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Your Worst Nightmare Ragnarok Online New server. rates 2k/2k/1k. running on a dedicated server!.


unRO Server BR Novo Rates 800/800/200 Max lvl 350 Max Stats 199


Xpress Raganrok Custom Card, Pet, Npc and etc 48k/46k/48k, New Job-Gunslinger, Ninja and etc. WoE, Sever on9 2pm~1am for malaysia


RanmaRO Rates : 10K x 10K x 100% | Lagless game play | Custom Items | Friendly Players & GMs | Extended Classes : Ninja, Gunslinger, Taekwon, Star Gladiator, Soul Linker | It's Fun & Exciting | We are a growing community, so join us today! You know you want to!


TwisterRO TwisterRO-Rates 2k/2k/50x LvL máx:255,Novas Jobs,Novas Npcs,Novos itens,cards,wings, GM's Amigáveiz Novos Styles,Shopping,e Muito Mais,Não Perca!!


ChetRO_version2 [Rates 50k50k100k except mvp cards ][custom npc ][Max level and stat 255/255][come and join with us and we have growing community and have fun...come and see test ur own strategy here...24/7 dedicated server


PSIBlade Online =====Closed=====


OriginalRO Come join us! 3k/3k/80% rates, custom items, active GMs


Shadow-[RO] Shadow-[RO] German&English Community is back ! -Rates : 20k/20k/100%- -Max LvL 254/99- -Stats 199 (baby 199)- -and any more visit us and play-


FlameRo.:.Iris500x/Chaos200x/Loki10x Ger/Eng Servers:Iris 500/500/100-Maxlv 500|Chaos 200/200/100|GUNSL./NINJA|Custom Wings,Goldroom,Disguiser,MVP Arena, Custom Patcher&Coin System


Great Npcs. Custom Mobs,Items. Gold room. Unique t We have PvP,Woe,Events daily. Npcs are Gold Room,Training Grounds(custom), Much much. Max Level/stats 1000/1000. Friendly,English Server. Non lag 24/7. Reach your dreams today


...:::ChosenOneRO:::... Servidor de Ragnarok Online Rates: 5k/5k/50% maxlvl 500 maxjob 100 Gunner e Ninja estão quase prontos os NPC\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s \\\\\\\\


diceRO [30x/30x/10x] [Small Community] [Scripter, GM, Host - All in One] [Custom Items (Attempt at SUB-Class!) and Scripts]


PirateRO ExpRate: 2k/2k/2k | MaxLvl: 255/120 | MaxStats: 200 | NewClass | Events | WoE | ManyNPCs and ManyQuests| ForumSupport: EN;IT;FR | ON 24/7 | NewMob | CustomItem | FriendlyGM | NO Lag and NO Crash! Come In!


Dark Side Legends RO {*New*} |Nightmare Wars Server: 20k/20k/20k|Dedicado Linux 100MB|Custom Items|Quests Exclusivas|Nuevas Clases|Scripts Unicos|Comunidad Amigable|No Lag|


Hades RO The old RPG style, For the new generations! the true place for the true RPG lovers


SB-Gaming - Ragnarok Online OC3 Linux Server 24/7* 2GB Memory / eAthena SVN SQL / Control Panel / Ninja and Gunslinger/ 24/7


WickedD[RO] Brand New Server,Rates are 4k/4k/10k WoE Everday,Prontera as main city, Lots of custom items, 100mbps Dedicated Server,Ninja/Gunslinger!


Wings Of Hugel Serveur Pk FR!!!! 1k/1k Shop - -Boost - - PVp - - MVP... Staff sympa =)


Magic Soul Ragnarok Online Novo server de ragnarok. Rate 2k. GM\\\\\\\'s ativos e amigáveis. Tem uma nova arena de MVP\\\\\\\'s, a Stadium. O servidor contem, Neve,Nuvens,Noite e dia.Quer jogar?Então entre no site e faça o download.Para qualquer dúvida adicionar [email protected] em seu msn


Gaia-Online Un serveur ragnarok online rates : 80/80/25


Sol Ragnarok Online Rates: 500/500/10 - A highly customized ragnarok online server with a small community of friendly players.


ragnarok Online serverde ragnarok online BR muito bom custom NPC rates 3k/3k/200


FreeCiy-RO FreeCiy-Ro | Mid Rate Server | 50/50/10 | No Lag | German,English Server|Alle Classen/ All Classes


ProphecyRO rates 1k/1k/1k online 24/7 max lvl 255/95 lagg free


neOn Rebirth! Fast Dedicated Server - Friendly GM's - Lv 99/70 - 6/6/9% - Quest NPC's - Daily Events - Great Community - Join us today!


