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UO Secondage - Ultima Online Free Shard Second Age is the most accurate emulation of the T2A era online today. A Perfect balance of PvM, PvP and RP. We have reproduced the 1999 OSI UO experience. Come join a Shard with Players and Staff unmatched in their dedication to the T2A era.


The World of Ultima Online 700 Skillcap, 2D/3D, ML+, Client 7.0.13+, Russian server.


Whispering Pines Since 2008, WP is a fun and unique PVM/Consensual PVP shard, full of custom citems, monsters, quests and towns, with more being added all the time (Now with Custom Felucca!!). Easy start professions remove much of the old school training drudgery. Friendly players and professional staff.


Sands of Time Each player gets a free house and customizable yard. We have many custom items such as furniture, tennis courts, stables etc for sale. You can buy a training room to add on to your yard to train your pets. No PVP. MANY MANY custom Quests, your ultimate UO experience.


UOMafia Stylized TC | Unique Faction PvP system | Random Artifacts by PVPing | Events | Lots to do! | Custom PvP Point Rewards | Join today!: UOMafia.No-IP.org; 2593. This is that shard you've been looking for.


UORage 2.0 - Coming Soon! UORage 2.0 Coming Soon! - a new shard bringing you all your favorite Ultima Online experiences into one! With our unique emulation and current international player base we will immediately be one of the most popular shards to date. Come check us out!


Shadovv vvorld New uo shard with stargate system, Mercs and many more customs, IP shadovvtc.no-ip.org , Port, 2593 , Come play and Enjoy.


Avalon: The Shadows and Dust New game season Avalon: The Shadows and Dust. A clear system of PvP, as well as PvM. New classes and a lot of magical things. Very fast gain skills.


UO Evolution [DEDICATED SERVER] UO Evolution-USA shard with the most custom, updated content anywhere! No skill caps,350 Stat Cap,Fast gains,New Champs,Hundreds of custom monsters/Items,150+Quests,Custom crafting,New Spell system,Townhouses,Animal Breeding,Bioengineering,Limited PVP, Mature/ Experienced Staff,Latest Patch [ML,SE,SA,Underworld,Ter Mur]


UO: Origins The most accurate Pre-T2A Shard. Notoriety (Dread Lord days), Tents, Virtue Guards, and more. Come join us on Origins and experience what gave Ultima Online it's place in gaming history. Are You With Us?


Dark Angeles Servidor Rol-PVP Español. Role-Pvp Server Spanish


The Forgotten World New server currently looking for staff and testers .... Live server though only slightly spawned at the moment, Lots of custom creatures .


Dragons Den A fast paced, no skill cap shard with new dungeons and armor being released. Content is made for multiple people, not very easy to solo. : 2593


UO Tarragon UO Tarragon is a Development Group dedicated to UO. We run 3 UO Servers: (ML, SA, RP). Easy to navigate site, Professional/Fun Oriented Staff.


Ultima Online Freeshard Mysteria Mysteria ist die Wiedergeburt Millenias und geht 2011 an den Start Jeder der beim Aufbau des Projekt helfen will ist herzlich willkommen. Wir freuen uns über jeden Neuzugang und auch über jeden Besucher der Interesse zeigt!


UOExtreme Version 2 we are on a dual core server 2.2 ghz. 4 gigs of ram. 100 mbit connection Custom Artifacts in Felucca. Fast skill gain/Stat Gains. Altered Bod System. Custom Crafting Items. Custom Creatures. Custom Bosses 720 Skill Cap After 120 Days. Reds Are Aloud In Trammel 4 Accounts Per IP, Unless You Contact Me. Custom Talisman System. Custom Dungeon Chests


SA Resort A New Beta Stage, RunUO built, Stygian Abyss Shard. Feel Free to Join Us.


End Times Custom Quests, Craftables, Dungeons. Too many tweaks and tricks to name. See our forums for updates on over three years of extensive scripting.


Reverb Stygian Abyss | Levelable Items | Hued Item Rarity | 24/7 Monster Bash | Staff Online 24/7 | Tons of Events | Hundreds of Customs!


AncientUO PVP/PVM shard including custom weapons, monsters, bosses, armor, and events. We have games like deal or no deal. with friendly staff always here to help you.


Tranquility Reborn Now open, RP shard, fill out an application and join us for a lot of fun, great friendly staff


Another part of Sosaria OPEN BETA! Worldbuilding, scripting in progress! Visit website for more info! (Looking for staff!)


Project UO Dedicated server with a 1000mbs connection. Balanced PvP/PvM shard with no skill cap, fast gains and running on the latest client with the Stygian Abyss expansion.


Lords Of Luna Lords Of Luna is A world where battles are fought with might and mind, alliances are formed and shattered, and both enemies and friends are just as interested in wealth and power as you are. Slay a dragon, join a guild, craft and sell wares all at LOL.


Fiend World PVP/RP/PVE! Fun for all Texas Hold 'em,Liars dice, and more customs to come. EVENTS DAILY!!!!! Paintball, Jousting,Dueling,Poker!


