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Latest KRO and SAKRAY site 10k/10k/10k/ no lag 24/7 pls join this server


ROSE Philippines *Tala Server* Try this Fast EXP 30x Drop 5x go to then search \'Tala Server\' Ty


Rose Online Bulgaria
Rush On Seven Episodes


RoseInfo All Infos about PServer processes !


Rose Online Philippines (SiriusEXP=10x /Polaris EX New Server in Philippines opens at May 1, 2006 *New Titles* by Burad


i\\\'m rose privite hoster Hiho if u need a Privite Hoster! with out laggie Please Take Contact with me on [email protected] :)


~o[B]uT[S]oPo~ Hello my name is teelek nice too meet ya all


Open Rose Server Servidor Brasileiro de Rose Online (Desenvolvimento)


FantasyRose Server 90% done still looking for people who want to help with the database to make it better come check us out


RoseE Exp Rates 500/500/100 Great Drops, Good GM's, And A Whole Community To Play With

11 Here you'll find everything you need to know about this great game: News, Guides, Jobs, Images and many more. So check it out now!!!


WRose Rose PServer ! RoseInfo Project !


Hispano RO servidor hispano muy reweno (espanya) Join NOW!!


ROSE Online H E L P I need help! Can anyone send me the tala test server clienet pls! My email is on homepage bute here : [email protected]


Heffron R.O.S.E. Online Private Server Exp: 100x Monsters Drop ALOT!, Real Server, Real People, Real FUN!. GREAT GM's | Great Players| Few bufs


Private Server Rose online (host Spain) Server privado de rose online , hospedado en espaņa , NPC\\\\\\\'S ON!! & quests sin nombrar ya a los mobs


RagnaRose fast server 24/7 exp 10x drop 5x welcome! join us!


BROse a new fun open beta server nice gms all we need now ar eplayers


Angel Rose Good GM's|Good Players|Good Servers


Rose Online Server! Rose Online Server, Exp: 999x, loot: 200x, awesome gms and staff, come and play :)


awsome rose game [IMG][/IMG] Come Try Out My Server Plenty Of People On Forums And Server And Still Growing(Over 500 Account To Be Exact) Rates: 10x Exp 5x Drops Features: [COLOR=\


ZephyrR.O.S.E. Mid-rate Server With Exclusive Shops And Custom-Designed Items, Developing Community, Start Leveling Now!!


Ruff Rose Evo Come here join me, we use the evo version!! more drops more exp.


G Rose Online free private server . 5x rates . come on and be one of the first who is testing this new rose online server . We have a nice and fast growing communtiy


AndrewRose Hi come and join the new rose online evo server is up and working but looking for beta testers and stuff to help fix some bugs good xp rates working NPCs see yourself come and join at the forums


Rose gamers come come more rates more exp


ROSE Evolution Unleashed Our ROSE Evolution Unleashed is a great server we are currently in development, but so far we have great things working like, party, vending, clans, storage, quests, skills and pvp we have a great community also so come try us out


SinRose A full working Rose Online server with rates exp:100 drop rates:100


Zippo Rose P-Server Hello people this is a new server and we need more comunity we are still bug fixing sum bugs but when we finished that we are all done (we still searching for a cheap dedi server so iff u can help us with that then pm [GM]Zippo on forum)


Rose Online Cheats Bots Private Servers Your #1 source to cheats, bot, hacks, private servers, and more for the MMO ROSE Online!


.::Rose-Online::. First Rose Online Private Server in Lithuania Rate: 100 exp 50 drop 20 zuly ! No lagg 24/7


DutchFighters Rose Online New server and got the most things working . But this server is still under development but it is playable!!!!!!!!


NZRoseon Come Join now!! At Development need members!!!


Rose Online Free


Free Rose Free Rose in developing.


Ha Evo Rose Privat Server A Evo Rose Privat Server


Orose online 30x rates and 15 x rates . new server rose evo looking for GM\\\'s come in and join oriental rose online


Rose Servers, Supercheats, Datebase. Xtreme Server l Evolution Server l ROSE Supercheats l Hacks l Bots l ROSE No.1 Community l ROSE Downloads


MapleCrystal 200x Exp rate, 90x Drop rate. Free CS items. Reset at level 150 Awesome server coming out soon. Active Mods.Admins. Community is growing daily! Come join now!


ArmyRose 6x xp 4x drop,good admins and mods :)


uRose Online Underground Rose Online is the world of the century.Come and be a part of our GREAT Community.No Flaming nowhere!!.Rates of 5/5/7 No Lie!Come and Be The Underground!


dutch fighters cool server with a job change site . and we are constantly working for a better server so if you want to play rose online with no almost no bugs you should join dutch fighters


Pl0x Rose Online Private Server Dedicated Developer :: Exp: 50x :: Drop: 50x :: Zulie: 50x :: Friendly GM's :: Online 24/7 :: Join Us! We Want You!.


Guardian Rose We are a new Evo Server Running off a100mbps net connection with core 2 dua no lag, We are bug free 24/7 Uptime and Great Staff


Terror Rose Terror Rose |A great Rose Online Evolution Server for over 1000+ players. 24/7 | Nice GM's |Rates: 2EXP 2Drop 4Zuly | Not extreme leveling just chill | Good Site |


Ilithum Rose Welcome to our brand new rose server exp=good drops=good no laggs and Hosted 24/7 Hosted on a 2.6 Ghz dual core 4 Gig ram and 2x 8800 and on a glassfiber connection


SroseNL (Superrose Nederlands) Here a new private server only it is not online yet


DuffRose Duff Rose Evoltuion The New Rose Online Server GM's Are Ziim And Milky And Moderator is Nero Rates Are Normal XP is 3x But Currectly 5x Christmas Event And Drop 5x We Got Alot Bugs Fixed


Epic Rose New Evo server, with great friendly Staff who are there to help...Great Uptime, and Great Community.


Revo Online After years of having to choose either the horribly simple gameplay of iRose or the nerfed gameplay of Evo, wouldn\'t you like to try something new? Revo Online brings to the table a combination of all of your favorite features from irose, evo, and pre-evo! Our rates are 3x/1x/1x

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