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Exploits R Us - Ultima Online Cheats Ultima Online Cheats Ultima Online Guides and UO Gold


Wish Uo Shard Wish Uo is role paying&pvp shard +500 player +new systems +high quality staff\\\'s.24 hours online staff\\\'s.


www.Da-Pirates.com Da Non Stop Entertainment Portal with !00\'s of Online GAMES


ULTİMA ONLİNE ultima online speed pvp shard link top list


Sylon Sylon İs level system server 400 200 200 stat cap all skills Max 400.0 and Very Nice Shard..Extra items and fantastic Weapons İt\'s All for your All and Too much www.sylon.gen.tr


Sylon's Mystical World 800 stat cap,level system,fantastic weapons,animals,monsters,do you like fear?If you say yes!!!Come on!!!You can entering free to mystical world!!!!


Motoi-Der etwas andere Funshard Wöchentliche Quests, eigenes Levelsystem, 32 verschiedene Klassen, 5 verschiedene Rassen, viele neue Dungeons, selbst gescriptete Monster, eigene Zauber und Fähigkeiten und vieles mehr. Bist du Neugierig! Komm auf die Welt von Motoi!


13th Dimension Old school famous T2A unique server with a 6 years old history and perfect gameplay. Excellent craft, pvp and gameplay systems makes life not the easiest ones, but it is certainly worth to become a famous.


Unforgiven Lands - Hardcore PvP + RP Sphere51a Srv start with GM Swords/Mage/100 Each Stat! 300 Total Stat Cap! No Total Skill Cap! 100 Mbit Line! Zero Downtime! Auto Create! Daily Events! NOS/XUO/INX Play Style. Nauo accounts Active! UOA/Injection Allowed! Come check us out!


Pangaea - Edge of the World Roleplay Required, PvP allowed, Active staff, 5+ Year online, Great Playerbase!


Hells Gate Fantasy-Rollenspielshard auf dem Dich nette Mitspieler sowie viele neue Features, Dungeons, Monster und mehr erwarten..


hellsKingdom Hiring need sicpter pvp+rp


Forestia : A New Beginning Pub 15, custom map, Pre-AOS, nice staff, moderate skill & stat gain, PvP + RP, balanced custom tamable's & other creatures, no custom houses, constant balancing of PvP and other features due to player demand, great fun!


UltimaºOnline всем привет ета ultima online 3d и приглашаю вас на наш шард ultima online 3D !


Kings of Mahaon Here you will find the magic world of Ultima Online, striking the unique possibilities. Only here, you to a full degree will be able to be dipped in the atmosphere of life in the world fentezi and to find itself employment on any taste. Our world is always glad new habitants.


Great Island Deutscher RunUO RPG / PVP Freeshard mit vielen Features. Statscapt 225, kein Skillcap. Skills steigen etwas schwiriger als üblich um einen langen Spielspass zu gewährleisten.


Tierras Baldias Tierras Baldías resiste el paso del tiempo! Nacido el año 2000 cuenta ahora con el servidor actualizado con todas las novedades de OSI (ML, SE, ...)! Gran comunidad de habla hispana para disfrutar de un equilibrado PvP y momentos de Rol inolvidables. Qué esperas para probarlo? ;)


Elder Kingdom Servidor de Ultima Online en castellano. Host dedicado con más de 1 año en linea


http://www.lostpvp.at.ua/ http://www.lostpvp.at.ua/


World At War Innovative Freeshard that interacts two facets pk and nonpk. Daily events, Quests, Combinables, Leveling, Ability System and more. loginserver=waw.no-ip.info,2593


Evolucion Ultima Online Server Evolucion Ultima Online, Server Argentino, Armaduras propias del server, Sistema de doungeons propios, Ultimos items activados, PVP, PVM


Rise of the Fallen We are runing a custom fully spawned ever patch uo emulation, custom arty drop, events once a week , bio engernering yes it sounds crazy but you will like, evp pets 3 to 4 lvls each, thx join us


Eriland Face danger, meet happiness, win and lose many a battle! Eriland is a role playing shard with a custom map, the freedom to role play that comes with the Felucca rule set, and many features for the warrior all the way to the crafter. (Dual 2.8ghz CPU/2GB RAM)


radioactive Latest and Wonderfull new PVP PVM shard! This shard is complete with Quests and lots of customs scripts and Lots of Winables 4 House Count Spawning Complete! Great Playing Area! SkillGate at Startroom! All Skills 160 Open to all Players! Come have some fun! Great Staff,Please Patch to 5.0.9 No futhe


