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TrasheeRO Server Rates 500k / 500k / 100% Included Ninja And Gunslinger 255Max Stats 255Max Level Check The Site For More Info


ChaosRO Server en español, Rates 2500x, Custom Items y Cards, Nuevos Jobs, GM online todo el tiempo...


Destiny Online 50x50x20x Server, Fun Community. People Joining every day.


Midgard Fortress - Em Defesa do Reino Cansando de mesmice? Sempre Insatisfeito, e Não Parando em Lugar Nenhum? Venha Conhecer MF,Chega de Ser 255 Em Um Dia,Ganhe Seus LvLs Com Honra e Mérito. Rates: 15/15/10,**Breve On**, Quests Exclusivas, GM\'s Honesto,Eventos diarios, Venha Conferir! ;


Get Back RO [150k/275k/75%][New classes Gunslinger/Ninja][over 150 custom items][english/BR/spanish server][max lvl/job 500/130][max stats 500]new reborn system 11 reborns]


Blaze Ragnarok Online® Welcome To Blaze Ragnarok Online™ ..Come Join Us ,I Will Make You Happy In Game..Rates Is 10k/10k/100


KnockOut RO Knock-Out RO [20k/20k/100%] Max Stats 500, Max Lv 750/120, Uptime 99%, All Dungeons, No lag/errors! Join today!


Seiki Online Seiki Online | The Age of Shadows is rising | [Serveur FR][rate:5/5/5/7][ModePK][New class][NPCcustoms][Serveur up 24/7] Et bien plus encore !


LazyRO LazyRO is a new server with awesome dedicated GM's, who


Chaos in Midgard Chaos in Midgard : Serveur francais rate 400/400/300 Serveur personalisé orienté RP (que tout le monde joue le jeu serait génial), bonne ambience, GM présents et events fréquents. Amis du chaos, rejoignez-nous !!!


AllStar RO *is back* Eng Server! Rates 5/5/5, Play AllStarRo whith your frends nice player & frendly GM´s.


Facebattle RO Brand new 60/60/60 server, Quest job, No Lag, Run on 100mbps, Friendly GMs. Site best view with IE.


Relms Ragnarok Beta testers wanted, GM spots and much more available, read news in the forums for more information


Anima RO Best RO server ever


Valkyrie RO PK server ran by tallented staff, 30+ custom wings/helms, 40+ custom pets, much more that won\'t fit here


BlueMoonRO Rates: 1k/1k/1k Max lvl 255/95 Online 24/7 Lagg Free WoE All Classes Gunslinger/Ninja Custom NPC's


AstralRO FREE! This is a Ragnarok Online Server 24/7 with High Rates!


POL ROV3 Now Server Is Up Come Join Us Now!!! rates: 30k/30k/100/100|Max Level 999|Max job 500|Max stats 999|Npc's:JobChange,Speacial Warper for All Place,Pvp Room Special,Mvp Arena,Black-Market,More Quest Comming Soon!|For Player Command:@go,@load,@return,@storage,@autoloot And More!|Server 24/7 Online!


TeRo-Ro Serveur francais et perso,Gratuit,Serveur communautaire avec les derniere classes implantees,Capitale Prontera,Max lvl 99/70 Rates 5/5/5.Ouvert 24h/24h 7j/7,Staff Tres Present.Venez voir notre site et notre forum


Comet Ragnarok Online CometRO Server, high rate (2.5k/2.5k/80%), custom itens, custom NPC'S, Max lvl 180, max stats 300, Taekwon, ninja and guslinger (testing), friendilly GM Team and comunity, Join!


Global Network RO 2 Eathena Server | WORKING Gunslinger/Ninja jobs | Rates: 3k/3k/200 | WoE | Friendly Community and GMs | up-to-date kRO | Max lvl 255 | Many NPCs


SakuraRO 5000x/5000x/50x Max lvl 255/120 Custom Npc/Items, Advanced Classes + Soul Linker and Star Gladiator


| ~ | Uchiba-Ro | ~ | | - | Serveur Hight rate 20 k 20 k 20k | - | Max lvl : 5000 Max stats 1500 | - | Communauté SUPER SOUDEE et Admin presque toujours présents | - | Stat&Skill selleur ; Levels selleur | - | Commande : @main @storage @ load @mobinfo, etc | - | FRENCH SERVEUR ! ! !