FertiusRO New PK server since 21-07-2006 ! Rates: 10k/10k ,, Max. Lv.: 1000/120 ,, Max. stats.: 5000 ,, Custom things and many more! Join today!


QuestRO Eternity[Non-PK.Max LvL and stats 255]:2k/2k/100.Serenity[PK.Max LvL and stats 150]:100/100/25.Custom Quests and Gears.Taekwon,Soul Linker,Star Gladiator,Gunslinger, and Ninja jobs and skills are in as well. Servers on 24/7. Weekly events.No Lag.


missihounRO best new ragnarok server around. max lvl is 255/120. 1 poring=16 lvls. lots of custom stuff and normal commands for normal players. Come laern more at our community ^__^


Eternity RO Brand new server! Join fast and get a quick start. Server Rates are 2.5k/2.5k/ customized item drop rate (etc items are 100% , equip 75x cards 50x) || Max levels are 1000/ 200! || Max Stats are 1000! || Taekwon, Star Gladiator, Soul Linker, Gunslinger, and Ninja all implemented with almost all skil


AtenaRO FREE ITALIAN SERVER ! RATE 50X/50X/50 ALL custom !


Athena RO Full ro server with new npc 50x 50x 50x no lag


SeriaRO New RO private server! 700/700/700 rates, max level 500/100, trans clasess and partly working Gunlinger and Ninja


GladiatorRO GladiatorRO!Rates 50k/50k/50k!Server Online 24/7!(Ainda em fase de testes,mas todos podem jogar!)+50 Refiner e muitos custom.Breve teremos nosso shop Online,Venha Jogar conosco!


DeathSeraphimRO Deutscher High rate Server Rates=5000x5000x50% Freundliche GM's Maintown Alberta


Itamasu rates are 20x full gunslinger and ninja job Friendly and supporting GMs


Prince Of RO Servidor español con rates 5x5x5x,sistema PK,Gms amigables,custom items,eventos semanales.


BorisRO [High Rate] || 3k/3k/1k || 500/120 || Great Staff & Community || *Summoner* System || Events || Woe || PvP || Friendly GM\\\\\\\'s || Join Today! ||


SwordXSheathRO A Lag-Free RO server with high rates and friendly gms


LongHornRO -- Ragnarok Online Greate server, lagfree and low rates, 15x|15x|5x, for more information visit our site!


Fritz Games I love playing Ragnarok Online on Animas server cause they have some real caring GMs


UnidenRO Rates- 5/5/3, Stable Server, No Lag, No Crashes, Most Friendly GMs ever, Custom Items, Uptime- 24/7, Max Lvl- 99/70, Weekly WoE, Newest Updates, Professional Staff Team, Join Today!


Elite German Fighter Ro deutscher clan mit 3 ro server, (SoftRo low Server rats 250,250,10%droprat maxlvl 255-130)( EGFRo mittel server rats 500,500,,20% dropat max lvl 450-200)( the Legend of Ragnarok hight server rats 2k,2k,30% droprat max lvl750-200)


Triple A Galaxy RO Looking for a insane high rate server with everything you want?Our rates are 50k/50k/10k and more info at site


dkRO - You and me, OUR ragnarok online! dkRO - NEW and FREE! Rates: 50x 50x 25x, Support Forums! NO LAG! No Wipes! 24/7! Daily Backup! Australia Hosted! Fun, Play FREE, JOIN NOW!!


Romio's Ragnarok Online The Best Ro free server ever with custom items/maps/quests/events/shops/npc's and much more u Have to Try it to know what the Best means


OmegaRO med rate custom RPG/Pk dedicated linux server 100s of custom items, new quests, new mobs, max lvl 254/120 rates 100/100/10


Elit3RO Elit3RO is a fun server awaiting new players to try out the server. Server rates are 25x25x25x and runs on 100mbit with 3.06GHz, 512GB RAM, 200GB HD, and has lots of custom items and NPCs.


RebelRO a 24/7 dedicated Ragnarok Online private server, 15x/15x/10x, pvp/gvg/mvp/db summon rooms, resetter, star gladiator map/monster resetter, 1 click healer, and more custom NPCs


DarknessRO The rates are 5k/5k/100%, Friendly Active GMs, Growing community, daily events. New equips and more. Join Today!

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