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Deluxe Rose Online New Server. Our rates is 20x20x20x. Irose server and Buff Fairys. Application is Open.


Graffiti Rose A great new Evo style Rose Server. Friendly staff and community that is looking for new people. Exp rate: 800x Zulie rate: 250x Drop: 250x.


FateFast Online Dedicated Server 24/7, Nice Rates, Nice Staff, No Lag, No Rollback, No Wipe-Out, JOIN US NOW!!!


AEnam Rose Online AEnam Rose Online Is a private server a part of a Universal Gaming network the rates: Exp 40, Drop 35, Zuly 35


K-Rose Online Evolution Play free K-rose online Evolution, friendly GM\'s and a whole new client. come and join us.


NoobRose-Rose Online Nice Rose Online Server,Max level : 250 , exp: 20,drop:30, zuly: 30.


Sunshine R.O.S.E 24/7 :: No lag :: Active staff team :: New items :: New drop system :: Events :: :: Alot of updates :: Friendly server :: Rates are: 1k XP / 1k Drop / 1k Zuly: Max stats are 1500 :: Nice Developing team that will make server nicer :: alot will be added and editted :: join us now!


Pimpin Rose Online EVO Server! Rates: EXP x600/Drops x50/Zuly x15 :: Item Mall :: Vote For DP :: No Lags :: Weekly Lottery :: Unlimited Reborn :: 700 Max Stats :: Customized Shops :: Fun and Helpful Players :: And a lot More! Come check us out!


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Ziora Rush On Seven Episode ZROSE Online is a combination of Evo and IROSE server client Evo but inside Irose many new custom items. version 1 have 900 items now we have 1000+ new items Version 2. Come and Join now! nice and new community Non Hamachi 24/7 Online x10x20x30


HRose Online Rose online private server Exp 800 Drops 350 Zuly 350! Friendly GMs. Join our community today for free ingame gifts!


AstaROSE AstaROSE is a new fresh iRose server in preparation ! Middle rate 15/5/5 Level Gap 210, including some new features like buff-timer, worldmap system, 0% Exp scroll ! By now you can register on the forum and wait for the official launch date. (Around June !)


Hero Rose Online Hero Rose Online as evo! ::: Custom Items ::: Friendly Staff ::: Lots of Customs ::: Great Community ::: NO LAG ::: Opened 24/7 ::: Rates are 1900/900/1000 ::: New Hairs and Faces ::: Every day events! :::JOIN NOW!!!


Dead Rose Forever Exp:20 Drop:15 Zuly:10 . Very active and friendly GM staff . Custom items and maps . Events and union wars !


Hero Rose 50x exp/10x drop/10x Zuly - Custom Items - Fully working Oro - Grade8/9 Gems - New Community


*NEW* Rose Online High Rate PvP Server *NEW* Rose Online High Rate PvP Server - 300x EXP - 300x Drops - 300x Zuly - Reborn System - Player Commands - NO BUGS - can craft Premium Items through special NPC - 24/7 - JOIN NOW !!


iRoseMY iRoseMY Dedicated server,50x 30x 10x,Max Level 250,All Item Have Drop(All p2p Item), 24/7 Online, 99% Free ITem. Highest Rates, New Mobs/Boss, Friendly and Active Staff. Balance & Challenging Game


ExiledROSE DROP: 2000 EXP: 2000 ZULY: 2000, Max Stats: 2000. We are looking for staff members!


ExiledROSE 2500/2000/2000 Need Staff Members! Everyone Welcome!


RoseOnline FallenAngelsPrivate Server Exp:3000 Drop:2000 Zuly :1000


Trinity Rose Two servers of Rose online!!!//High rate server: exp x900, drop x1000, zuly x1000//Mid rate server: exp x125, drop x85, zuly x75//New comunnity!!//JOIN US!!!


Hero - rose online ! Hero Rose Join Today! We have:Lots of new Custom items(SpaceShips,Lots of new items that you never seen before),Castle Gears,Oro,Carts,Crafting System,+9 Gems.Friendly Staff,No laggs and Much Much More,So Join Hero Rose today!Rates 50X Exp/30X Drop/30X Zulie


Chaos Rose Online Chaos RF is a free to play private MMORPG game server with nice rates and a big community. Exp 50x Drop 30x Custom Items 24/7 Dedicated Server - No Lag Daily Events Active friendly Gms


Elite-Rose online The best EVO rose online server, 950/650/650 ::Nice GM team: Alot of events and more updates! Join us know.


Alpha Rose Online Alpha Rose Online, the IRose classic, with maxlevel 250, new gens, custons sets. Creative and experienced Staff. Faction War and Dragon Hunt working. Buffs solding in npcs ( Pony,Tryteh,Bellia in Junon ,Pabel in Luna). Come play with us. Alpha Rose, where the magic of the game becomes reality!


Rose Online Map Editor Get the best ROSE Online map editor here!


