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WildRose Online Server 30x Exp 15x Money 1x Drop. Max lvl 310, Max stats 500, Irose server and Buff Fairys. New custom items, New 255 & 265 gear, Oblivion Temple. Daily Events. Friendly GMs and community.WildRose Event Point System for donation earning. Can you handle WildRose???


MMoSource We have ROSE, RYL and RO private servers, also have our own teamspeak,irc and webmail services running for our players, only been up for a week so come join in on the fun and help make the community. All the servers are quite stable considering the amount of days its been up,Register while you can!


Lrose lrose Exp:6X,drop:3X,the server has 10gb of ram and the gms are wildjjbug,chris,and soul


Claire's ROSE blog Thanks for voting me *Smile* This is a blog of me playing ROSE.


Servidor Español Version (TwRose) Esto marcha, tiene futuro, si quieres enrollarte con nosotros y jugar. Este es tu sitio, entra ya!


Blitz Rose Online This Is a Newly added Mmorpg Rose Online Blitz l The server uptime is 24/7!!! The exp rate is 5x server drop 10x I have this because: So we dont come to 3rd Planet On 1 day.. Go to For mor information..


El Primer Servidor de R.O.S.E en Español! Si estas cansado de jugar a ROSES en ingles, en los que abunda la corrupcion, el hack y demas, aqui tienes la oportunidad de empezar una aventura de verdad, El primer ROSE en español buenos rates,sin corrupcion, AYUDA 24/7, SIEMPRE ONLINE, NO HAY LAG


Destruction Rose Rates Are 15/20/25 - Great GMs - Max Stats 300 - Almost 24/7


Pro Rose Online The server is not online yet


-Element Rose Servidor Brasileiro de rates 80x


Zeon Rose Online Server Hardware: Dual Xeon, 3.5GB ram, 100mbit | Dedicated Server 2Force Rose | Rates are x25 exp / x25 drop / x25 zuly. Join now and enjoy our server!


Maj Online Server Rose Online, Big connection 100mb, up 24/24 7/7


[UH] Rose Online The _best_ Private Online Server for the MMO ROSE Online, we have the best developers, fastest servers, and biggest community than any other server out there, no bugs, newest version of rose, running on NA ROSE EVO client, Team [UH]


nRose Evolution 100 Mbit/s - 500 GB HDD - 2024 MB RAM - No Lag - 2 Channels - Friendly GM's


Rose EvO Fun Server the Coolest server Rose evolution private server for lazy ppl who dont want to train years to lvl!! high exp and drop rate!! friendly GMs!! a lot of Events!!!


MROSE Online [Click] [ Free 24/7 Frindly Gm\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s [rate High] Join NOW !]




Sw-Rose Sw-Rose exp e rate e zulie 25/35/35 Server dedicado 1 mb


XtreemeRose Beta Rose online Server hosted on high speed connection. Player cap 250, Drop : 50. Zuly 50. Exp : 50. Join us today


Jvd\'s Rose Online Come and join a fast developing server with relatively no lag, and the ultimate range in evo abilities such as party,clan,quests,skills, even ride request! Join today, you\'ll be amazed!


HispaROSE Servidor Español 24/7 de R.O.S.E Rates 10x y Drop Rate 25x la primera semana a que esperas para entrar con nosotros


Legacy Rose Rose Online! We are a growing active community! Rates: Exp 100x Drop 100x Zulie 100x | Now Hosted by SoftLayer


HP-Land French server HP-Land est un serveur français, il possède son serveur dédié avec une connection de 100 mb/s en down et en UP. Il est mis à jour régulièrement et le jeu sera très bientôt traduit en français.-- Processor speed: 2 Ghz 1 go RAM if needed will be upgraded.


Illus!on Serveur Prive Francais Rose Online XP:2/Drop:1/Zuly:3. GM Serieux, Motive et Sympa. Nous attendons votre visite.


Mystical Rose rates are 25x - OPEN BETA - Friendly GMs - Lots of Fun Events - Player unique commands - Manager on the website, to change your job -Lagless, chance of a crash is very small! We're looking for fun players to participate in our growing community!


