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Rowland High School RO We Are The Rowland Raiders... It is a Blue Ribbon Game.... ( well the school is blue ribbon school. ) come in and enjoy ~.. We are nice and friendly :D


LavaRo Lowrate LavaRo Rates 100/100/%10|Job Changer|WoE|Max lv:300/100|Max stats:350|Custom NPC\\\\\\\'s|Custom Items|Takewon, Star Knight, Soul Link, Ninja, Ect...|GM\\\\\\\'s Nice|New Users Get Admin Status


TormentRO Ragnarok Online Server: Rates: 100/100/50, New classes, 2 WoEs, Custom NPCs and headgear, New Maps, New Cards/Headgear, Friendly GMs, Regular Events, tRO Web Comic, Custom PvP Maps-- Join Today!!


.:: Fatal RO ::. This is a brand new RO server currently in beta testing. It is open to the public and there are no plans of a wipe after beta. Come join this growing community today!


[ RagBrasil ] [RagBrasil] !best server! [PK] - [Free Heal, Warp, @go] - [High Speed] - [Best Itens] - [Best Website] - [Friendly GMs (eng/spn/ptg)] Go!!!


Fuza Empirez Ragnarok Online server rate 5k/5k/100,max lvl 254/150,uptime 24/7,freindly GM


dwd Iamaplayreofragnarokonline


AquaRox Midrate Aqua Rates 1k/1k/%10|Job Changer|WoE|Max lv:300/100|Max stats:350|Custom NPC\\\\\\\'s|Custom Items|Takewon, Star Knight, Soul Link, Ninja, Ect...|GM\\\\\\\'s Nice|New Users Get Admin Status


PeaceRO PeaceRO Grand Opening!!!! | Rates: 3k/3k/1k| PK mode: ON | Killing Spree | Good Community | LagLess | 99.9% Uptime | Weekly Events | Join now!


Zero Ragnarok Online Low Rate: 7/7/7 High Rate: 1000/1000/1000, Implementing original features, Fully updated (GS and Ninja) and more, Unique NPCs and customized quests. Nice community, Nice GMs, all around fun ^_^


ROgma Zone Free Russian Server. Rates: 5/5/3. 24/7 No lag&stable on Dedcaited machin. Latest !Balanced! Mobs & Dungeons. Free stylist. Guild & Novice WoE


Yoto-Ro Server Play Ragnarok online for free. 2 language server (german and english. NO WIPES, many custom items, friendly cummunity. Rates are 5/5/1


ApocalypseRO [Aurora | Twilight | Elysium] ApocalypseRO Network | Triple Servers Rates: 22x22x11 | 500x500x250x | 2000x2000x300x | kRO/Sak 100% up-to-date. Anti-GM cheating, Nice GMs, Heavily Customized npcs/items/commands/pets/classes/skills


The World RO just like dot hack


Shau RO Join Here... 50k/50k/50k... 100% Lag Free Server... Running On A 1GB of RAM... Cool... 100mbps Broad Band Connection... Nice and Friendly GM... ^_^ Visit Shau RO... Don't forget to Vote ^_^


Your Worst Nightmare Ragnarok Online New server. rates 2k/2k/1k. running on a dedicated server!.


unRO Server BR Novo Rates 800/800/200 Max lvl 350 Max Stats 199


Xpress Raganrok Custom Card, Pet, Npc and etc 48k/46k/48k, New Job-Gunslinger, Ninja and etc. WoE, Sever on9 2pm~1am for malaysia


RanmaRO Rates : 10K x 10K x 100% | Lagless game play | Custom Items | Friendly Players & GMs | Extended Classes : Ninja, Gunslinger, Taekwon, Star Gladiator, Soul Linker | It's Fun & Exciting | We are a growing community, so join us today! You know you want to!


TwisterRO TwisterRO-Rates 2k/2k/50x LvL máx:255,Novas Jobs,Novas Npcs,Novos itens,cards,wings, GM's Amigáveiz Novos Styles,Shopping,e Muito Mais,Não Perca!!


ChetRO_version2 [Rates 50k50k100k except mvp cards ][custom npc ][Max level and stat 255/255][come and join with us and we have growing community and have fun...come and see test ur own strategy here...24/7 dedicated server


PSIBlade Online =====Closed=====


OriginalRO Come join us! 3k/3k/80% rates, custom items, active GMs


Shadow-[RO] Shadow-[RO] German&English Community is back ! -Rates : 20k/20k/100%- -Max LvL 254/99- -Stats 199 (baby 199)- -and any more visit us and play-


FlameRo.:.Iris500x/Chaos200x/Loki10x Ger/Eng Servers:Iris 500/500/100-Maxlv 500|Chaos 200/200/100|GUNSL./NINJA|Custom Wings,Goldroom,Disguiser,MVP Arena, Custom Patcher&Coin System


