR] Artelios serveur Artelios serveur français...trés bon rate, event régulié, et GM compétant, vené nombreux !!


!!!!!!!!!!!3server WORLD OF MIrra FOR CZ/SK/EN WEB IS ENGLISH and CZECH , TRY IT !!!!!NOW!!!!!!!!


FR] Divinitys Serveur Funlike [Funlike et blizzl Les joueurs qui cherchent des sensations fortes avec une ambience agreable !une envi de defier les regles du monde de world of warcraft !!venez vous


NauSiCa's WorlD Serv:1.10/1.11 hack FR Band 20mb/memo 2go Xp*6/Gold*6 Lvl max150, zone 60+ et 100+ /set 100 Naxxramas Hyjal, events originaux , courses, election, montures volantes , mariage disco etc.... Tres bonne ambiance et Gm compétent .


The Deceived Realm P4 Server :: Fast Rates :: Friendly Staff :: Good Loots :: Max Level 75 :: Custom Teleporters :: Strong Community :: Teamspeak Server

82 Facilitates online trading and auctions between MMOG players. Gold – Platinum = Gil – Accounts- Items – More! 100% free listings. Don’t miss it!


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Bloodblades of Chaos Horden Gilde Realm Lothar


Wow Fr Warzone Serveur Francophone


Unlimited Wow Server 24/7 Server Registration here -> Server Realmlist here -> unlimitedwow.servegame


DarkThunder-WoW Private Server 1.11.0 Server komplett auf deutsch- XP Rate Blizzlike + 25%- Blizzlike Creatures- Blizzlike Classes- Blizzlike Itemsrt- Stats, RestState, Honor, Friendslist, Mail funktioniert-, Gldenhäuser!, Warsong Gulch Events -Anh'Quiraj komplett bespawnt- Hyal und Outlands betretbar


X Source World of Warcraft -= Private Server =- custom everything | 300% XP Rate | 150% Gold Rate | fast connection | friendly GM's | nice community | experienced customization team | fun server | tournaments


•••••• Hacking paradice•••••• Hehe No Cheaters :_P Download Hacks: ""Diablo"" Counter strike (1.6)"" MU online""Call Of Duty "" Enemy Territory ""Quake 4 "" World of Warcraft ""Warcraft GunZ online Yu-Gi-Oh Hacks NFS Most Wanted Trainers & Misc III" !!No registration !!!


Swedish blizzfun server blizzlike server whit 10 times faster exping


WoW Nrgia(Romania) WoW Nrgia(Romania)


Orlando Funny Server Fun Server,version 1.8.2,helpful GM\'s,lots of events,server 24/7,NO LAG!


WoW WaR Lv nice wow server up time 24/7 Xp blizlike Good Gm


Battle Of Chaos An online RPg game full with and exciting new features and more that are added daily


mZot online auction site mZot online auction is a totally free auction site to buy, sell and trade World of Warcraft accounts, gold, items, programs, guides, and anything else World of Warcraft related. Check us out today and help us become the #1 World of Warcraft marketplace on the internet!


The Fallen brotherHood We are a group of mercenaires bringing the best players at your service. Come check us out.


WoW server Xp-very good.Drope Rate-nice.Max level 70.Server online 24/7


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Death After Life 1.8-1.9 server good xp rate, good GM's fun community, new server. NO LAG, Custom made items for lvl 1-210! (Armoures Swords Shileds Ect) Easy made quests to level. Easy teleporter around, Easy spawn leveling. Come join now and join the fun!;


The Lost Order of Angels Server Privé WoW médium rates

[ 1-50 ] - [ 51-100 ] - [ 101-150 ] - [ 151-200 ] - [ 201-250 ] - [ 251-300 ] - [ 301-350 ] - [ 351-400 ] - [ 401-450 ] - [ 451-500 ] -