Nuke Rose Online - Rose Evo v318 Rates: [Exp 750x / Drop 1000x / Zuly 1000x][Max Level 250][Reborn Level 200][24/7][No-Hamachi Needed][BETA][Easy Register / Game Play][Lagless Gameplay][Rose Evolution v318][Friendly Staff][Looking For Developer][BRAND - NEW SERVER]


Insane Rose Online Insane Rose Online is a free to play private MMORPG game server with nice rates and a big community. Exp 50x Drop 30x Custom Items 24/7 Dedicated Server - No Lag Daily Events Active friendly Gms


DarkCore ROSE Online :: The Awakening!!! 1000x1000x1000x::MaxStat 700::MaxLevel 250::Custom Rose Evo::Balance Class, Vote & Donate Items::Unlimited Reborn for Reborn Set::No 1 Hit PvP::Hiring Dev And GMs::Dedicated Server::Since Feb 2008


Ultima-Rose-Online The best Rose online server ever! EXP RATE 400, 200,200


L2Retail Nuovo server Freya


~ MRose Online ~ Low Rate ~ Serveur du jeux R.O.S.E(Rush On Seven Episodes)Online low rate 5Exp 7 zuly 8drop. Ce jeu, à l'origine anglais, a été traduit a 90% en français par notre équipe dévouée dans le but de créer une communauté française de R.O.S.E Online qui se sente le plus à l'aise possible autant sur le forum, sur le site que dans le jeu. D'une part, le gameplay sera changé au plus possible.


iRosePH Online Most advanced server with Celestial War (Planet Wars), Item Mall In-game, Multiple Clan skills such as Clan Assist, Revenge, Ally system and etc., Custom Maps amp Items, 21 Different Gems, Bot Buffers, Active GMs and Devs and a fun international communi


HappyROSE Welcome to Happy ROSE, here is a team dedicated server fees we have [30x Exp] [15x Drop] [Zuile 10x], max lvl 255 max stats 500. Between now.


Heaven Rose Welcome to Heaven Rose, where your story begins! Experienced staff, mid-rate server and a great community! Come join our unique experience!


EternalRose Eternal Rose Is The Newest Private Irose Server.We Have Cuztomized Client, Events Every Day ,Friendly Gm , With Oro add And Eldeon CF.Join Whit Us Dedicated Server 24/7 --Coming Soon--


Infinity Rose Online Infinity Rose Onlin is a free to play private MMORPG game server with nice rates and a big community.Exp 50x Drop 30x Lvl cap 80 Skill cap 80 Custom Items 24/7 Dedicated Server - No Lag Daily Events Active friendly Gms


HueRose Evolution Philippines Welcome To HueRosePH. A new Evolution of Rose Online. Exp: x50/DropRate: x400/Zulie: X400 Friendly GM's. 24/7 Dedicated LAG FREE SERVER. ENJOY AND HAVE FUN PLAYING HueRose Evolution


mideRose EXP:125 Drop:70 Zulie:50. Nice staff, In need for forum moderator and event Organisers. You want to join? Have fun and our Nice staff will always help you!


Factory Rose Come and join a fast developing server with relatively no lag, and the ultimate range in evo abilities such as party,clan,quests,skills, even ride request! Join today, you\'ll be amazed!


RAGE Rose online new Privte sever [Rate] 150xexp 100xdrop 50xzulie weekly/monthly events Orlo map friendly staff


Akabane-rose New server Rose Stable ! Rate: Drop: 500x Money:500x Exp: 500x Gm Verry nice ! No hamachi come to Your server Akabane-Rose


EG-Rose Welcome to Offical EGrose. Design By Extreme Gaming and Rexon. Version Irose. Super Fast Gameplay Style (EXP x200), Farming and Selling (High Rate Drop). All p2p Item Drop At Special Map (Marsh Of Ghost). None Downtime Games. Max Level 250 / Max Stat 500 .


ViROSE Online 200/150/100 :: None donation Server free play and everything is free :: Max level 250:: Active Staffs :: Weekly and Daily Events :: Join the newest and coolest ROSE Online Evolution ever :: Be the first to reborn and become a GM .


Defenders of the Cross You are about to embark on a journey that will feed your imagination. You a Visitor will join the story that has been taking place for years. You will join many other players in the storyline. Defenders of the Cross is inspired by R.O.S.E. Online.


Rose Kansas Evolution Free Play ! No Lagh ,


Hartrose 200/150/100 :: donation Server :: Max level 250:: Active Staffs :: Weekly and Daily Events :: Join the newest and coolest ROSE Online :: Be the first 50 players registered claim free donate! just add me and pm me in my fb. more fun!


Sunshine-Rose Sunshine-Rose is back (Irose + Lowrate)


LightROSE Online If you like to PLAY GOOD IRose Server: Play LightROSE Today. Rates: 17x14x20 New Items,New Website,New Launcher,ItemMall,Vote4points,Alot of EVENTS,Active GMs and MORE . . .


Angel-Rose Armure : 0 a 240 Lvl Weapon: 0 a 250 Full Fashion, Mask, Lunette Wing - Full Cart , Castel Gears Rebirth System maxstats 2000 Map ORLO Full Boss Avanture plain Map : Shopping: Armure,Banque,armure,Cart,Wing,Castel-Gears *Rates: 1000x Experience / 1000x Zullie / 1000x Drops Server is OPEN 10 Mars 2012

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