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Immortal Myths UO Freeshard! ~Adult Only RP & PVP~ Customs GALORE! A crafters paradise a questers dream! Custom wearables, deco and quest like you never seen before!! 2 Chars 3 houses per account. See our Website for more info!! 2 years old.


Kingdom of Fire Brand spankin new shard, Very good and active staff, Unique pvp system, all the stuff a player would want!


Draktalae Draktalae a new 0.56b shard! [Custom Craftables] [Boss] [Rare Rides] [Imbues] [Starting stone with Class-Pack][10000 skill cap][Events, Tokens, Level system, New Monsters, Custom Areas and much more!]


Ultima Online Venus UO - Free UO Shard


R.I.P. 51a Sphere PVP! Debugged, Protected by fallout, Dedicated Server w T1, Max Stats 300 upon login, XUO PVP Casting (timing & damage). Auto Acct!


Fantasy Realms - Biggest polish OSI-Like freeshard FR is biggest polish OSI-like freeshard with full ML, dedicated 5/5 mbit server, everyday Auto-Evenst system and Imaginative, experienced stuff! Join us!


Free Ultima Online PvP & PvM Shard This is new shard, that could be sometimes extra. Please for patience... Thing you very mach.. / Jedná se o svět který nemá hranice, je to PvP & PvM Shard, který doufá že časem bude dobry, proto prosíme o trpělivost. Děkujeme ..


Khaeros Brand new RP-Enforced shard, PvP with reason. 6 new civilizations, 17 classes, 2 advanced classes, 1 prestige class per nation. Custom map, graphics, scripts, and a highly active and fair staff.. Come see what Roleplaying shards were supposed to be.


Game Over PvP 6/6 casting pvp/pvm shard mature staff and dailt events


Grand Mafia Text based Mafia Game


Nothing Pvp Shard Turkish pvp shard with fun systems. All based on \"Pvp Gold\".


Ultima Online Free Ultima Online Shard, join today!


Sydras Ultima Online Free Shard Sydras Ultima Online Free Shard (Since 2007) 200+ online players


Deliverance UO ZH style UO shard. Core 93 scripts. Dedicated Staff. Growing Playerbase. Play UO how it was meant to be played.


Oblivion Shard SE/ML RunUO shard, 70+ Static Quests, PvM and PvP, Daily Events, 10+ years Online,Dedicated server & lines, Own development with unique scripts


UO Gamers: Divinity UO Gamers: Divinity captures the essence of Ultima Online at its best: The Second Age. Before everyone started riding neon blue bugs, before \\\\\\\'Grandmaster\\\\\\\' became just another skill title, before it stopped being fun. Visit us for more info!


Ultima Online Dragones Muertos Entra ya Tenemos Nuevos Craftables PvP y PvM Aqui Encontraras Diversion Amigos i Mucho mas! Solo Estas a Un Paso!! Con Buenas Donaciones y Conseguir Dinero sin salir de Casa. Entra y Votanos cada 12H


Ethereal Realms, Events, Fun Staff Custom Shard with Massive Monsters, Fun Players, Skill Bonus Clothing, Spellcrafting, Monster Hunters, Auctions, Vendor Mall PaintBall Events, No total Skill cap, Champ Spawns, Crafting, and more! Quad Pro, 4 Gig Mem


Project-X UOR--Free 5x Skills--PVP--PVM--Events


Metropolis True Pre-Ren- Dedicated Staff-Dedicated Server-Events-PVP-PVM


Dark Awakenings Server is running 24/7. Experienced dedicated staff. We are running Mondains Legacy, we offer a skill cap of 900. We have custom deco items, quests, monsters, and resources. We are always working on DA looking to improve and make it more exciting, why not stop by and check us out?


Grimmwold, A UO Server Role-Play Shard for Adults Grimmwold, the best role play server you will ever find, on a UO shard or any other RP game! Custom everything, all role-play all the time.


Hadrians Wall * UO:Renaissance at its best * Power-Hour * Bounty System * Precise combat damage * No Max Followers * Enticement * T2A Factions * Clean Up Britannia System * PvP/RP/PvM* shard.uohadrian.com


Evolution UO A real fun server with lots to do you get stat balls skill balls and 200k for the first account you make. Nice gm\\\'s alots of fun events hold. Come on the server and find out more of what I\\\'m talking about...