Great Npcs. Custom Mobs,Items. Gold room. Unique t We have PvP,Woe,Events daily. Npcs are Gold Room,Training Grounds(custom), Much much. Max Level/stats 1000/1000. Friendly,English Server. Non lag 24/7. Reach your dreams today


...:::ChosenOneRO:::... Servidor de Ragnarok Online Rates: 5k/5k/50% maxlvl 500 maxjob 100 Gunner e Ninja estão quase prontos os NPC\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s \\\\\\\\


diceRO [30x/30x/10x] [Small Community] [Scripter, GM, Host - All in One] [Custom Items (Attempt at SUB-Class!) and Scripts]


PirateRO ExpRate: 2k/2k/2k | MaxLvl: 255/120 | MaxStats: 200 | NewClass | Events | WoE | ManyNPCs and ManyQuests| ForumSupport: EN;IT;FR | ON 24/7 | NewMob | CustomItem | FriendlyGM | NO Lag and NO Crash! Come In!


Dark Side Legends RO {*New*} |Nightmare Wars Server: 20k/20k/20k|Dedicado Linux 100MB|Custom Items|Quests Exclusivas|Nuevas Clases|Scripts Unicos|Comunidad Amigable|No Lag|


Hades RO The old RPG style, For the new generations! the true place for the true RPG lovers


SB-Gaming - Ragnarok Online OC3 Linux Server 24/7* 2GB Memory / eAthena SVN SQL / Control Panel / Ninja and Gunslinger/ 24/7


WickedD[RO] Brand New Server,Rates are 4k/4k/10k WoE Everday,Prontera as main city, Lots of custom items, 100mbps Dedicated Server,Ninja/Gunslinger!


Wings Of Hugel Serveur Pk FR!!!! 1k/1k Shop - -Boost - - PVp - - MVP... Staff sympa =)


Magic Soul Ragnarok Online Novo server de ragnarok. Rate 2k. GM\\\\\\\'s ativos e amigáveis. Tem uma nova arena de MVP\\\\\\\'s, a Stadium. O servidor contem, Neve,Nuvens,Noite e dia.Quer jogar?Então entre no site e faça o download.Para qualquer dúvida adicionar [email protected] em seu msn


Gaia-Online Un serveur ragnarok online rates : 80/80/25


Sol Ragnarok Online Rates: 500/500/10 - A highly customized ragnarok online server with a small community of friendly players.


ragnarok Online serverde ragnarok online BR muito bom custom NPC rates 3k/3k/200


FreeCiy-RO FreeCiy-Ro | Mid Rate Server | 50/50/10 | No Lag | German,English Server|Alle Classen/ All Classes


ProphecyRO rates 1k/1k/1k online 24/7 max lvl 255/95 lagg free


neOn Rebirth! Fast Dedicated Server - Friendly GM's - Lv 99/70 - 6/6/9% - Quest NPC's - Daily Events - Great Community - Join us today!


FertiusRO New PK server since 21-07-2006 ! Rates: 10k/10k ,, Max. Lv.: 1000/120 ,, Max. stats.: 5000 ,, Custom things and many more! Join today!


QuestRO Eternity[Non-PK.Max LvL and stats 255]:2k/2k/100.Serenity[PK.Max LvL and stats 150]:100/100/25.Custom Quests and Gears.Taekwon,Soul Linker,Star Gladiator,Gunslinger, and Ninja jobs and skills are in as well. Servers on 24/7. Weekly events.No Lag.


missihounRO best new ragnarok server around. max lvl is 255/120. 1 poring=16 lvls. lots of custom stuff and normal commands for normal players. Come laern more at our community ^__^


Eternity RO Brand new server! Join fast and get a quick start. Server Rates are 2.5k/2.5k/ customized item drop rate (etc items are 100% , equip 75x cards 50x) || Max levels are 1000/ 200! || Max Stats are 1000! || Taekwon, Star Gladiator, Soul Linker, Gunslinger, and Ninja all implemented with almost all skil


AtenaRO FREE ITALIAN SERVER ! RATE 50X/50X/50 ALL custom !


Athena RO Full ro server with new npc 50x 50x 50x no lag


SeriaRO New RO private server! 700/700/700 rates, max level 500/100, trans clasess and partly working Gunlinger and Ninja


GladiatorRO GladiatorRO!Rates 50k/50k/50k!Server Online 24/7!(Ainda em fase de testes,mas todos podem jogar!)+50 Refiner e muitos custom.Breve teremos nosso shop Online,Venha Jogar conosco!


DeathSeraphimRO Deutscher High rate Server Rates=5000x5000x50% Freundliche GM's Maintown Alberta

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