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MythosRO 130/130/35 New Classes! Ragnarok with a style all its own. Custom min-games/items/quests. Having fun is the goal.


ZNRO Server 1000x1000x1000x High Rate Server , 99/70 Max Level, fun and laggess!!!


Tiger RO [1000x / 1000x/ 100x]~[Max stat: 250, Max B-lvl: 255, Max J-lvl: 120]~[Stable Server]~[Friendly community with fun supportive GM\\\\\\\'s!]~[Over 100 Custom Items!]~[This is NOT a Donation Server]


Héliopolis Serveur 1/1/1 francophone, stable et mis-à-jour, GM présents, effectif en constante augmentation.


Rune RO Ragnarok Pirvate Server | 1k/1k/2k Rate | 255/70 Level | 3x WoE / Week | 24/7 Online | Friendly GMs | New items and Features.


animaRO Very fun and addicting


Asgard World Brand new name in list of RO servers. 1x/1x/1x | Homunculous System | Ninja & Gunslinger | Regular Events | All Official Quests | Site Database | Professional Staff | Online Support System


ZenxsRO! Melhor servidor EN/BR do mundo vc vai gostar só experimente :)


Meta-RO MetaRO-Servidor Atlantis-rates:40/40/20/Gunslisger/Ninja e Rachel Dungeon e Ice Dungeon!Venha se divertir[Ninja , Gunsliger , Humunuclus em breve! , mais de 4 messes de vida.


EtherniaRo - Nome do servidor: EtherniaRO - Rates 2k/2k/2k - Período que ele fica aberto: 24h/7 - Roda com: (bRO ou KRO): bRO ou Sakray - Características especias: Bank Kafra, Card Remover, Custom NPC\'s


RoseRo Full PK | Scarlet Rose RO ~ High Rate 100k/100k/100% Max Level 999, Job 120, Stat 550 ~ Custom Weapons ~ Wings & Custom Headgear ~ Newest kRO Headgears | Cerulean Rose RO ~ Low Rate 5/5/3 Max Level 99, Stat 99 |


DrakarthRO 75/75/25|| 99% Uptime||Fast Growing||Woe Twice per Week||Friendly Staff|| 100 Mbps Connection||Join us now!!||


Quest Ragnarok Online 2 Eternity[Non-PK.Max LvL and stats 255]:2k/2k/1k.Custom Quests and Gears.Taekwon,Soul Linker,Star Gladiator,Gunslinger, and Ninja jobs and skills are in as well. Homunculus System now works. Servers on 24/7. Weekly events.No Lag.


Baby Ro Ever tired of servers that you can hit max lvl in a day? Join a community that is fun and friendly but still serious. Rates are 5/5/5. Great playerbase and dedicated GMs. All we need is you!


Myro + Rates: 220/200/50.+ Classes: 1-1, 2-1 & 2-2. + Max base level:120+ Max job level: 70-105+ War of Emperium. (3-5 p.m at Tuesday & Thursday, 4-6 at Saturday)+ Jobchanger, Skill/Stat Resetter and Free NPC Warper.


Ethereal Discovery [ Low 5/5/2 ] [ New Job is Soul-linker, Minstrel, Biochemist, Ninja, Scholar,Star Gladiator, Taekwon ,Soul and Linker ] [ A Midrate PvP Server ] [ A logical staff offering nothing but top RO quality and Extreme Customs ] [ Rate servers with large and great community. Fair, legit, non-corrupt GM


TakeshimaRO Server Free rates 1k/1k/1k Completamente italiano Eventi a non finire no lagg no crash


>>[CLICK HERE]<<--=+=Excellent RO=+=-- >[CLICK HERE]<ALL 20K ,100% drop,With PK server,many custom item,hair,wing,pet,quest,customs NPCs/MvPs & more(create own)| WoE |Have Gunlinger, Ninja job!!|Friendly GM|NO DONATE item| -~Come Join Now~-


SylentRo Servidor español | siempre ON | Rates 25/25/25 | Warp NPC, Jobchanger, etc... | Custom items (equip, cards, headgear...)


RuneRO PK =|1k/1k/50% Max level 255/120(Base/Job) Max Stats 255 Over 100 Custom Items Using The Latest Eathena


Fall-RO Servidor de Ragnarok com custom head gears total de 48, mapas, monstros, classes ,skills,armas e armaduras. GMs ativos e eficientes, ótimos eventos e quests variadas.


Midgar Chronicle's Latinoamerica Rates 5/5/4|Servidor Para Latinoamericana|Novice WoE|Sin Lag|Buena Comunidad|Eventos|100% balanceado|Mapas Nuevos|7 Meses ON|


Expresso Ro 500/500/50x. EXCLUSIVE well-drawn custom items. Tons of events.. Outgoing commuinty. Fun forum. Custom Npcs. Up-to date. Join NOW!