Daichi RO Wir sind ein kleiner aber feiner RO server vorerst in Beta wird noch einiges noch behoben neue jobs wie Gunslinger und Ninja freundliche GMs und no Wipes kommt bald noch mehr RATES 150/150/100


OneiRO New Low Rate Server, 8-8-3 Rates, Friendly gm's


Project Chaos RO German&English ~ No Donation Rewards ~ Highrate [60k/60k/600x; MaxLv 1200/1000; Multirebirth Job System; 500+ Pets] ~ Midrate [200x/200x/100x; MaxLv 254/71; Pre-Lighthalzen-Demon-Update Mechanics]


Xtreme-RO German/English Ragnarok Server Rates (Base:4k Job:4k Drop:70%) Very Much Custom Equipment like Valkyrie Helm and much Wings. We have Custom NPCs like Stat/Skill Point Seller Join Fast We're Brand New


BastardRo BASTARD ro the place to be the server has 0 lag the rates are 35k/35k/35k


VitalRO GUNSLINGER AND NINJA CLASSES, MAX LVL [1000/999], No Lag, Advance Job Classes, Max Stats: 1100, Custom Npc's, Custom Pet's, CUSTOM ITEMS


Original Ragnarok Online 3k3k/80% Lagless and high rated server¤¤Friendly Staffs That Are Always geared to help players¤¤New Job Classes¤¤Custom wings and Custom Npc::4 more Info Join Us Now!!


SyncMax Online SyncMax Online:- Latest kRo database and eAthena SQL compiled emulator, with 250x/250x/250x, friendly and peaceful community. You can enjoy PvP and GvG here, sometimes there will be some events. We added some custom items to make more enjoyable. What you waiting again? Come join our adventure now!


Black Rose RO Rates 20/20/20, brand new growing server, join today


LolRO Server Brasileiro Rates 3k/3k/600%|Job Changer|WoE|Max lv:300/110|Max stats:255|Custon NPC's|Custon Itens|Takewon, Star Knight e Soul Linker|GM's amigaveis!!!


AngelRO AngelRO is BACK! Current Rates are 50/50/20 (10x Cards) Always up-to-date, always fun, always lag free. Taekwons, Soul Linkers, and Star Gladiators fully supported! Many custom quests mobs and NPCs.


KyRO We are lag free, stable and up 24/7! Dedicated GM's and a friendly community! Rates: 100x/100x - Max Level: 150/99 - Max Stats: 127 - All Classes Implemented (including Ninja & Gunslinger) - Latest Mobs & Dungeons - Exclusive Custom Items ~~ Join today!


GloryRo English Ragnarok Server GloryRo Rates 50/50/10Job Changer|WoE|Max lv:300/100|Max stats:350|Custom NPC's|Custom Items|Takewon, Star Knight, Soul Link, Ninja, Ect...|GM's Nice|New Users Get Admin Status


IntroRO Private Server Rate: 1000x/1000x/900x || Max lv 255 Job: 120 soon will be more or not=) || 24/7 || Custom NPC GVP PVP Healer and many more... || Good GM and good exp || come join as


thief the bluest sky is infinetly high and is crystal clear


Ragnarok Online The best Ragnarok Online Server


ApplejuiceRO Brand new Server, started at 4. Oct. | [6/6/6] Rates | No Lag's | Stable | 24/7 Up | Daily Event's and Update's | Nice GM's


Protagonist Ragnarok Server is now up. Rates are 50k/50k/50k, max level is 1000/1000. We


Reflections Rebirth Rates [10/10/10/3] | Grand Opening 1st October 2006 | No Lag | Friendly GMs + Community | No Donations | Gunslinger + Ninja | Homunculus


PolRO 30k/30k/30k,Max Level 254,Max job 120,Max stats 255, Fast Server Dedicated


Deadly Phase |Rates : 30/30/15 | 24/7 | WoE | Nice Gms | Friendly Community | Events and more Events | Join Now!!


Ro-spirit Ro-spirit est un serveur ragnarok online francophone high rates 100/100/custom


.::Yakumo-Online::. Rates : 100/100/50 - French Server - Online 24/24-7/7 - WoE on demand - Nice GMs


TarsiaRO ||Italian Server|| Rates 80/80/50/10|| Livello max 99/50(No Reborn) 99/70(Reborn) 100/75(NPC) || Stat Max 100|| WoE Event ||TK NJ GL class


Tales Of Serenity Enter Metalrealm


Gaia-Online Serveur ragnarok online francais


Rowland High School RO We Are The Rowland Raiders... It is a Blue Ribbon Game.... ( well the school is blue ribbon school. ) come in and enjoy ~.. We are nice and friendly :D

[ 1-50 ] - [ 51-100 ] - [ 101-150 ] - [ 151-200 ] - [ 201-250 ] - [ 251-300 ] - [ 301-350 ] - [ 351-400 ] - [ 401-450 ] - [ 451-500 ] -