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Snowed-Rose Snowed-Rose is a Evo private server. rates are : 2750x exp , 1250x drop , 3000x zuly !! We are a high rate server !! We hope u enjoy & stay !!


Radience Rose Online lsHey! Looking for a High rate Server! Well Radience Rose is for you! Our Rates are 4000x. Some of you know Mega Rose.Guardian! is here! Our Server has many active Staff members, Community and Fun Events! Join the Revolution!


pioneros-rose nuevo servidor espaņol gm somos muy amigables con los players rates 400 drop rates 300 esperamos que sea de buestro agrado


Kingdom Rose Rates: 8000x 8000x 1000x Custom items, great gms, open 16/24 hours a day with lots of events, Kingdom Rose - Where your story begins!


Infinity Rose Infinity Rose Online with ::: Jrose Custom Items :::: Hrose Custom Items ::: NArose Custom Items :::: Crose Custom Items :::: Friendly GMs ::: Hand Made Customs ::: Great Community ::: NO LAG ::: Opened 24/7 ::: Rates are 1k/1k/1k ::: New CGS ::: New Hairs and Faces ::: Aero Bik


DnA-Rose Online Welcome to DnA-Rose Online. Nice Gms/Admin dedicated staff.Customized events and more. Exp 35,Zuly 15,Drop 10. We are here to stay.Excelent gaming experience guarantee.


Frozen IRose Online Complete iRose Clone. Rates 60x EXP 45x Drop 45x Zuly -- No Lags .Many events,.Friendly GM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s 24/7 Online. Join the Evolutions Adventure that will be happy and funny !!! Come and Join :-)


Butller Rose Online The Aller Best Evo Client style server out there. Rates 400x EXP 300x Drop 400x ZullY Nice User commands, ferry Good Community , Cool custom Items and Events, Play the adventure now ! Online since 16.


BlueRoseOnline Novo Rose Evo. vercao 139...


Extreme-Rose Extreme-Rose its a Irose high rate server / 500x 500x 500x buy stuff from GM\\\'s a lot event\\\'s


Sasuki Rose Welcome to Sasuki Rose | Great GMs | Rates | Exp Rate: 300 |Drop Rate: 100 |Zuly Rate: 300 | User Commands |Custom items | Custom NPC | Server 24/7 | No lags | No D/C | Join TODAY!!


X-Rose Online Best Server X-Rose Online Free Game EXP 5000 |DROP 1500| Zolly 2000| GO GO GO


Angel Rose Online :: Angel Rose Online :: 24/7 No Lagg more then 100 Custum items Neo CG and cool GMs All i can say is come and look!


Ra-Rose Ra rose is based on iRose (international rose) and now in the beta version 50x rates, in final version 10x join us today


KTRose Pre-EVO - NOW OPEN FOR BETA TESTING! - KTRose Pre-EVO is the first private Pre-EVO ROSE server! We feature 1X EXP and drops with rate-adjustment items, custom content and quests, and frequent story-driven events! Come and join our friendly community for a totally unique ROSE experience!


PanotcheRose-Online™ Welcome to PanotcheRose-Online, A breeding ground of a pure gamer, RoseEvo style server with a growing community of players online daily. Hosted by dedicated server with regular updates by the GM Team. SERVER RATE: EXP: 400x | Zulie: 300x | Drop: 200x


F.R.O.S.E. Come join FROSE, the first and only ROSE server to combine iROSE and EVO, making it unique among other servers! We have added new maps, items, skills, and custom npcs. Max level is 300 and stats can reach 500. Rates are: 3x Exp | 2x Zuly | 1x Drop


myRose this is new rose pserver new items bug fixed all skill working x200 Exp x200 Drop x100 Zuly join now!!


Ruff-Rose Free Rose online mmorpg with an active community. Server rates are 1x/1x/3x. Join now!


Kingdom-rose New rose online very good no lags!


RestyleGamerZ Rose Best evolution server ever > Check this out! | 1500x EXP, 750x DROP and 500x ZULY | 24/7 Server | Profesional staff | Daily events | Weekly updates | Great community!


iPlayROSE ROSE Online private server the way it was meant to be: Based on the original iRose with balanced rates [5x/2x/2x], dedicated staff and exclusive events. Come join us! :)


Rose Online Italy Rose Online Italy č un server di Rose Online tutto italiano, tutto gratuito creato solo per il vostro divertimento.


JRose- Arcturus Serveur Rose Online Arcturus NO BUG. Middle rate 50exp/15zuly/15drop.FR: Recrutement ouvert aux graphistes, Ramenez vous et vos amis. pas de bug


\"GetRose\"-cO-Ol! getRose onLine..3000 all rates..first 5 players wil be a GM..