Generation Gaming Two Stable Server Rates [5k/5k/100%]&Super Highrate[50k/50k/100%] Custom Npc´s [Skill/Statseller Maya Quest and more] WoE Two days a Week Custom Items New Town Thor Ingame Nice Community Laagles Playing All for Free


Covenant RO A Ragnarok Online 200/200/100 server which has implemented some things such as warcraft(dota) bgm, ninjutsu scrolls of naruto, naruto headbands, some new pets and new jobs!!


NewRo Online Buen Server con reborn y otras cosas mas ok......XD


GreyRO Come and join a brand new Server! New players get to be superplayers! We have custom pets custom job sprites and custom wings! 5k 5k max lvl 999


RemoteRO Fast servers without lags, [1/1/1], [3/3/2], [1k,1k,35%] max lvl 99/70 and [10k/10k/10k], max lvl 250/100, all jobs including Ninja and Gunslinger, friendly GMs, often updates. Multilang En/Cz/Fi/Pt


BlackStarRO German High Rate Server Rates 3k/3k/3k/100% BrandNew first 20 user get some good Stuff


The Last Ragnarok The Last Ragnarok Server has 2 Server, Low Rate(1.5k/1.5k/%10 | Job Changer | WoE(ONLY PRONTERA) | Max lv:99/70|Max stats:99 | Custom NPC's | Custom Items |Takewon ,Star Knight, Soul Link | GM's Nice) and High Rate(15k/15k/100% | Job Changer | WoE | Max lv:254/254|Max stats:254 | Custom NPC's | Cust


HeroRO Free and fun RO server! Friendly community and GMs. Rates are 20x/20x/20x and the max base/job level is 99/70. Join the fun now!


Ancient Assault Server running 24/7 with fast, reliable connection. Server running on Pentium 4 system. Custom NPCs & Items not to be missed!! Extensive clan system coming soon!!


][nferno RO [50/50/5 || 99.9% Uptime || T1 Connection || Dedicated Staff || Weekly Events || Over 500 People || Friendly Community || GM positions Available || Base lvl 99 job 70 || Full Gunslinger/ninja Join Our Fast Growing Community today!]


CrazyRO max level.99 custom WING Play Ragnarok Online - FREE - where you can interact with a friendly community in a fun, enjoyable environment and engage in intense competition with hundreds of other players! 5/5/3 rates, Transcedent Classes, no wipe out. Friendly community! Rachel and Ice Dungeon CIty!!


l3aby-RO : : R3 Version This Server Full Of Custom items (ultimate Set)(wings)


Fatalis RO NEW* Norse Mythology Roleplaying Server Including GM WoE events customizable new job sprites & items, New explorable Maps/GM Castles, new quests/npcs weekly! Midrate 25/25/5 custom base/job max!


RealROG Rates 50x/300x/700x/1000x Features: Adv. class, Pet Skill WOE, Server om 7/7 24/24, 10mb/s connection, 2 Servers, Both Dual 3.6 With 3GB Ram.


Crossbonez Ragnarok Online A Free Dedicated High-Rated Game Server | Lv 255/120 | Stats 255 | Friendly Community | 24/7 | Stable & Modern


Makairo this is a low rate 20/20 looking for nice players


AdventiaRO Come Join AdventRO today! AdventiaRO will be providing you a friendly community with great GMs! Opened 24/7 rates 6/6/5 if download is unavailible email [email protected] for assistance ~Holding a Grand Opening Event~


NeRO - Need Evolution RO! Max lv 450/120, rates are 50k/50k/100%(exept mvp cards) Donation items, Event items, and buyable custom itmes too.. Lots of em! Come to try, best server evaaaR!


www.anxietyRO.com 5k/5k/0.05% high rate server


SNRO Ro SNRO™ are two fantastic Servers |Sun Ro High Rate| |Night RO low Rate| Lots of cutsom items, hom pets, GS|TK|NJ, custom scripts, Hiring GM's!!


HydRO 75/75/75 Rates Trandscent Classes WoE1


ConspiracyRO .:Max Levels: 255/200 .:Rates: 2500/2500/100% .:All Custom Jobs and Skills Implemented .:Many Custom Items .: Friendly Community and GMs . edicated Server .:Be Apart of Our World Now!


LegendsRO 50k/50k/100%...muuuitos npcs aproveitem!!!!!


Bliss-RO Pk Server! Friendly GMs: Rates 1k/1k/2% and 20x/20x/30x,FAST GROWING,24/7,No lagg,New Server,Cool Events!,Custom Items,Try Us Now!!


DreamWorldsRO DreamWorldsRO is based on a guild name.


Prefrection Ro Play ragnarok online -FREE-where u can interact with a friendly community in a fun,enjoyable environment.New calss gunslinger/ninja/TK classes working and fully update,more new item..Max lv 450


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