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PsychoRose Online Evolution Welcome to PsychoRose! Friendly GM's & Admin NO Dc, NO Lags, Many events held. (Rates 40x Exp/40x Zullie/40x Drop)


ChallengeROSE online ChallengeROSE online is A new iROSE system Server with a growing Comunity , Rates are expRate x5 zuly x2.5 drop x1 Hosted on Stable dedicated server , Gms Active and very helpful , Join us!


RoSeQcOnLinE Venez en grand nombre sur un serveur de rose online évolution tout a fait Québecois!!!


Shadow Rose 1GB RAM, 2 GHz Processor, 100MBPS Dedicated, 250x Rates ALL, LOTS of giveaways! Try us today!


Ultimate Rose Exp, Drop & Zulie x100 - Great community, Friendly GM - 24/7 online - Server Dutch/English – Be The Ultimate – Come and join us today


Evasive Rose I Rose > New server > It's a low rate server so no powerleveling, only for long term fun.


Irose-Corp.Like [iRose-Corp. Like: 9/1/1, iRose complet, NO bugs, NO Lag, Stable, NO down], Save toutes les 24h, UP 24/24h - 7j/7, client complet avec updater, EVENTS réguliers, Nombre de joueurs en hausse ! Record de 49 joueurs le 28/09/07


PQIE Rose Online


Nimus Rose Online Rose Online Evolution 100% work : OPENING 12/10/2007


SevenOra iRose Online SevenOra iRose Online Exp 10x || Drops 1x || Zuly 16x ||Many Events In thw week || No lags || dedicated machine dual opteron || Come and play :)


Ragezone Rose iRose server 10x Rates


Glory Rose 9k/9k/9k Newly Made server trying to do its best to please other players. Reset @ Level 250. Higher level item and skill books can be bought through GMs / Admin. Join now and feel the power of a real high rate server


Endless ROSE Online Free 2 Play ROSE Online Evolution. RATES: 300/300/300


Advanced Rose 2GB lag.Friendly GMs.FreeGM jobs.1k/1k/1k rates.Stable server


JusticeROSE JusticeROSE, The new complete iRose server. The rates is 12x exp, 10x zulie and 1x drop . Join us now!


MacBRosE 2000xp 2000drop 2000zuly come join us still server under test!


recon-rose New Rose online server 15x exp 15xdrop 3x zully


Etna-Rose Etna-Rose brings you a whole new level of gaming, we are currently making a whole custom server with custom Quests, and soon even new items. Rates are EXP=70 DROP= 30 Zulie=30 so always enough money and items server hosted on a Intel Duo Extreme, with 2gb ram and a 100mb uplink


RedRoseOnline Welcome to RediRoseOnline it is a server whit the latest version of iRose. No bugs and no lag. Friendly GMs. Server is up 24/7. High Rates of 110/9/40. Come and join us we are waiting you. =)


Alliance-Rose iRose based Server / High Rate (28x / 14x / 10x ) / Low Rate ( 7,5x / 3,5x / 1x ) / Max LvL 250 / 4th Planet Oro / 24/7 online / Deticated host / Evotempel and a lot of AllianceRose excusive Items. Do not miss this and join up now.


Chaos R.O.S.E. Online Evolution We\\\'re Back!!! | 100 Cash Points Free! (Limited Time) | 8x EXP | 4x Drops | Automated Item Mall | Quests | Clan Field | No Connection Tools Required | Unique Player Commands | Individual Monster CPU | Join and help us grow today!


Shades Of iRose Shades Of iRose is a 100% iRose server with 0 bugs, extremely helpful GMs, 100x exp rates, awesome drops, and best of all 100x quest rewards!! (meaning you can get rich fast from the episode quest!!)


HiddenRose Online Come And Join! Hosting 24/7, with hamachi, Server Tin beta, so give us some comment to make the server BETER!~ , rates are 2000/1000/1500 - exp/drop/zuly .


se7en-rose fun high exp 1000x


IsraelRose - The Best Rose Ever! IsraelRose - Offical Israel RoseOnline Server -->Evo Rates: 35x Exp , 15x Drop , 15xZuly <-- Join Us Now!!


LNRose Linkan network rose is now up a great server whit active GM´s Rates are 50|9999|9999


sexyrose online free rpg game, lag free, fast server


ResidentEvilRose Hello and welcome to ResidentEvilRose this is a free rose server.Dont not noe rates yet but atm there are 8k each and it is a 24/7 server. GMS needed so leave me a appl at my forums and i well read it and get back to u


BERose BERose Server Made BY Bespike


RENEGADE FORCE ROSE! a good server with good rates and im also recruiting GM's



Angel Rose Online Welcome to Angel ROSE. Based on iR.O.S.E. Online. Our anti-hack system and active GameMasters garanties hack free world and fair play to all community. GameMasters and Developers work constantly on creating a enjoyable game world with regular updates and game content exclusive to Angel ROSE.


Odes ROSE Server is online...Rates are 1000x EXP,DROP,ZULIE,..GM application is now open to all players...Have a chance to be a GM...No lag..


CrescentROSE Evolution Server ; 8x exp / 5x drop


Dragon R.O.S.E. Server started at 02.04.2008 !Exp 1000.Nice and good GMs soon tobe dedicted server.For a reborn you get a item on your choise +socket+5!!!!


GodLikeROSE 100k/100k/60% Rates With Approximately 400users on weekdays reaching 700 on weekends Castle Gears will be giving upon meeting a GM


Bones Rose online 1k Exp 1k Drop 1k Zuly, Need GMS, Events Ever day , Ever 1 is Welcome


Recon Rose Come play with us at Recon Rose, evo based server


Bratok - Rose-2 Rates Server Bratok-Rose Revision 2 - iRose Server Max level 300, Rates: 25x 10x 1x - Active, friendly GM\\\\\\\'s and a skilled Dev team. Custom maps, items, armor and weapons. New skills and End game content. Come and play!


Gaia Rose Online Experience ROSE in a way never thought possible! Tons of fashion items on your fingertips. Fight challenging monsters. Party with friends and expand your fun! Refine items with 100% sucess! Rates: 1000 everything, 1300 on weekends.


DXBROSE join our server we have exp 500 zuly and drop 1000 growing community (recruiting gm's)


SoulRose!! SoulRose Great Community Friendly GM\'s Weekly Events Rates 30xExp 20xZuly 10xDrop Join Us Now!!


SyllRose The best new private OSIRose server!!! with 25x xp 25x drop 25x zuly !!!and it work with Hamachi so NO GDISCONNECTION!!!! Nice GM's too


SkyRose SkyRose rates: 3x exp, 3x drop and 3x Zuly - Forums online for 3 years - Alot of events - Recruiting Staff Members - Hard working Staff Members for updates and for the best gaming experience out there - We're aiming for the TOP!


**BurnRose** BRAND NEW SERVER Great Rates/Community/Staff/ still Recruting Gm's/REBORN 250/CUSTOM ITEMS/GM BUFFS/NO LAGG/RATES (EXP:7000 DROP:8000 ZULIE:8000


Rose Trials The best rate server 4000/4000/4000, with double exp weekends, everything sold in shops, there are free wings and free 250 levels for the new players JOIN NOW


X-World iRose Private Server We are a great community with great GM, come and join us!! We are an iRose private server with custom shops and great players!! 24/7 Server.


TropicalROSE |Tropical ROSE| IRose Server | Under Development |


FunRose Classic`s Free Classic server. Good rates, New items, 4th planet implanted


MAGNERIDON ROSE ONLINE server español de rose online 24H

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