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FertiusRO New PK server since 21-07-2006 ! Rates: 10k/10k ,, Max. Lv.: 1000/120 ,, Max. stats.: 5000 ,, Custom things and many more! Join today!


QuestRO Eternity[Non-PK.Max LvL and stats 255]:2k/2k/100.Serenity[PK.Max LvL and stats 150]:100/100/25.Custom Quests and Gears.Taekwon,Soul Linker,Star Gladiator,Gunslinger, and Ninja jobs and skills are in as well. Servers on 24/7. Weekly events.No Lag.


missihounRO best new ragnarok server around. max lvl is 255/120. 1 poring=16 lvls. lots of custom stuff and normal commands for normal players. Come laern more at our community ^__^


Eternity RO Brand new server! Join fast and get a quick start. Server Rates are 2.5k/2.5k/ customized item drop rate (etc items are 100% , equip 75x cards 50x) || Max levels are 1000/ 200! || Max Stats are 1000! || Taekwon, Star Gladiator, Soul Linker, Gunslinger, and Ninja all implemented with almost all skil


AtenaRO FREE ITALIAN SERVER ! RATE 50X/50X/50 ALL custom !


Athena RO Full ro server with new npc 50x 50x 50x no lag


SeriaRO New RO private server! 700/700/700 rates, max level 500/100, trans clasess and partly working Gunlinger and Ninja


GladiatorRO GladiatorRO!Rates 50k/50k/50k!Server Online 24/7!(Ainda em fase de testes,mas todos podem jogar!)+50 Refiner e muitos custom.Breve teremos nosso shop Online,Venha Jogar conosco!


DeathSeraphimRO Deutscher High rate Server Rates=5000x5000x50% Freundliche GM's Maintown Alberta


Itamasu rates are 20x full gunslinger and ninja job Friendly and supporting GMs


Prince Of RO Servidor español con rates 5x5x5x,sistema PK,Gms amigables,custom items,eventos semanales.


BorisRO [High Rate] || 3k/3k/1k || 500/120 || Great Staff & Community || *Summoner* System || Events || Woe || PvP || Friendly GM\\\\\\\'s || Join Today! ||


SwordXSheathRO A Lag-Free RO server with high rates and friendly gms


LongHornRO -- Ragnarok Online Greate server, lagfree and low rates, 15x|15x|5x, for more information visit our site!


Fritz Games I love playing Ragnarok Online on Animas server cause they have some real caring GMs


UnidenRO Rates- 5/5/3, Stable Server, No Lag, No Crashes, Most Friendly GMs ever, Custom Items, Uptime- 24/7, Max Lvl- 99/70, Weekly WoE, Newest Updates, Professional Staff Team, Join Today!


Elite German Fighter Ro deutscher clan mit 3 ro server, (SoftRo low Server rats 250,250,10%droprat maxlvl 255-130)( EGFRo mittel server rats 500,500,,20% dropat max lvl 450-200)( the Legend of Ragnarok hight server rats 2k,2k,30% droprat max lvl750-200)


Triple A Galaxy RO Looking for a insane high rate server with everything you want?Our rates are 50k/50k/10k and more info at site


dkRO - You and me, OUR ragnarok online! dkRO - NEW and FREE! Rates: 50x 50x 25x, Support Forums! NO LAG! No Wipes! 24/7! Daily Backup! Australia Hosted! Fun, Play FREE, JOIN NOW!!


Romio's Ragnarok Online The Best Ro free server ever with custom items/maps/quests/events/shops/npc's and much more u Have to Try it to know what the Best means


OmegaRO med rate custom RPG/Pk dedicated linux server 100s of custom items, new quests, new mobs, max lvl 254/120 rates 100/100/10


Elit3RO Elit3RO is a fun server awaiting new players to try out the server. Server rates are 25x25x25x and runs on 100mbit with 3.06GHz, 512GB RAM, 200GB HD, and has lots of custom items and NPCs.


RebelRO a 24/7 dedicated Ragnarok Online private server, 15x/15x/10x, pvp/gvg/mvp/db summon rooms, resetter, star gladiator map/monster resetter, 1 click healer, and more custom NPCs


DarknessRO The rates are 5k/5k/100%, Friendly Active GMs, Growing community, daily events. New equips and more. Join Today!


InFusionRO max lvl 1000/200. 10K/10K/100% Rates. Many Custom Items. Working Ninja and Gunslinger class. uber and godlike items. Friendly and Helpful GMs.


