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Rising Force RF Online - New Server G5Final! Come play HIgh Rate Server 400x-500x-500x ...Join Us!!


DirectSpace-RF Come play RF Online for free for life! 6x/6x/6x Rates!!!!, Friendly GM's,Working CW Drops,100% English, Guild Vs Guild War, Race Boss Voting,Huge community,Working UMT's, and non-corrupt!!!


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Rising Force Revenge Come be apart of an up and coming Rising Force community. 5x / 10x / 5x. Running 4.1 with ep 2 mods, with plans on moving to 4.2 once our community is larger. Relic armor and weapons are available, as well as Red Isis/Siege Kit/ and Bmau


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Revoluction server RF Online server e L2,RF=Rates de 15x all,grande comunidade,venha joga tb =P


RF Online Cheats and Guides RF Online Cheats, Bots, and Guides.


RF PoA Pure Custom Update Dupes fixed 120x20xGM Pure PVP 20 more maps then any server Level 80 cap level 80 armors and weapons new jetpacks New custom mobs New Custom PBs Longest going RF Server 4+ Years Vote For GP Dragon Armor Find out what it means to PvP


Alan Alan Luiz dos Santos


RF-Ultimate.com Episode 2, Bug-free, Great Community, Fair play, No overpowered donations!; 15x rates, perm sette event


CHIPWAR.com - G4 Ep 2 Beta-test of the game server have been opened. Server G4 Episode 2 - Update part III is completely working. The administration of the server are going to give for all testers some prizes.During beta-test all testers can taste something new something insan


rf-mania NEW High Rate PvP Server 150x 150x 150x working CW UMT BMAU 100% english JOIN NOW!


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RF Novus Sector Novus Sector is made up of a large portion of the former RoA community. Giga 4.2 | 3x Exp 3x PT 3x Drop | Working UMTs/GvG/SI weaps/Item combine/BDs and DHs/ and more


RF NXZ RF Online Thai Community


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RF Ocean RF Online Giga 4-5 Private server | PvP server || Rate : 21x/GMed/10X |Exp animus 14X | Isis update more power | Red Isis / RMAU / RLauncher| OS : windows server 2003 Entreprise Edition | Dual Xeon 3.4GHZ | 6GB RAM | join


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WTF-RF ONLINE GM PT\\\'s/ WTF Monster weapons/WTF super computer server/WTF very fucking horny GMs/Fucking Ultra literal 5 million exp pt drop mining rate!! 24/7 server! EPISODE 2 GIGA 5 for crying out loud!!!


RF EXTREME i like RF ONLINE coz i like accretians hehehehheh its cool


Underx RF Online A US Based Server with 24/7 Connection and has a good FIBER OPTIC Connection, Free to Play to ALL from Around the World... Server Rates 10x/10x/GM PT NO RULES TO FOLLOW everybody is free to do anything in game, except for HACKING


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DisasterMaster I\'m a very interesting person, you see.


Asgard Gaming Network RF-Online x12 Rates - Running Ep2 Up5 - Blue MAU Working - Rare Ore - Event Rates on weekly --- Running Lineage 2 -- Rates: 12x Exp, 12x SP and 30x Adena


[St]Mwuah beautiful as always


War Gaming, Where War Becomes Reality! Welcome to RF War Full Episode 2 GvG, Dungeons, 12x EXP,12x Drop, 12x PT, 12x Mining, Free 2 Play,


Kubik Processor Intel Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz, Memory 2048Mb


xWorld RF A PVP Giga 4.2 Server, Rates are 50/GM/45 Join the community today!


RF Empire - 12x ALL JOIN NOW! RF Empire - 12x ALL JOIN NOW! Dual opteron cpu ,dedicated 100mbits line ,great community , no lags.


Wolf-RF Privat server PT/EXP/DROP RATE x15 ... Free2Play ... Giga4E1 (client to download at page) ... Events ... AMD Athlon 64 processor 3800+, 4GB ram, HDD 250GB ... SERVER START 17.12.2007 AT 7PM ... Enjoy and have fun!


Novus.lv Episode 2 Part1 Update 5, x5 rates, max lvl 55, 53 & 55 armor, rare ore, RMAU, Red Siege Kit, Red Isis, etc.


RF Novus Annihilation lv 50 items +5 free - Eleciones de Race Boss, x6 rate, Chip Drop, Relics, Red/Blue Mau, Red/Blue Siege Kit, Red isi, GMShop, Chip War Drop,Relics Items 4 dias online y 50 cuentas registradas.


RF Annihilation - Eps 2 Parte 1 Update 5 Eps2 U5 | GameShop Free | New Elems Combination | Relic Weapon | Lv 55 Cap | Elvens | JetPack | Dark Set | Leons Weapon | Ancient Armor | Kartela Biolab.


RF Blitz RF Blitz Ep2 Update 5| Rates 12x all Around| Play Free For Life!| Use Gold In Game Shop, Not Game Credit Donations| No Wipes| No OverPowered Donations| Great Comunity| Fair And Helpful GM's!!


RF Velocity Brand New and Balanced RFo Server, Ep1 with Relics and Leons, all rates x6! Friendly Community and GMs, Join us Today u will not regret


RF Junks Network Two RF Servers. PvP server 50/GM/50 All summons lvl 50. Rpg Server 10x/GM/10x. Active Gm\\\'s. No overpowered donation. New Community.


RF Amazing Online Episode 2 Part 1 Update 5 Server Full Ep2 | Level 55 cap | Darkset | 55 Armor | Ancient Armor type M | Dragon Armor Avaible | New Ring&Amulet | New Shop System with box of Leon weapon !!! The most updated | Server Rate 20x


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Elemental Rising Force Online Rate: 200xGMxGMx5x5 Full Ep2 | Level 55 cap | Rate: 200xGMxGMx5x5x, прод&#--1072;жа НПСу в 20 раз выше |55 Armor |Events|Good GMs|24/7 online|Add in game:RedMau,


RF-Demise Server is up and registration is open to all.BlueKit,BlueMau and GreenMau are under development.Active,Friendly,Professional and attentive Gms and Devs.Balance gameplay with no overpowered donation items.Gold is used to buy from Cashshop.Maintained by professional Dev Teams.Come try and enjoy!!


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Novusgalaxy.com - Final Update x600 PVP Server with blue mau, 50 lvl isis, blue siege kits. Rates Exp: 500, PT: GM, Drop: 10, Mining: 25.


RF ILLUSION (THE NEW) FULL GIG4 EP2 UPDATE5 Check The Server Fot The Hot ANd Cool New ITem`s Elven weapons Leon sets Leon weapons Relic weapons COmbining item MAx LVL is 55 mid high rate server Come and You are welcome to join us \


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GameHaze RF Addiction GameHaze RF Addiction - Episode 2 Update 6 - RPG Server x6 Rates - PVP Server x30 Rates - FREE to Play Active Community - Levelcap 55 - Blue Mau/SiegeKit - Red Mau/SiegeKit/Isis - Relic Items - Hero Items - Jetpacks - Ingame Events - Friendly GMs


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Jet2V Vartual Airline


RF Online by Plus7gaming BRAND NEW RF Episode 2.5 server, 20x rates, lots of GMs to help with Events, and maintaining a fun server. Staff is focused on PVP Balance and overall in-game entertainment. Live brand new server, no overpowered donations.

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