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World of Blood Servidor Español 16 Horas Online!! Desde 7:30 am asta 12:00 pm. Todo tipo de eventos. 100 % PVP!!!


OLD Wilder Land Very nice russian uo server. first 100 player will get rewards. join now.


Server PvP Español 100 All Skills , PvP Hard , SkillsCap 120 , Very Scripts, Very New Armors, PVP ArmOrS, and More, For enter: pvpshard.no-ip.org Porter: 2593


Siebenwind - Die Welt des Rollenspiels Größter deutscher Fantasy RP Shard mit ausgeklügelten Features, eigenem Emu und komplett neuer Map. Am Abend sind 100+ Spieler Online und tragen dazu bei dieser Welt Leben einzuhauchen


Dark Realm Immense yourself into the world of Mondain\'s Legacy, meeting new friends, powerful foes, and walking the path to claim your rightful place among heroes. PvP and PvM/RP Friendly, Great GM\'s, New events almost weekly! check us out at our website!


Ultima Online New Server Ultima online 2 RC2 with customizations, Professional Staff, Automatic Registration, PVP AND RP WORLD, Enjoy Now!!!


Terra Firma Custom Ores/Ingots/Masonry, Custom Logs/Wood, Custom Leathers/Hides, Custom Crafting system, Over 3500 Custom Items!, New Custom Houseing!, Global Chat system, Town Housing!, Increased Pet Follow Speed, New Hunting, Infinite Adventure Quest System


Server PvP Español 100 All Skills , PvP Hard , SkillsCap 120 , Very Scripts, Very New Armors, PVP ArmOrS, and More, For enter: pvpshard.no-ip.org Porter: 2593


BuckEtHeAd\'s PvP Playground GM All Skills, Auto Account, Unlimited newbied Items, PVP Arenas, Free Potions, Free Rides, No


The Dark Zone stat cap 400 Cast cap 3/5 pvp pvm custom monsters skill gate hue room casino friendly staff AUTO ACCOUNT CREATION


Runua Exilio Exilio ah vuelto, Despues de 2 años sin Conexion. Ahora no tienes nada mas que entrar. Lo sentimos pero las cuentas antiguas no se han podido poner. Weno esperemos que entres y te lo pases igual que antes. Para entrar la ip de ahora es esta : runua-exilio.servegame.com y puerto 2593 Sin Razor.


UO Rage - Hardcore PvP and Roleplay UO Rage Sphere 51a Ultima Online Server. Hardcore PvP and RolePlay! Daily Events, Thousands of Custom Items and Craftables. Auto Account Signup! Online 24x7. International Player Base. Join Us!!


beePK Ultima Online Freeshard Enter a world full of myths, monsters, magic and gold. Fear, fame and fantasy is about to take over your life. Pure PVP Power! Join us :-D


Realms of Valor A new UO experience! New map, new places, new lands and faces!


Turk Oyun Oyna Turk Oyun Oyna


Dark August Mondain\'s Legacy Server. Custom Housing. AOS Style Craft Menus. Rares are rare & actually have value. No Regs (reagants) for spells. Build YOUR name on a new server. No patches necessary. Install ML and run. Loginserver=darkaugust.servegame.com,2593


Heaven Againts Hell / PVP / PVM The sky turned black, flames came from the earth and a war between angels and devils began. Which side will you choose? Who will you serve? This is a PVP/PVM server. RP isn\\\'t enforced but appreciated.


Les Terre de Midgard Serveur francais (en construction) (recherche membre pour le staff)


PvP Land PvP Land Has Some Of OSI\\\'s Latest Things Like Faction Items And Event Replica! you also start with 6xgm 225stat ball on start! ALSO! Artys, Resources Given! Check us


World of Genocide 2009 Sphere .51a, fully functional, pvp, pvm, 8 years experience,room for advancement


New Britannia Highly customized RP/PvP, Dedicated, fair staff; Only the very best of each expansion. Powered by RunUO.


Moonshadow Reborn Moonshadow II Is back and up and running. Little different staff and owner. Tons of customs and daily Events even if one person. PVP rules are just like osi any thing goes in fell. Hope to see you in game.


Uo Darkside Uo Darkside is a German Uo Freeshard based on Classic Sphere 56b




Seven Deadly Sins This is a PVM/PVP server with 100 skills at start, custom weps, armor, and much more!