NickRO Rates: 15k/15k/100 Max Lvl - 300 Max Stats - 255 Server Brasileiro


OceanRO *NEW!* Aqua (LR) - 8/8/4 | Professional Dedicated Linux Server & Staff | HR & Mod Server In Progress As Well As Custom Maps, Mobs, & Items.


HollandRO | A new dutch private server | Med Rate 5k/5k/100% | Whe are in need of GM's so maybe u can be 1! | Join now! | Whe got a forum now but whe get an website later.|


Midgard Online O melhor servidor em português. Rates 5/5/2, 24/7, 100% Homunculus/Ninjas/Atiradores. Servidor dedicado, estabilidade total!


InterRO 255/120 || 2k/2k/2k || 24/7 || Homunculus Enabled || 0 Delay || Growing Community || Friendly GMs || No Lag


VulcanRO check site for information


MegaRo its the best game ever all commands nice gm and we need 1 more 70k 70k 70k 100% drop and wing shop so come to have fun


HamyRO Ragnarok Online Wir sind ein Neuer LowRate 5/5/4/2 Server mit Friedly GM,s Alle neuen Maps sind auch enthalte sowie Gunslinger Ninja und Teakwon Class


DeathSeraphimRO German HighRate [4000/2000/40% | Max.Lv/Stats:1000]+LowRate [5/5/3% | Max.Lv/Stats:99]+MidRate [200/200/20% | Max.Lv/Stats:/235/199] Server | Ninja and Gunslinger Jobs | Homunculus | Custom Pets, NPCs, Events, Mobs, Headgears and Wings!


Breidt Ideas Network 3000/3000/3000 and 200/200/100 stable with dedicated staff and a small but growing and friendly community. Many custom items along with all latest classes (GS/Ninja include)


RODESIRE/LunaticRO RODESIRE (950x,950x,75x) and LunaticRO(8x,8x,8x) brings you the best in Ragnarok Online. Custom NPC's, Custom Quests, Easy to install patch, Latest updates and Classes. Great community, Great GM Staff. http://rodesire.com


VampiRO max lvl 200/70. reates 25ook/2500k/15%. low rate pk server that is fun new and growing. come join community ^__^


The SpeeDsTer-RO The new Server SpeeDsTer-RO ! 10x/10x/100x/ Join Now!


ManonasRO High rate server, Mid rate server, Low rate server we got it all! The best server yet, with our customs made just for you and upgrades that will blow your mind! Join us now. It\'s only a click away.


GIX Ragnarok Online GIX Ro [Zeus - (Blv/Jlv/Mvp =1.5k / 1.5k /1.5k) (Common/Heal/Use/Card/Mvp = 250/250/250/500/250)] [Max lvl 99 - 70] [Custom Classes] {New and Free} Friendly staff and GM's


Darkblood Ragnarok Server He is serve very good of ragnarok with custom item and other thing friendly donation and GM event ect. in addition to rates 3k/3k/3k in Spanish and english


IndzRO IndzRO has a high rated server (Phobos [500x/500x/100x]) advanced classes incl. Gunslinger & Ninja alongwith latest maps, custom NPCs,Items & cards. 3.6 GHz Core2Duo with 1GB DDR2 Ram


ToxRo Mid rate server run by dedicated and non-corrupt staff | Rates: 300x/300x/200x | 255/120 | very stable server join us!!!...


Unreal Ro up atleast 12 hours a day or more so people have enough time to have a life and will be up 24/7 soon custom stuff donations fun, rates 1000/1000/1000


Kinichi Albert Ki Boon hou


LC-RO : Love Choob Ragnarok Online LC-RO est l'un des plus vieux serveur privé Français, avec une Ambiance communautaire hors paire. Venez découvrir la joie de jouer à plusieurs !! Rates 3/3/2. Staff compétent à votre service. Bonheur Garanti !!!


GalaxyRO Fun, Fresh, New server! Rates are 55k/55k/100k - Special Event cards - Always up! - Join now!


Asian RO Empire! It's back UP again! Rates : 30k/30/10k - 24/7 - Lagless - Custom items - Friendly GMs - Growing community - Gunslinger and Ninja - WoE - And more!


The Heaven In Dreams Serveur Middle rates, avec son nouveau design, on est partis pour une longue histoire, au programme : des nouvelles classes by nous !


ProphecyRO GM Server || Rates don't matter || Hangout Server || Uptime: 24/7 excluding update times || All Commands except cheap ones || FUN FUN FUN!! ||

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