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Rose Mania Exp 8x Drop 3x Zuly 3x


Knights of rose Join rose now!! rate's 15x 15x 15x + Friendly gm's + No lag , Main quest is working and alot of events/ (now new website)


Porkys Server A great server with exp:60x drop: 100x zuly: 5000x


Odes Rose Re-Opening This Rose is new server...we are recruiting GMs now...this is a 500x EXP, DROP, & ZULIE...Come & join us now...We are giving Castle Gears and Sporty Carts...24/7 dedicated server...Castle gears are in npc..More New Items...GM application open now


mostwanted Most wanted Private server


KingRose Dedicated Server E6600,8 Gb Ram l DevilTears & AmonRa Are Waiting For You 24/7 No Dc No Lags Rates: 50x Exp 20xDrop 50x Zuly /Weekends 100x Exp/Refine 100% And A Drop System Worthy Of A King


MarineDrakeS R.O.S.E This is a new server...We are hiring GMs & moderators now...So plsss hurry & apply now...This is a 3k times EXP, DROP, & ZULIE...Come & Join now...We have promo now...+9 items & castle gear...Hurry before the promo ends...


LifeLess RATE : 4000x AND HAVE GOOD GMs


pRose Reborn Strict but Friendly GM's | Events are almost daily.


Finnal---R0S3 server rose online new item good exp rate and drop


Rose Online Server New Privat Server Rose Online::Rates= 5000x/5000x/5000x::Private Dev Team::Constant Leveling Events::Items Are In The NPC’s::Come And Join Us You Wont Regret It!!::ALL SKILLS WORK!


Phoenix Rose Online Phoenix Rose is a new rose online server | Rates are 1200x EXP 1000x DROP 500x ZULY | Item


m0de's Private Rose Server m0des Private Rose Online Server - Rates: Zuly - 4000x. Drop - 2000x. Exp - 2000x


ROSE online server-games server hispano muy bueno 0 lag anti-cheat fase beta nose borran las cuentas facil de subir y mucho mas entra y juga con nosotros un saludo ^^ de momento la paguina es beta tambien si no pueden entrar entren aki


Super Rose High Rate Server. 8500,16000,8500. New. Looking for GMs, No Hamachi


AlyaRose - iRose clone The newest iRose clone. With rates of x15exp | x11 zuly | x10drop. With a lot of unique content seen only on this server. Join us now! Resourceful npc's & purchasing enabled for Castle Gears!


. : neOn ROSEOnline : Evolution : . > AWESOME new server !! Rates: 15x/15x/10x (Exp/Zuly/Drop) Public Commands, Great Community, Great Admin, 24/7 Uptime, 0 LAG ~ Join us today!!


SevenHearts Online Welcome to the world of Seven Hearts, a 100% free to play iROSE style server with a growing community of over 800 players online daily. Hosted by multiple dedicated servers with regular updates, exclusive items & armour, custom BGM tracks, and more.


Brave Blood Rose new rose evo private server we need GMs to help make the server join fast !


DarkAngelZ Rose EXP-3000,DROP-3000,ZULIE-12,000


Euro Rose - Xtreme Servers First Fully Complete European iRose Server. Come Join Us Today FREE-TO-PLAY FOREVER!


Elite Rose Online SERVER NOW UP AND RUNNING! Brand New Server! Current Rates Are 100/100/100! Currently Looking For GMs and Devs! Dont Wait, Join The Elite!


RoseVendet New Rose Online private server! ITA and ENG! 24/7!


r-rose EVO Join Ripper-Rose EVO, we have nice admins, just remade the server join fast!!! and become the best!! server stats: 75x exp 40x drop, no downtime, weekly events


dROSE dROSE is still going stong as one of the most uptodate iROSE Servers out there! | Rates are 4x exp/4x drop/5x zulie join today!


HeavenLyRose-Online Welcome to HeavenLy Rose Online, a 100% free to play EvoRose Private Server,No Lag, Online 24/7, GM Selling Item, All Rates Are, x1MIL (Just Till 10 September Then All x10K, Or I Go Vote Stay 1M or Go 10K), Nice GM\\\'s, *Looking For GM\\\'s*, Reborn Is At LvL 240(Must Do On Website) We Use Hamachi..


Rose renouveau Serveur francophone du jeu ROSE Online. Rose serveur/Rates 3/4/4/. Un staff serieux,gentils,cool.Events trés regulier.Serveur gratuit. Serveur: capacitée 400-500 joueurs sans bugs,ni lag.


