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ROSE Online - RavenThrone 10k Rates / 24 Hours Online / Good GM Staff / Join us =]


JumpRose JumpRose known as JRose | Open Beta | 10x exp | 10x Drop&Zuly | Rates are set so your not max level in a few hours. Come and take a look you might have some fun. Don't Miss It.


Seven Hearts Rose Online IRose | Server Rates: 1x Drop Rates / 1x Prices / 3x EXP | Server Capacity: Arua: 1500 users Loki: 2500 users | * IRC Information: Server: Channel: #sevenhearts


Revenant Rose Revenant Rose. Feel the Original Rose Online here. Less Lags, Less DC, less Bug, Daily Events, 24/7 Good Community Try it!! 50/1.5k/3k


UAE Rose This server is free and is new the rates are 750x/ 100x/ 100x


RR-Rose RR-Rose 100 exp 100 drop 100 zuly


Fridgecritter's RoseOnline Dedicated 24/7 Server 200x Experience/Drops/Zuly Dedicated 24/7 Server - Not a Kid in his Room hosting from a Laptop. This is the Real Deal. Friendly Admin and GM Staff. Constant Updates and Events to Make the Server Better. Come Join us. Dedicated Server on 2.53ghz Celeron and 1Gb Memory/T3 Backbone Connection


Omni Rose Online We are a brand new server!! The rates are 200x exp, 200x drops, 200x zulie!! Join Today!!


Wrath Rose Online have friendly GM's and Great Community. RATES: Exp = 3500x Drop = 2500x Zulie = 500! Please come a help our community grow!


Private Rose Online EXP 200 :: DROP TYPE 200 :: ZULY RATE 200 :: No Hamachi :: 24/7 Online :: Join And Enjoy


Rose Rune RO Server with Hight Rates


Devil Rose online Well it is a good server rates are 1000x EXP 1000x Drop 1000x Zuly


Theory Rose Online Serveur Français à tendance RP. Rates : 5, 5, 10. Items offer aux premiers joueurs du serveur, Event nombreux, MJ présents,


JanRoseOnline The Best Private Server Yet! With helpfull and smart gm\'s, developers and players. Our exp is now 10x drop 5x and zuly 7x but it will go to 3x/3x/3x. So join now!


RoqueRose every body this is a new server name RoqueRose high rates 10000x/10000x/10000x 24/7 free of lag Gms Needed More info at forum


Crystal Rose Online Crystal Rose Online / New server / Exp : 55 / Drop: 45 / Nice GMs /Join us today !!


SoulChaos Rose Exp 5.5k Drop 5k Zuly 2.5k | Still down for more info go forum !Emulator: OSROSE Rev 55


RL Rose Server Rose Online Server para gente de habla hispana - Servidor Argentino de Rose Online. Rates: Exp-6x, Drop-3x, Zuly-2x... EVENTOS: Todos los fines de semana. - PC Servidora Dedicada.


OynkRose A R.O.S.E online fun server. With x1200 rates its the highest rate server avalible!Gms give aload of stuff if u ask nice, Come have some fun at OynkRose! Still looking for a developer


Chaos Rose Online NA free | 24/7 online |commands(some) enabled for members | All in one installer |castle gears | friendly&active gms | wars | 10x exp | 15x drop | 15x zuli | proccessor speed 4,4 GHz | join today!


Shadow Rose New Rose Server! Very Stable with | 500x Exp | 500x Drops | 250X Zulie | Our small amount of staff are friendly and we will employ more as our community grows!


MaxyRose High Exp High Drop Mid money


Mania-Rose-Fr Serveur Rose Online 30x exp - 20x drop - 20x Zuly. Communauté entierement francophone.


Mania-Rose-Fr Serveur Rose Online 20% exp - 25% drop - 50% Zuly. Communauté entierement francophone.


