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Zulu Hotel Shard have started on 28 october 2006.A well balanced world. Statics consists of lots of new locations, such as new citys, new dungeons for hunting, you will be impresed with the new desing of classic Zulu Hotel server. We\'ve got new monsters, new items, scripts are only getting better and better w


UO Revelations Dedicated/Stable AoS Server, Balanced PvP, PvM, No Skill Cap, 250 Stat Cap, Custom Champs, Quests, Rpg’s, Balanced Community. New Player Training Area, Factions/Guilds, Felucca Landmass, Plus an Experienced Professional Staff. UO Revelations Freeshard is Dedicated, Consistent, and Stable!


MagicUO New Ultima Online Server !!! :)


Dark Dragon - Easy Shard ((Script ZH)) - Inicial Boost with 4 Skills 130, One Stats 150 and One Stats 100 - Good Shard^^ **JOIN**


Svr World pvp,pvm,no skill cap,big casino and lots of quests custom monster and armor/weapons


Mizani PvP Mizani PvP Best PvP Server its a new server, all players begin with 2 lvl morfs. many items easy tu start. easy play.everything what player can wish.


Garrison Empire Shard A New custom UO Shard open for players. 24/7 w/many items custom as well to name a few. There is many more, drop in and check us out today. Superfast dual xion server, super fast internet connection.


Yaks UO World : Undead Realms Ultima Online Free Shard


Awakening Second Edition EN:UoAse is an old style shard. Brought to you from the experience of UoNGi and UoAwakening, we are glad to offer to you a new evolution, with the latest version of Uo and an increase of Magic Spells coming from new skills like Chivalry, Bushido, Nin


Oskom Portal which connects two different servers, create your own empire with lands and castles,everyday updates, do not stand aside,join!


Lothlorien RP Free UO Shard Sphere Server 0.55i (all bugs fixed by aydinfun) Age Of Shadows and Diablo 2 Updated. +5000 Weapons , Uniques , New Rideable NPCs , New Craft Systems and more...


Light World Story Light World Story is a free Russian Ultima Online shard, offering Renaissance. Unique Scripts, PVP, No Skill Cap, Artefacts, Tournaments, Quests and more


Realm of Shadows No Skill Cap, Fast Gains, No PKs, Events, Customs, Quests, Town Housing, Friendly Players, Continuous Development. with More Quests Items Locations to Come! Levelable Characters, Levelable Items, Weapons, Clothing, Pet Leveling. Join us Today!


Polski Shard Szwadron Śmierci Polski server ultimy online nowe komendy spolszczony server,, mili gm zapraszamy!


http://.wh2.ru Ultima Online Free Shard l Active Staff l Stable Sphere l 4 Races l 4 Class l Level/Ability l Newbie Pack l Balanced PvP and PvM l & more! Come & see the difference!


Age of Valor AoS/ML/Custom - PVM/PVP - Community driven with lot of cool features and bug fixes. Dedicated server.


The Darkside Shard (TDS) 9+ Years Running | Home of Uniques | Custom Map | New Items & Monsters | Daily Events | Tons of New Craftables & Skills | Mount Bonus\'s | Guild War\'s | Come Join Us | Where Quality Matters


Embara A private Adult Text role Play. Shorah my friend, we knew you would come, as it was foretold. The light flickers low in a darkened room of a keep, two figures shrouded in the shadow converse in front of a healthy fire. Come relax on Embara. Check us out!


Slayer's Realm Old school magery shard, no regs., levelling system, everyday quests,lots of rares,lots of fun,checkit out


Owner The Alter Realm, One of the oldest Private running shard re-opens and returns under original management. Fiber connection, dedicated servers. Reliable game play.


Fantasy Realms Run Uo2.9 We welcome any and all players young and old .....we have a 300 stat capp and a 1500 skill capp .... we have 5 fully spawned faucets.....Server/ 2.8 ghz dual core intel processors/2 gig ram/ 10meg DL/870 Upload


Dinastia UO European OSI-Style Shard from Spain, full Samurai Empire and Mondain's Legacy expansions, daily events (CW, CTF, Duel pits 1vs1, 2vs2, PvM, etc.), professional staff, +130- average players online. The lastest updates from OSI are here, and totally free!