Restless Rose iRose Full iRose Clone. Rates: 100x EXP/100x Zuly/100x Drop. Also our Low Rate server: 12x EXP/8x Zuly/3x Drop. Same character server. That means you can swith your character to Low or High Rate server. Join Now! Big event Saturday!


NoNameRose NonameROSE is a iRose Clone that is 100% free to play, 24/7 Online, /5 EXP/2,5x Zulie/ 1x Drop/ Friendly GM's, Much Events,All bugs are fixed! No Lag! over 100 Registered Users ! JOIN US!


Seven rOz Serveur Privé iRose orienté Role Play souple. Hébergé sur deux serveurs dédiés pour plus de stabilitée et pour minimiser les lags occasionés. Backup quotidien de toutes les Bases de données. Evenements hebdomaires, serveur en constante evolution !


Thullife-rose wir sind ein gutter server mit raten 10x xp 5x drop 300x gold join us


Holodeck Rose Online 24/7 OPEN ! * Full Irose * Rates 15x exp / drop * Friendly GM's * Daily Events * Join our Community Now !!!


Revision Rose The newest generation of Matrix - Gangster-Rose, Revision-Rose! Currently in Beta phase! R.O.S.E online Evolution client - and going to stay that way! Rates: 2500 | 2000 | 1750. Nice community, and ab


Baka Baka Rose 100k rates! Test server in need of more people! Refine safe to +8, 300 accounts+ Looking for Coders! We have Plenty of gms whom are very helpful!


TriDash Rose Join The New Released Server (Almost Done) And Help In Enhancing The Server Gm Applications Opened / Exp:2.5k/Zulie: 2k/Drop 1.5k


runa---turions new server rose---turions have /go 1--- 31 all days on


MacyRose look on forums and all will be ansed


szROSE Online Free ROSE Server with Dutch GM\\\\\\\'s!!! Join now!


YellowRose YellowRose - 5000x EXP, 5000x DROP & 10000x ZULY - Veel Plezier, Vredige Comunnity, Great Gameplay - Veel evenementen! - Waar wacht je nog op?! - Kom vandaag nog! - Geen lagg & bijna 24/7 - GM\'s Verkopen veel items - Actieve spelers en 1 GM gevraagt ^_^!


SealedRose Welcome to Sealed Rose, we hope you stay! Rates are voted by requests and members! Friendly GM(s)! GM(s) selling alot of items in stores, and gladly helps you ingame! No Lag! Almost 24/7!


BillaBong-Rose. New High Rates Server! Fresh Uniqe and without LAGS! come and join now 2 a great community! [exp 7500 drop 6000 zulie 2000]


Keks Rose Keks Rose is a complete iROSE clone, (Rates: 75exp/35drop/10zuly/15Quest) Friendly GMS, Server Run 24/7 stable/secure.


Dark Rose Online its 6000 exp rates,1700drop rates,6000 for zulie rates please play my server


Funk Rose New Rose Evo Server | | Exp: 50x Drop: 25x Zuly: 25x | | No lag | | No D/C | | 24/7 | | Friendly GM | | Daily Events | | Join Us and Have Fun!!!


RoseOnline ITALIA Server LOW Rate Italiano dedicato a Rose Online. UP 24/24 e senza Lag. Staff professionale. Progetto Mirai-MainFrame.


R3volution Rose Full iRose Clone, Rates: 55x EXP / 12x Zuly 15x Drop. No Lag, Custom server, server has a dedicated staff and is working to provide to you the best of rose online. 24/7 99% uptime Auto restart! JOIN NOW!!


Ultimate Rose Online Ultimate Rose Client 2.21 is out! More then 250 new items, 3 new maps, and new monsters! Join us and have a look!


Eclipse Rose Join Eclipse Rose!~ 24/7 Uptime, Server restart manager, 8 GB ram dedi host (2k Kera's held). Rates are 400/540/540. Gm support All the time, Different timezones! Server staff are experienced and kind, we will never die!We update to your liking.


AURose The Anrchists United Rose Private Server Rates are as follows: XP-65-Drop-30-Zuly-25-. We have Frendly GMs and is currently in CLOSED BETA # 1 However for a short time we will accept beta testers.


SCRose - Reborned ( Soul Chaos Rose) It's already up and running but it's not like the old SCRose thou ! Rates 7.5k/3.2k/2k | Reset Level : 210 | Old Mobs back at Anima Lake (SUPER EXP) | If u see the name [GM]Heavensite that means sv up!

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