LegendRose LegendRose is a brand new server with 50x Exp, 50x Drop 50x Zuly rates. Server is back ONLINE


R . O . S . E . ONE . Online Game Venezuela Servidor Online 24Horas - Esta Super Depinga Venezuela 100%


FreeRose Online Private Server Rates are 600x EXP, 100x Drop, 300x Zulie... Very Fast Server, No Lags, No downtimes. Better drops than all other private servers. Get rare weapons (uniques/elven/grand/saints). New Maps and New Monsters! Friendly GMs and a healthy community. JOIN NOW AND DON'T BE LEFT OUT!


Dark Rose Great New Server Up And Running!


Site is Down :D Site is Down :D


Rose Ocean New Free Rose Online Evolution Server! This server has no lag, 24/7 uptime! Friendly GM's | Exp 100x | Drop 50x | Zuly 80x


Natsume Monsters Friendly GMs. Rates are 3500x EXP, 2000x Drop, 50x Zulie... Very Fast Server, No Lags, No downtimes and Get Level 200 weapons.


Cloud Rose A simple rose server for fun, Currently in beta, Feel free to Join


Rose-il Welcome To Rose-il Server, Good Server!!! EXP: 50x DROPS: 15x SERVER ONLINE ALL THE TIME SO COMMON IN AND JOIN!!!


Amped Rose Amped rose A rose online evo server. There are MANY extras , Item event,Exp event, STAT events, you can even get married! Yess that is right u can get married. Friendly Gm\\\'s That are ALWAYS on. . Exp 10 Zuly 10 Drop 2


BakaRose BakaRose Online / 100x exp / 100x drop / 100x zulydrop / join today / 100 mbits / 24/7 / no bugs / no lag / ENJOY....


LRose Beta New Server. Just opened. Rates at 50x Come join the fun. Currently testing


Winter Rose We are a brand new server as of June 03 !! Rates are 500x/500x/1000x !! We have public commands, Friendly GMs, English server.. Join now and become part of Winter Rose's Elite


Nora R.O.S.E. Highly advanced server with no lag and nice community, 2x exp 2x drop 4x zulie, Good and large events, with the fastest help support so everybody can join us! Crashless server!


Rose Unleashed We are a brand new server as of June 03 !! Rates are 500x/500x/1000x !! We have public commands, Friendly GMs, English server.. Join now and become part of Winter Rose's Elite


AniRose Belive it! 24/7 Online, No bugs, No Crashes. Helful GM Team/Cummunity. Rates 30x/20x/20x, Saturdays/Sundays 50x, Dual Xeon 4GB Ram 100mbits connection. Custom user commands.Easy to connect. Come and discover aworld of Adventure and Action.JoinUS


[BR] Plus-Rose 250lv gap, Exp rate 8000,Drop rate 17000 ,Drop type 7000, Zuly rate 1100, Partygap 250 HAVE FUN !!! VENHAM BRS "drop things in Gray monsters" dropa coisas em bixos cinzas


Anexisia ROSE Online FRENCH Private rose online server / Friendly GM / High rates !!!


PVP Rose Online Rates: 30x/100x/4x! Up 24/7 and has an auto-reboots! Fast growing community! Helpful GM's that host events almost daily and great prizes! Dedicated GM's, user commands, /go, ALL SKILL BOOKS IN NPC, UNIQUE ITEMS and CUSTOMIZE DROPS/ITEMS>SHORT COOLDOWNS>EVO DEX CLERICS and much more! Join Today!


Janu-Rose High Rates Server Janu Rose Evo Server. Exp X 300/Zully X 300/Drop X 600 . SkillPoints X 2 and Stats X1.5 Public commands /go and /who. all monsters drop no matter what level. BUG FREE! Uptime 24/7 (opened on 13/03/07) Come and Join us!


Chronicle Rose New server...Cool Gm ^^...Nice exp/drop/zuly rate....Eng/Fr server...Join us today !


ROSE-POWER2 good server rates:higt no lagg


Kaos Rose Kaos Rose, a Rose Server for all! We have Great GM's, and no lag! most spawns embedded (nearly 100%, if not 100%)!! (rates : xp: 4 ; Zuly: 7


Darkness Rose 20.00x Exp (from lvl 1 with a mob u get lvl 35) , Last Tala Version,ALL NEW EQUIP!,NO LAG,UP 24/7,NICE STAFF ^^,Event By GM for get nice price,Forum & Site Active and Much More!Join Today ;-)


Wrose serveur rose online francais: p2p coiffures, new sets lvl 160, rates 300/450/100, ect... venez vite!^^

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