Rise to power Uo Shard PvP Oriented


--==[ MagneruS.Com ] ==-- Welcome to MAGNERUS, one of the BEST RPG SHARD with unigue Ultima Online Mondain's Legacy scripts, content and lore!!


SaurusWorld(ML) Free UO Shard with PK/NPK world. Lots of rares and custom crafting system. 1200.0 skillcap.


][ Streetmaffia ][ Te Gek Crime Speel Nu Ook mee!!


Earthen Ring Earthen Ring is a young and fast-growing UO freeshard. The setting of it is around Publish 15/16 era of Ultima Online, but you will find many different aspects of the game we have added from later publishes. The main goal of Earthen Ring is to provide our players a place to play the game they love.


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Aeternum Freeshard No Trammel, Full ML Support. Unique systems, Unique style. Player run economy. Massive crafting systems, massive harvesting systems, custom BOD systems and prizes, custom Champs and Unique mini-champ system and more.


UOasis Pre-AOS, Custom Copper, Silver, Gold system, No skill cap, 300 stat cap. No felucca. Only loose money on corpse when you die. Additional magic items stronger than Vanquishing and invulnerable. All skills cap off at 120. Start with 50 each stat and two 75 and one 85 skill balls


Aude Sapere RunUO2.0 custom shard we welcome any and all players.We have a 300 stat capand 1500 skill cap. 5fully spawned facets. custom hues,factions,pvp,custom houses,mobs,items also alot of quests. Come join us for a great experience at Aude SApere


Sylvannia UO [Freeshard] [Full ML Support] [Last OSI Publishes] [+5 Tournaments Daily & +40 Differents] [Ingenious Quests] [PvP, PvM & Craft Rating Systems] [Carpentry, Tinker & Bowcraft New BODs] [New PvM Factions System] [Unique & Amazing Profession System] [Full Balance] ...and much more! Join us now!


-ShadowRealm- ShadowRealm is old school! Sphere Server! Smart NPC's! NO BUGS!! 10 years in the making! 55r4 version! We are on of the best PVP/PVM you will find old school style! 300 statmax 17.000 skillmax! RARES! Tourney's! Come back to old school !!!


Shattered Empire Tons of custom scripts which provide a unique gaiming experiance. Custom Housing,Armours,Rare ride system,Quest\'s,Skill bonuses and a ton more. check out the web site for more details!. We are run on a Intel Pentium Dual core 2.4gigs,2 gigs ram, 320 gig HD dedicated server.


Blackthornes Return American based uo shard, Hosted from germany by a reliable server. We have tons of unique items, rare rides, custom armors, dedicated staff. Blackthornes return is dedicated to giving the player base an incrediable gaming experience so come join the fun. You wont be disapointed


StarNet The Best in Moldova Ultima Online shard! Sphere 0.56b! Latest client! Enjoy your stay!


aurisuo temiz ultima online server


Dragon World 200-400 players online. Hi end server (2x2,8Ghz Xeon). 10Gbit. Own sphere builds. Balanced world. The world in which live.


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www.Grand Theft Auto Family.com La pagina Official de GTA


Crimsons Kiss A Free, Private UO Game


Alantis http://fresnoultimaonline.piczo.com/?preview=y&cr=5&rfm=y


UO Classic 4x Skillball, Super fast gains, Easier champ spawns, Tokuno/gauntlet rares drop often!


Tempest UO 18+ RP. Magic, myths, gothic horror, feudalism, kingdoms, politics, and a rich, unique history! Take a role in shaping the future!


TLEA: The Life Ever After A hardcore roleplay shard which focuses on a sense of community and thought provoking storylines. An original UO experience.


Neverside New shard, start with 7x GM skills and full stats. UOR without trammel, fast skill and stat gain, veteran rewards, mounts, factions, regular staff-run events, and much more!


Bleeding Hollow Sphere Shard running a custom map with unique scripts PVP/PVM/PK welcome.


PoM PoM, Serveur Rp avant tout et pvp, vous pourrez trouvez de nombreux systemes relativement evolués, les joueurs sont totalement autonomes et donc ont besoin d'un gm très rarement noux items, nouveaux equipements, nouveaux crafts, nombreuses quetes...


Online Ultima The shard that finally brings together Pre-Ren PvP, Easy Skill gain, Auto Account Creation, Mounts, Professional staff and 99% Uptime.


Celikhan, Plastic staple Celikhan, textile machine to produce and selling.

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