Arailon ROSEonline Arailon R.O.S.E. online (russian free); Xeon2,8 memory2Gb


Devilish Rose Online New Rose Online server 5x/5x/5x


Gantz Rose exp/drop/zuly = 5k great game sell everything ... new lvl 180 n 200 weapon castle gear.. miltage stuff n wings n alot others.. great gm n games always up =) so come join


Innocent R.O.S.E. Online :: Rush On Another Seven Innocent R.O.S.E Online is a Free To Play Rose Online . Currently this Server is still NEW . Server Rates : EXP 277x :: DROP 277x :: ZULY :: 277x || GM are Friendly and Helpful ! Come Join Us today !

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YourLife Rose V1 wir sind eine deutsche comunity und sind ein mittel hocher server mit guten raten also xp 700x drop 350x


LoL Rose Great Server rates 7000/5000/5000 no lag and just little people enter have a lot of fun and take the top


NZRose all rates 7k - - server 24/7 up


AR-Rose Rates 75x/100x/100x Weekends 100x/125x/150x (Skill/Stat points) times 2 Player Damage/Accuracy/Dodge Etc. change Commands: /go /goto /hair /shoptype /job /class /b /face /tele Free Rare wings/bags/backshield(all random Free Rare headGear if you create a character Mildun's Garage Sale Everyday


.:Soul::Rose:. Highrate server Highrate server !!


Mercedes rose online!! this Server is almost 24/7 online! at monday to friday for sure!... just.come and try out the fast rates! the rates are so fast as a mercedes 300km/h so 60x exp 100x drop 50x zuly


NZRose Online We have custom items. Community friendly and friendly GMs. Rate: 7k/7k/7k


Onijitsu ROSE Onijitsu ROSE, Come enjoy the rates and friendly environment. -Everchanging to Players likings, Where we Strive to be Player Efficient! -GM Applications Open!! ^_^


Matrix Rose No lag/No bugs/Rates 6000x Exp/ 5500x Drop/ 5000x Zuly /Nice Gm's/ Many Events/Up 24/7/ Come Here for Fun and Party time


EvilRose EvilRose Server is Down ATM im Still Workin On It




Twilight R.O.S.E. German/English Community 1000/1000/1000 Exp/drop/Zuly//AMD Athlon 4200+, 2GB Ram, 1000MBit, Decticated Machine


HerORosE Revolution A great server 300 exp 200 drop 200 zuly nice rates, nice community and a Nice Admin and GMs


Gangster Rose Gangster Rose a high rate server * Rates:7000x exp/2500x drop/1500x zuly/ Nice GM's lots of events up 24/7 come and join our great comunitie for fun and party time :P


Hidden-Rose Online Hidden-Rose is a Free Rose Online Evolution Server! This server has no lag, 24/7 uptime! Friendly GM's, hosting events everyweek! Huge community! Custom Player Commands, Item Mall, Zuly Mall. Bilingual GMs .:.60x Exp l 50x Drops l 60x Zuly.:.


MinX R.O.S.E El mejor server Hispano a tu disposicion, host dedicado, rates: EXP 600x DROP300x ZULIE 200x Unete a MinX ROSE, te esperamos!


Renegade Rose Join Now The Server Isnt Out Yet But Will Be Soon So Join Nice Gms Excellent Rates And Get A Chance To Be A Gm So Join Rates Are 8000x7500x7500 Exp/Drop/Zulie Help Us In Making The Server Join Note (Server Isnt Released Yet Due To Bugs


Midgard Bon serveur actif , rates : exp 25 . zuly 50 . drop 50 , Gm actif event très fréquent !


Sikuku Kingdom - R.O.S.E online Free Rose online Evolution server. Rates are 3x Exp/Drop/Zuly (there are also Happy hours!! = higher exp rate!). Open registration available, server is 24/7 open (no lag). GM\'s are from everywhere around the world! => Cya ingame!!


ReconRose A private server. It is 24/7 up. DropRate 10x DropType 10xZulyDrop 10xExpRate 10x


Celestial Rose Celestial-Rose a lag-free server, whe offer nice GM's, much events and many more. So visit our website fast! and enjoy!

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