ZRose New!! server No logs No delay All skill working All bug fixed 24/7 Online jion now it`s free 4-ever


Fantasy Rose Online *Fantasy Rose Online * Exp:750x Drops:500x Zulie:500x * 24/7 Online No Buggs or Lags * Respective Community * Nice GM\\\'s * Join Us Now! *


Fantasy Rose Online[Evolution] Fantasy Rose Online * Dedicated Server * 24/7 Online * Need Staff Members * Respectful Community * Very Well Trained GM\\\\\\\'s * Come and Join Us!


Grand-Rose Grand-Rose [Rates: exp30k drop20k zulie10k] We need GM\\\'s look at forum! Reborn system max stats 9999(Lots of fun) [Ask a GM for a free wing (Green Astarot +9 slotted)]


Abyss Rose Online I plan to make this server the complete recreation of the now \\\\


DarkNeoRose we are a new rose server! were here to make the peoples happy, We have 3.5k/3k/7.5k rates and were lookin for staff members, we designe the server the way you tell us, so join fast and help us out!


Battle-Cry ROSE Battle-cry is an awesome iRose server with 45x XP, 80x Drop, and 75x Zuly rates, 24/7 online dedicated server, daily events, friendly GMs, custom shops/NPCs/and items.


titanRose titanRose :: Authentic and advanced iRose experience with a dedicated, experienced staff and great community. We use our own custom iRose client with great features such as Dungeons, Achievements, Costume System, PvP Rank System, Mounts, Custom Maps and much more.


PonkoROSE This is the new best Irose server! We would be pleased to see you on our server. Our rates are: EXP: 30x || DROP: 20x || ZULY: 20x || Hopefully we will see you on our server! \"Experience the Adventure!\"


SodaROSE Dedicated Server, Staff. Custom items. Good Rate iROSE. ~Register Today!~


::Ziora Rush On Seven Episode:: Online Exp x50 Drop x100 Zuly x100 New Server Never seen efore Evo rose server 900+ new donate and event`s item all are fixed and working properly no bug no lag no delay 24/7 online many event just look at the forum Jion now free to paly 4-ever


Isra Rose Best Israel R.O.S.E. Evo style server out there. Rates 10x EXP 50x Drop 10x Zuly -- No Lags Nice User commands, Nice Community


Online Games GamingAhead Launches the Ultimate Online Gaming Destination For All Ages. GamingAhead provides the latest in competitive tournaments for all major gaming platforms with chance to win cash and prizes. For more information please visit my site


mRose mRose Server Rates Exp : 250x Drop : 100x Zuly 300x


WildRose - 5x Exp 3x Money 1x Drop - IRose Skill System - Evolution World, Mobs, & Quests - Buff Faries - Full World PvP after Junon Planet - Four planets with a max level of 250, and more to come!


Free Runescape Accounts Get your self a free Runescape account in 3 easy steps.


Dagga Rose online Dagga Rose Online :: 24/7 :: no lags :: 98% no bugs :: 1200/700/200 :: Reborn system :: Active Staff team :: No Hamachi needed! :: Max stat are 2000 and max level is 265 :: updating alot :: unique events :: New Junon - New Character create screen ::new hairs and faces :: new Items more


RaRose online Irose Based, 24/7 Online, Stats : 15x | 2x | 10x , New Junon, Costum Items, Great support and nice GM\'s


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Sea of Souls Online - [Dedicated] Sea of Souls online is a revolutionary [dedicated!] server in the making. Server is 200x/100x/20x exp/zuly/drop for the moment. We are adding massive patches as you read this! Join up now and help us grow our community in the Open Beta. once we reach 100 members we will go global! join now!


Kingdom Rose Welcome to Kingdom Rose, where your story begins! Experienced staff, mid-rate server and a great community! Come join our unique experience!


Rose Online (Zairs) Edition Rose Online (ZAIRS) Edition! Come sign up!


ReboundRose ReboundRose Nice Growing server Pre Evo CLOSED BETA REGISTER NOW ONLINE


AeonRose The Ultimate ROSE Online experience founded by a group of highly skilled developers who intend to push the limits of what is possible, and take the game to a whole new level of development.


Matrix Rose! Online Evo server!! Our rates are: 150 exp / 125 drop / 50 zuly. Pretty high but its perfect for a private server. We are also needing GM\\\\\\\'s if the server grows. Free custom shops and a lot of fun! Be sure to join and vote every 12 hours! SEE YOU SOON!!!

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