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InFeRnO Rose InFeRnO Rose:Exp:4 000x Drop:4 000x Zulie:4 000x NO LAG Really! Nice GMs Enjoy and Have Fun.I hope u like it!:)


Addicting Rose 2 x 2.4ghz Dual Core / 400 mbps connection / 1k Exp/3k Zulie/1k Drops


DeathRose Online *Join Now* Server Long term Friendly GMs growing comunity, Rates are all 500x


--==Addicting Rose==-- COME! Join our Friendly & Great community NOW! GM\'S NEEDED! Very stable and reliable server With [NO-LAG] Rates are currently at exp:5k/Drop:5k/Zuly:7k! Free gifts! on events! So hurry come now!


BleachRose BleachRose, The best server for everyone, Nice GM\'s, rates: 8000/7500/7500 come join us.


Next Gen Rose 24/7 7k|1.5k|3k| No Lag MAX STAT is 5k Himachi Network:Next Gen Rose1-10 Pass:1 Fast Leveling /go 1-31And Easy Gathering of Zulies(Final Weapons and armor are buyable) We Need GM


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Spirit Rose Online Rates 6000x Exp/ 5500x Drop/ 5000x Zuly / Many Events/ Come Here for Fun and Party time/JOIN Now.


Tactical Rose Rose online pserver 50/50/50


FeoNRose Exp: 20 | Drop: 20 | Zuly: 20 | Full Support | Free | PK Server and Normal Server


Holy Rose Private Server! Holy Rose New Private Server! | Working 24/7 |No Lags!| Good Community! | Nice GM's | Exp 300x | Drop 50x | Zuly 150x |Good Events! |GM's Sell Mats and Items!| User Commands! | Join and Enjoy the Server! =)


LineBr - RoseOnline Servidor brasileiro e gratuito de Rose Online. Servidor com a marca


FFR.O.S.E. Private Server This is a newly ROSE online server. Rates: 12500x exp, 30000x drop


Final Fantasy Rose Brand New Server , Waiting for You... Every Life that enters in FFR.O.S.E. gets addicted to it and our rates are : ( Exp -> 12500x / Drop -> 30000x / Zuly -> 100000x ) As you can see , very dedicated server ... 3 GM's already and very active ones ... Dedicated Server and always ONLINE!


Phoenix Rose Phoenix Rose is a new rose online server | Rates are 1200x EXP 1000x DROP 500x ZULY | Item Mall is working | All major bugs fixed and very stable server | Reborn level is 230 | Join now.


Rose-Kingdom Rose-KindoM Open 24\7 No Bugs No Lags | All Skills / NPC /MAPS /MONSTERS /QUESTS/ JOB AND ETC WORKS 100% | Server info : exp: 15 drop:10 zuly:10 Version :Evo Lastest


ephemeralROSE The newest ROSE Evolution server, join today! 10x EXP, 5X Drops, 5x Zulie!


Mastaah Rose Online Join Now! For joining The Server Join Hamachi Server: Name And Pass are: roseonline001 All Rates are 100!!


Jeriel Rose Online Rates: 5000x EXP / 3000x Zuly / 2500x ITEM DROP /Online: 24/7/ - Friendly and fun server with Connection: 10mbit /User Command stable /dedicated server/Events /


HoneyRose its high rate server 2500 exp/drop/zulie and a friendly GM pls come and join my server^_^


Seven rOz Serveur Privé iRose orienté Role Play souple. Hébergé sur deux serveurs dédiés pour plus de stabilitée et pour minimiser les lags occasionés. Backup quotidien de toutes les Bases de données. Evenements hebdomaires, serveur en constante evolution !


SkendRoseOnline Friendly GMs,Its a high rate server Rates 8500/16000/8500


BloddSinners Private Server Join our server and our community with highest rate of EXP, ZULIE, and DROP RATE!!


YRose Online Join the New YRose Online...with No Lags/Hacks, Exp=5k/Drop=5k/Zulie=5k/free Little wing/books.. the server is now up


Elise Rose Online a nice server with very nice GM who try to log in as much as they can EXP is 5000 DROP is 30000 and zuly is 20000 come join us the server is up now and we have many cool surprises if many players loged in


Pro Games Rose Online Íîâûé Ðóññêèé ñåðâåð Rose Online.


