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Free Shards, scripts, Macro




NoGame new ogame server : Game speed x 2 Fleet speed x 2 Resources x 2


Gardascia: Lost Realms Returning Soon!


The Ultima Embrace Old And a Good Server, Custom Mounts, Ores , Logs, Monters, Daily Events, Top Pvp\'er Of The Month, Pvp Arenas, Constant Gm Support. Come Have Fun! =)


the Nine Hells Storyline, 800SkillCap, Fast Skill Gain, 250StatCap(Stat Ball), Evo(Pets,Weps,Arms), Token System, Spellcraft, Chat System, Begginer Items are available to buy untill next month.. Client version is recommended. Server Adress : baator.servegame.com


UOPhoria Take off your shoes and play awhile, but leave your neon hair and ethereal mount at the doorstep.


CECIL ARENAS SPAIN! Loginserver=.,2593 RETURN cecil arenas!. VUELVE el magnífico servidor PVP de cecil arenas, pero esta vez hosteado en españa! ¿ que esperan para entrar ? Buen host, servidor SOLO PVP, entrar y luchar, pasenlo bien :D Loginserver=,2593


100% Ultima Online (UO) A-Z ... Searchable Ultima Online (UO) Directory Listings! ...


Slayden\'s Realm free,fun uo shard no skill caps fun games nice casino come check us out.


UO Addiction Addiction is a renaissance era shard with plenty of custom content seving a wide variety of players. Wheather it’s PVP, PVM, RP or Crafting your after we’ve got it all right here waiting for you.


Wendelwelt Ultima Online Freeshard Non-PvP RPG-Shard mit neuer detaillreicher Map, vielen Dungeons, im Spiel integrierter Geschichte und netter Community


Retelling: Exodus The Retelling of Ultima III: Exodus. Custom Sosaria Map, Pirates that sail the ocean, player-run cities, plague. War, famine, pestilence and death. RP, PVM, PVP, Felucca rules.


Resurrection UO Australian Shard based on the T2A era. PVP PVM and RP welcome. 700 skill cap 225 stat with Pre cast & insta hit.


Coliseo Reborn Ultima Online Free SHARD Since 2002 actually ON! PVP-PVM-QUEST - 40-50 ping +100 players.


Insomnia Inc. Fun Free pre OUR server lots of customs and Events- CTF tournys Deal or No Deal


The Best Ultima Online Shard A New Promissing Custom Russian UO Shard. Unique Scripts, Locations, Dungeons, Bosses, Skills, Artifacts; Advanced System of Quests; Helpful and Friendly Staff; Cities under Siege, Naval Battles, Uruk-hai and Much More! PVM/PVP/Adventures/Risk/Fun. The Young World waits for you.


Relax\'s Server for Ultima Online Free Servers of relax\'s good!!!! Go site


The Hell Chamber Choose to PvP or not! Hundreds of custom loot items to collect! Race and Level system!


Narea UO Servidor Estilo PVP, Con todas las Habilidades a 100, Eventos, Crafteables, Buena Linea Y Buen Pvp.


Uo Gotham We are the greatest players around. We have true insta-hit PVP, Custom Dungeons, Lots of Non OSI material implemented, We challenge you to see what we are about and you will se that it is truly the best. Felucca Only, Pre-R ruleset. We are Gotham!


The Bloodlands PvP,PvM, lots of Customs, 2/6 mature staff, fun place to play, Come and join us! New things added all the time.


Mystic Online -Custom Maps & Hues -Custom Housing -Custom Craftables -Custom Dungeons-150+ Custom Monsters, Items and Quests-New Player Dungeon to -Monster hunter , Auction House, vendor mall -300 Stat Cap, No Skil Cap - Friendly Staff -Casino with texas hold-em


The World UO - Free Server Come and Join the Greatest Ultima Online Server in History !


The UO World Draws from every era & aspect of UO. Custom map, artwork, monsters systems, items offer a diverse environment that supports all play styles & better PvM experience. Custom cities and races allows for a wide range of open role play with a Felucca rule set with Open PvP makes PvP open dange


UO: Resurrection UO:R is a newer UO Free Shard that supports total PvP while keeping the core of where UO came from.


Copperbottoms Folly New shard focused on balance. Many customs including nearly 20 ores, 20 woods and 15 leathers. New creatuers, dedicated admins, and dungeons for all skill levels and party levels.


Unreal Legends Based on Zuluhotel: Canada; classes, unique drops, pvp battle systems and much much more!


Ultima Pvp Alliance Uo Pvp Alliance Project Bringing Uo Players New Worlds first installment of this project. UoR many custom scripts. Check Out Website!!!


HKUO:Hardcore Pre-AoS. Felucca only. Balanced PvP. Special murderer system. Special custom mobs. New designed funny game and tournament contents. No insane custom item or pet. Only for hardcore players! Hosted in fast 1Gbps connection in world class data center. AMD Quadcore processor with 8GB memory on Linux server.