Destiny Reforged A custom ultima online shard running 24/7 on a dedicated server, plenty of new items and much more to come! Join today!


UO: Insanitry ML Enabled | All Maps Felucca Ruleset | Town Houses | Moongate Library | Special Drops On Every Creature | Fast Skill Gain | 24/7


Next-Level Wir sind ein PvP Funshard zum verlieben. Das Gameplay wurde speziell auf das PvP und den Spass abgestimmt. Angucken lohnt sich auf jeden fall. Sphere 0.56b [Linux]


RunUO Script Library We got all scripts you need for your custom freeshard ran by the Ultima Online emulator RunUO!


In Mani Ylem Why bother removing their reflect when you can summon a ham? Inspired by the late In Por Ylem, In Mani Ylem is the latest and greatest reincarnation of classic Ultima Online. IMY appeals to PKs and role-players alike. [ Felucca Only | T2A Ruleset | Classic Housing | Challenging Skill-gain ]


Britannias Warcry Britannias Warcry offers steady skill/stat gains, a special taming system for those tamers out there, and 4/6 casting for those pvpers, and a few custom mobiles for pvmers. We like to think of ourselves as a hybrid server, we have something for everyone…Come check us out today!


Coliseo UO Servidor Coliseo UO, No Skills Cap,Stats cap 450,PvP y PvM Eventos Todos Los Dias.Entra YA!


Gahnak Falls Come fill your mind with fun and Adventure. This shard features PVP/PVM No skill cap, 1,000 Stat cap Hundreds of Custom tames and items!


The New Fortress Melhor Shard Brasileiro de Ultima Online


PvP Arena Ultima Online Free Shard Renaissance. PvP Arena. 4 classes. Starts 2/4 level. New abilities for every classes. At server works auto quests,tournaments.


Pyramid UO Shard Pyramid UO Büyüyor!


Purely Primitive Hard Skillgain, Strongest Warriors in the land are mid 70\\\'s. PvP allowed. Pre Aos. Felucca Ruleset. Come help us build the only Virtual world with a player driven economy. Great farming system. Small but seriously active community. Up to the Challenge?


Realms of the Unknown We are a new shard with great Veteran Staff. We are a family friendly shard with custom scripts and events, We also support Roleplayers and welcome any and all type of players to our world. We will also have a section where you can go to be grown up.


Exodus Pvp Shard Exodus Pvp Shard free easy game


Abstractvoid Friendly Shard and Growing Lots of Quest and Monsters ML supported Taming BODS


CoV PvP pre aos CoV PvP Good scripter great dueling system easy stat gain easy skill gain easy gold join now ip port 2591 pre aos shard


Cherished Kingdom Completely Custom Uo shard,Lots of custom quests and Many New scripts ,Clothing,art ,Many custom Townhouses, and Patched to 6.0.5 We have a pre made installer pre patched So no Need to download Uo client.Always Fun, Always Free!


Heroes Ultima Online realistic shard inspired by Purely Primitive.


Furion-PK - Free Ultima Online Shard PvP Server | own Scripts | new Craftables | many new Customs | level System | Happy Hours | new Events | 700 stat cap | 400 each skill


Eclipse RunUO RC2 using lastest client. Running on 3.0 processor with 4gigs of ram on a T1 connect


Avion UO Experience a custom world, custom lore, FFA PvP with only one heavily guarded city and Player Governments. Roleplaying enforced.


UO15 The most accurate Publish 15 shard ever attempted. Felucca-only, but otherwise exactly as you remember it. The best PvP, the best PvM, the best research, the best code, the best experience.


The Glory Hole 100 Skills at start All evos 4/6 PVP daemon dragon rat kirin mare lion wisp and mercs Hue room Best uo shard out there


evden eve nakliyat evden eve nakliyat


UO Apocalypse Serveur Ultima Online francophone gratuit entierement basé sur le jeu T4C.


Lost-UO 1 ańo de experiencia, nuestro servidor de ultima online en espańol y totalmente gratuito.. mucho Rool , PvP, Eventos Especializados, Sistema de Niveles!! Armas y Armaduras Crafteables!! Entra!

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