Drakons Fire 7.023.1 - Custom crafts/Level pets/Exceptional crafted weapons are levelable, new champs, FS ATS, Daat99 3.1


Forgotten Lands : PvP/PvM : Craft : Free 51a sphere PvP/PvM, Advanced Craft, pre T2A, no skills cap, tournaments, smart staff, no lag, AFK allowed, 24/7 uptime. Come join us!


Fantasy Gate Latest patch, True player economy, 2 account per IP, two house per account, Skill cap 1200+, stat cap 330, Leveling system, frequent events, pet breeding.


Menace Central Новый бесплатный Internet-сервер Ultima Online.


RebirthUO *NEW* T2A Era RP Shard, 100% Custom World. Custom Housing System. Speical features such as Rebirth, alternate realms, custom ores/woods, abilities system, duel system. Very Newbie Friendly ^.^


OdysseyUO Full SE/ML Skill cap-720, stat cap-225/255, and FC/FCR-4/6. Discover or revisit the best era of UO. odyssey.game-server.cc port 2593


Sylvan Heart Experience Sylvan Heart! Be anything on a family-friendly shard with dedicated staff and a beautiful RP encouraging atmosphere where pvm flourishes and pvp lurks waiting for those daring to try their might! 1200 skill cap, 450 stat cap, macro 24/7, abundance of custom creatures, commands, items, events, quest, and more!


Shadows of Darkness We are a fast cast server just started, Still building but we are hiring exp gms and we need players so come and join us we will have custom monsters so that means PvP, and PvM are both here ::: info: server: Shadowsofthedarkuo.no-ip.info::: Port :2593


Akara Essex Ultima Online Free Shard AOS Era Features: Best Unique Leveling System levelable Pets Custom Map Custom Ores/Woods/Leathers Runic Hammers/Fletcher Tools/Tinker Tools Sphynx/AirElemental/Skeletal Dragon Mounts Levelable Armor/Jewelry/Weapons uoessex.servegame.com 2590


Ultima-X UO Private Server The Top Ultima Online Private Server since 2012! Ultima-X: Automated PVP Events, Stealing enhanced, enhanced BOD system!


Infinity Ultima Online Infinity Ultima is a free to play private MMORPG game server with nice rates and a big community. Exp 50x Drop 30x Lvl cap 150 Skill cap 150 Custom Items 24/7 Dedicated Server - No Lag Daily Events Active friendly Gms


.:: Dragon Ball Universe On-Line ::. Dragon Ball Universe On-line um Browser Game (o melhor do Brasil) baseado na incrivel saga de Goku e seus amigos de Akira Toriyama. Entre e faça parte deste Mundo!


The Asmut [51a debugged sphere][Hardcore pvp][tournaments every day][autoquests][4 race orc,vampire.paladin and assasin][100 mbt chanel]

339 - ML+SA - Custom crafts- No favoritism. Tons of customs. Balanced for PvM + PvP - No res killing.


Terra Firma HIGHLY customized Orbsydia RunUO Core. Over 7000 custom scripts and systems. Full extensive custom feature list on site. Geared towards ALL genre players. Focused on bringing UO back to what it SHOULD have been.


UODiamond: The Quartz Evolution Reborn from the ashes of UOQuartz, Golden Claw and Vae Victis, UODiamond is brought to you by the well known owners Handred and Nelianne. We\'re bringing back the old school fun you all got on our servers. Mana crystals, Champion, Stats at 150, too much to enumerate. Just come on our website and see the fun you\'ll get out of UODiamond: The Quartz Evolution.


KR Reborn Client patch to Free Mercs, Crafters Heaven!! Training area. Come join the fun.


UO Eventum UO Eventum is a fresh new look to uo. We have many new features you wont find anywhere else.. Pre AOS Hybrid rule set, automated battlegrounds, custom housing, and you can train skills up to 70. Fully up to date with EA. Login and play, uo.loginto.me 2593


Mafiacontinental Test your wits against many other players in this comprehensive and very compelling Mafia game. Your goal is to become the best Mafiosi in the world. By dealing drugs and murdering your fellow Mafiosi, you can become the richest player of all. Still not convinced? Look at the screenshots in the left column of your screen.


Slayden\'s Realm We are a no-skills cap free server with 300 stats new SA quests,events with great prizes and much more.


Uo Infection Servidor hispano de Ultima online abierto desde 2012, emulador Runuo bajo la expansion Mondains Legacy. IP: play.uoinfection.es Port: 2593


Dealers of Destiny Ultima Online Free Shard. Loads of extras, getting better. Brand new shard.


UO Morellotir all skills 100 | 300 statball | custom pets | new peerlesses | petbreeding | petbods | SA bosses | full termur | imbuing | runecrafting | spellcrafting | HS bosses | dueling system | CTF | 2 houses per account | come join the fun!


Drakon's Fire - Orbsydia 3.0 - Daat99 3.0 - Imbuing- Mysticism - All items obtainable without donations.


Rel Por - The Good Old Days with a New Twist! Gorgeous, new custom map, diverse player ruled towns, perpetual militia combat system, world wars, crafting improvements, new monsters, anti-railing, guild and player stat tracking, two client limit and more. Enjoy Ultima the way it was meant to be.

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