Knights of The Round Table We are using the newest svn with ml. We have townhouse yards, custom quests and pets. One account per ip, three houses per account.PvP by consent only.


Fallen Lands : The new Age Deutscher RP-Freeshard auf RunUO-Basis, komplett eigene Map mit liebevoller Bebauung, verschiedene spielbare Rassen, umfangreiche Spielerverwaltung


** Alexandria (EasyUO) ** *** The Official EasyUO Shard *** AOS/SE with some ML content , 720 skill points after 4 month vet rewards , 250 stat points after scrolls , 40%lmc cap , 2/6 casting cap , 4/6 chivalry casting cap , 45 hci/dci cap , Chaos/Order combat system. IP: lexia.easyuo.com , Port: 2593


the Eternity Сервер: Ultima Online - the Eternity. the Eternity - SphereServer 0.56b; Client: 6.0.13; Old School style of PvP; RPG Level System; New Craft system; New Skills; +300 New NPC and +1000 New Items.


Insanitry Publish 25 era AOS is back! Well balanced PvM and PvP, with fast skill gains and not ruined by tons of customs.


Elantharil - Scherben der Vergangenheit Story-Shard mit stark ausgebauter Technik - Fertigkeitsbäume, neue Kampfsysteme, RP-Erkennung, Skillsteigern ohne Anwendung. Dichter Weltenhintergrund in über 100 Geschichten, Legenden, Sagen - direkte Anbindung von Charstories an den Weltenhintergrund


Sylvan Heart 2.0 ML updated and adding new quests and content. A friendly staff and player base hoping to meet new friends to last! Come for the fun, stay forever! 280 stat cap/975 skill cap. Five custom spellbooks, spellcrafting to customize your items, witchcrafting to make food to raise your skills.


Eclipse {Texas Holdem Poker}{Unique Free For All}{Custom Gauntlet With Relics}{Unique Automated Monster Bash}{Token Reward Shop}{PvP Challenge Games}{Vendor Search}{Auto-Looting}{6 Houses Per Account}{NO SKILL CAP}-All backed by a 1GB/sec connection!


Thorstein Lair Thorstein Lair is a place you can call home, This is an Adult shard so you must be 18+to play. Open PVP/Pk\'ing is allowed In both Tram and Fel the safe zone is Luna where we will hold Events. port 80 64 X2 Dual Core Processor4400+, 2300 Mhz Installed Physical Memory (RAM)2.00 GBTotal Physical Memory 1.93 GBAvailable Physical Memory 732MB


Seeridens Reign Family friendly server all are welcome 24/7


Run UO Extended Creators of many popular systems includeing Medical Crafting, Animal Item Crafting, Newspaper System, Elven Fletching and more. Have a idea? Tell us about it, we will bring your idea to life.


Chaos Ultima Online Chaos Ultima Online is a free to play private MMORPG game server with nice rates and a big community. Exp 50x Drop 30x Custom Items 24/7 Dedicated Server - No Lag Daily Events Active friendly Gms


UO Retribution The best T2A Experience, extremely professional and dedicated staff, events, Felucca only, and more! PvP, PvM, and RP are all encouraged.


S.P.E-UO we are a dedicated server commited to having a fun/reliable server. we need you to come help us creat the server , so come sit play and enjoy our server .


UO Fun Server Pre-AOS | TC style with stability! | Set your own skills/stats | Increased loot tables | No stat loss | Lose the grind, and log in today!


Anacron [b]Herzlich Willkommen auf Anacron, dem Ultimativen UO Freeshard.[/b] Wir sind ein neuer PVP / RP Server. Die ersten 100 Anmeldungen bekommen ein Ethereal Mount Ihrer Wahl und ein Bag of Sending for Free. Außerdem bekommen die ersten 25 Anmeldungen ein Bankhive for Free.


Ultima Online PvPShock Stygian Abyss PvP Freedom! all for fun and relax in amazing world of Ultima Online.


COV--Champion of Virtues A shard with something for everyone! Running client 24/7 staff. Must have Ventrilo/Mic to play here. Start out with 4 gm skills and a 300 stat cap. We have SA/ML/SE/Custom, with tons of custom quests and systems. Come join the fun!


The Lost City Shard Come And Relive The Ultimate Ultima Online Experience


BGC.LV // MuOnline BGC.LV MuOnline Season 4 Episode 5 EXP:250x DROP: 75%


Eod Das ist ein Kostenloses Online Game an dem viel gearbeitet wird


Cimmerian Abyss Loosely Pre-T2A based with custom additions, no secure/lockdowns, hard skillgain, noskillcap, penalties on death, house crafting, reagent harvesting. Opened February 1st, 2011.

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