DNA Rose online evolution!!** 24/7 online Rates XP=200 DROP=400 ZULY=500 4 GM's very friendly !!! 24/7 online


PwnR.O.S.E. 6k/6k/6k 24/7 Highrate New Highrate ROSE Online Private server. Striving for the best. Rates are 6k/6k/6k - GM Sells/Buys Stuff from players. Hamachi needed.


loverose use hamachi: name LoveRose2-Password: 1234 ....Rate:::750k:::7500k:::850k:::..Friendly GM get what u want and come join us best server no lag and best connection...We do event 24/7....please come play with us and enjoy our game...

180 High Rate Server. Exp 5000x, Drop 5000x, Zuly 5000x. Lagless. No Hamachi. We are just launch and growing. Friendly & Generous GM. No Donation required. Reborn functions. Max stat 999, party gap 100 lvl, double stats and skills point per lvl. Quad Damage (addicting!).


BloodSinnners Private Server Join our Community


Seven ROSE Online Serveur francophone. Client traduit en francais. Mise a jour régulières. Equipe complète, dev, animateurs, GMs, traducteurs... | Jamais down ! No lag ! NOUVEAU SERVEUR !! | LE DEX CLERIC EST POSSIBLE ! Comme sur iROSE !| Rates : 15x EXP / 7x DROPS / 10x ZULY


DestinyRose/ Deutscher Rose Server Hier mal nen deutscher Rose server weil es ja kaum einen gibt


Hatred Rose New Server No Lag MAX STATS IS 5k u can reset level for more stats High Rate 3k all rates


Steal Rose Join The New Released Server With High Rates Friend And Experienced Gm's,Gm Applications Open 3000/3000/3000 Steal Rose


•••••• Rose-Society Online ••••••• Rose-Society Online 24/7 exp 80x drop 100x zuly 100x Delicated Server Dual 3.0 Ghz *2 / Free to play NO LAG / Join to our world now!!


RoseFlux RoseFLUX // Brand New | 24/7 Online | High Rate 2000exp/500drop/50zuly | Active GMs | Friendly Community | Fast and Lag-free | Regular Events | Fun


uRose Online Medium Rate Server, Newly Open


AdventureRose AdventureRose is a brand new server with 25/50/50 rates. Nice GM\'s. And is looking for active players. Gm\'s are selling many items.


Anbu Rose online Fun server, 24/7 two servers 1 4k/5k/5k 2nd one is temporary server fun rose 7k/7k/7k if the server was to shut down we use this :D, nice gm, GM's very active/ 3.99 ghz dual core 2 the works :D


ShadowRose 3.5k High Rate Server New HIGH Rate server with Shadow channel as 3.5k rates. (Exp/Drop/Zulie). Online about 24/7. We are commited to give a fun experience to ROSE. Hamachi is needed for security.


Anbu Rose Hello the , we have nice gms, 24/7 server, cool events. 3000 exp/3000 drop/ 4000 zuly rate/ runs on 3.4 ghz and 1 gb ram


--[dC]-- ROSE nice rate.. have a strong community .. we need some players please join us thank you!!!


Krazz Rose Online Krazz Rose Exp - 8000 Drops-15000 Zuly-8000 24/7 Custom NPCs!Custom Shops! Looking for GM's !!! Come join us NOW !!


Fearless ROSE Fearless ROSE 300x EXP, 100x DROP, 200x ZULY...


Ryssa Rose Online exp:2500x, zulie:1000x, drops:1000x, new server, be one of the pioneers! free items to first 50 registrants!


Cristal Rose ! Cristal Rose Online Rates : Exp : 7000 | Drops : 8000 | Zuly : 5000 Join us now! Nice GM's Nice Events!! Join us now!


Artox Rose Join The New Server Ur Gona Like It Balanced Rate Looking For Gms 2000/2000/2000


IllusionRose IllusionRose Rates: EXP: 1500x DROP: 1000x ZULY: 900x, friendly people and GMs, come fast join us!


The Dutch Server TDS (The Dutch Server) is an free Rose Online server with a dutch community but we also speak english... 30 exp 10 drop zuly 20

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