Epsilon Ultima Online Free ROL Shard Free --> Servidor Gratuito Sphere 0.56 b Nightly. Sistema de Clases Eventos automaticos, Aldea newbie. ROL & PVP & PVM Equilibrado. Uso del mapa de Adara Map. English Support for Extrangers (1000 Mbps)


Endor 5 years old CZ/SvK/Eng UO shard, 200+ players online, new pvp system, League and Town Wars, stable POL server with new graphic and own world. 100+ miniquests, Professional GM Team.


Realm of Rhyllyn We are a new shard on the horizon. If you are looking for a new place to make home, or a place to become a part of the game. Then please visit us.


Mytharria, Pure RP Shard! GM Enforced RP, Custom Classes, Custom Crafting System, Player and GM questing! In Beta Phases!


Deadly Mafias 3 text based mafia game


uolostrelics Free OSI shard with some sweet mod and 10 new quest and Elven Tamables, New Runics , and Resources and For a limited time we offer new player accounts there first characters 7 skills Gm and stats free.


Distant Land UO-ML Shard with felucca Only and Double Skill Gain on Weekends and 100\'s of Quests, CTF


Ultimate PvP UO Free Server Pre AOS server in Testing


Sithlock Sithlock is a free Ultima Online shard that combines all of the best features of UO before Renassaince was introduced on April 3, 2000.


Abunai Tokoro - AoS - 100mbit Balanced PvP/PvE - Increased Stat/Skill Gain - 800 Skill Cap - No Trammel - No Artifacts - 100mbit Dedicated Server - No Donator Items




The World Ultima Online free shard, Brand new shard with100mb connection, new craftables, events, 700 max stat cap, 400 max skill. Join us and you wont regreat


Ultima Online AOS Freeshard SIXFEETUNDER.NO-IP.INFO PORT: 2593 Our Shard has been around since 2004, 2 houses per account, ALL skills gm\\\\\\\'d at start, 120 skill cap for all skills on one character, Real fast Skill gains, Evo\\\\\\\'s, Super Champs, solo champion spawns, PVP + PVM -


Harvest Reborn We are a free family oriented shard with processor speeds of 3.8ghtz and 2 gigs of memory with a T-2 connection.


Scale Shard Shard Brasileiro , Recompensa por tempo Online ,Guil Chat , Short Range, Medium Range e Long Range Bows , Leathers Especiais ,Gemas Magicas , Armas Excepcionais, Champion Spawn ,Casas Exclusivas , Sand Mining , e mais...


Ultima Online Free Ultima Online server! Come All !!!RUNUO 1 own edition: Old School PvP, Evolving PvM system, new craft system, no skills cap, .Welcom


Olmer Now in ENglish. New world, items and classes. AMAZING!!!


Uo-online RUS shard uo-online zahde uznesh!!


Game Master Training Area All GM shard. Access to ALL commands, no lag, 24/7 uptime. Come join us! IP: meowsepad.org Port: 2597


Angel Island Free UO Server since 2004. Professional and courteous staff, No Trammel! Old-School PvP and Great PvM, Rich Crafting system, Industrial Strength Hardware and Networking. No in-game items for sale, ever! What Ultima Online was meant to be - by Adam Ant


Ultima Online - The Second Age We have nearly exactly reproduced the 1999 OSI UO experience. Come join a shard with players and staff that are unmatched in their dedication to the purity of the T2A era.


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ZuluWorld ZuluWorld Got the Old Zuluhotel style


UO51a 51a Debugged & protected from hacks, Best PvP, OSI PvM, Tons Crafting, 500 player max hardware/pipe, Up 24/7, Opening fully early August. New Player Promos! Auto Acct!


::QcS-Pk:: ::Ultima Online Free Shard::PvP Server::Active StaFF::Level System::Nice Weapons & Armor::Events::New Shard||JOIN US NOW!!


Allure of the Unknown Family Shard Non-pvp, Friendly Players and staff,Runuo 2.0, Abay auction system,Advance player quest, and lots more. Come and enjoy your stay here with us

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