Ultima Online Knights Creators of Medical crafting system, bounty system and over 200 hundred systems. We have added over 20,000 new monsters 99% tamable, custom built castles of players and we can custom build your home as well, custom maps (double the size of orginal game)


Arcodia: New Dawns The Original Arcodia! 8+ year history, RunUO 2.0, latest OSI patch, unique quests, roleplay encouraged, races, friendly proffesional staff, dedicated server on an OC connection and much more! Stop by and see us! Accept no imitations.


Ultima Online - New Britannia Stat cap 225, skill cap 700. RP/PvP; Fair, dedicated staff; Quality new features and customization; An experience like no other freeshard. Powered by RunUO.


Terra Mystica | Ultima Online Freeshard German Ultima Online Freeshard - good roleplay , friendly staff , excellent scripts and balanced gameplay


Sylvan Heart, - shard events, roleplay, Ultima shard of fun. Pet wars, Auctions, Druids, warriors, hero\'s and legends. Where else would you want to be?


The Original Pangaea The Original Pangaea, also known as \"Pangaea 1\". Roleplay, PvM and a bit of PvP. Lots of custom materials and a custom character class system.


Ikrontik 2 POL 096.7 - No Trammel - Intense PvP - Rewarding crafting - Many customs. One of a kind, try us out!


Raistlin\'s World Complete ML, SE, AoS! PRO HOSTED 100mbps! 100 Avg Online! Tons of RW custom systems including Account Vaults©, Instanced Theft System [ITS], Decayed Dungeon, Stargate System. Dedicated DEV team is absolutely more active than ANY shard on the net!


Allure of the Unknown Family Friendly Custom Shard since 2005! Home to the Creator of UltimaLive Streaming Maps! Come check out our custom worlds/items, Abay stores/auctions, Survival Dungeon, Magi, and the Mighty Pharos! Progressive Class Based Armors. No skill cap, RP/PVP only areas, 300-340 Stat Cap. Active Staff.




MuZone of Death The best mu never seen creation


Legend of the Avatar The Best of the Ultima Online free shards. Full ML with customs including: Armor, Mobs, Dungeons, Towns, Quests, Spells and more. Come in and give us a try.


Featherstone UO Featherstone is shard geared for adventurers. Player city on Magincia island. Increased skill/stat gains, lower custom housing prices, rare magical/movable treasure chests, evolved town critters, monthly veteran rewards. Heartwood and quests.


Marchadium: Age of UO [UO:R Magery,PvP/PvM]Advanced Level System, SE + AoS Weapons, 6000+ Items to Craft, 1000\\\\\\\'s of Rares, Enchants, Imbues and Tons of Custom Monsters! Come Join Us! -100mbit Connection-


UO Gold and Items MMORPGInventory is your 1 stop shop for all Ultima Online Gold and Items. Visit us today and experience it for yourself.


Eternity UO Supremacy 25 Clone Server Skill/Stat extremely fast-Loot is boosted ALOT AOS Only-1 Facet- Felucca Training Armor. Custom system to obtain artis/runics (no custom arties Shard IP : eternityuo.servegame.org Port: 2593


The UO Project Classic UO is back! With The Best PvP System You Will Ever See! Unique Ideas from Experienced staff, Custom Scripts, With a Large and Fast Growing Playerbase, 1000 Skill Cap, 275 Stat Cap, Sphere Based, Community Run, Fast and Lag Free 100mb Connection.


Adjournment To Antiquity Stygian Abyss! Gargoyles & TerMur, ML,SE You can Patch** 7+ Years Running Dedicated with Newest Core and Expansions. RP Server,** PVP FeL Only, ** Highly Custom World **, FULLY Spawned world+, Player Rewards, EVENTS, Tokens, Evo\'s, 4 accounts per ip, DBL Plot Homes, 2 Homes Per Char, VERY Friendly Community!


Hellfire Where Uo is its greatest. Join Now and get a Free 100k and a Runic Kit


Sanctuary in Chains Sexual RP UO Shard. BDSM, Gorean, Master/Slave themed .


Black Forest UO Fun and Freeshard Full ML/SE.Skillcap 800/900.Taming System.House Gardens.Socketed Equipment.Custom Champs and more.Fastest growing Shard in Germany. We are not like Ultima Online...We are better ! Join us and become part of the Legendary Black Forest !


Dark Side Ulitima Online DarkSide PK, PvP Free server. In memories of Alternate-PK.


UoCrash Come and play the best uo shard


Yggdrasil Shard [Zuluhotel] Ultima Online Shard based ZuluHotel with World of Dreams. 10 classes, a lot of magical items, great PvP, PvM and crafting system.


Nightshade RunUO 2.0 - Tons of cutoms - Custom Crafting - Custom Maps - Stop By Today And Explore

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