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ChickenRo .High Rate Server. .200k Rates. .100% Item Drop. .Max Lvl 255. .24/7. .No Lag.


AWRO - Ancient World of Ragnarok Online Free private floating (low) rate server. A lot of unique NPCs. ALL last updates. International support. Here you can raise your stats even after reaching max (99/70) levels, ever and ever!


EagleRO Server BR, 10k/10k/10k, Custom NPC\'s, sem lag (hoster de 2mb), estável, @public commands (@go)


delpRO PK Server delpRO PK Server


corbinaRO-60x RUSS SERVER 60x5x5x PK SERVERS, Kill players


MaFiRO -The best Czech server 500/500/10x rate,3rd classes,new items good GMs :-) vote for us.And good luck in GAME.;-)


SavageRO SavageRO - 300x/300x/100x - 24/7 uptime - All classes and all skills working - Custom God Item quests - Custom NPCs - Realistic Setting!


Justfun Ragnarok Online PK | ESTONIA Welcome to Justfun Ragnarok Online PK Server! Taekwon, Star Knight and Soul Linker classes!! Rates: 16/16/8 BALANCED, WoE, PvP, No LAGS! Custom NPC's! We do our best!


GodRO PK Server This Server is a Fun and exciting place to hang out, | 5k / 5k / 50 | | Server Uptime : 24 / 7 | new jobs suck as TeakWon Star Gladiator And Soul Linker,Soon to come GunSlinger And Ninja also we have friendly GM


Crimson Daylight Ragnarok Online Two dedicated servers. 30x25x And 250x250x100x. Tons of custom items and quests. Lag free. Great GMs


Dark Alliance RO Servidor español de Rates 5/5/4 ideal para aquellos que les guste disfrutar con el trabajo continuo,eventos y Quest continuas.,Donaciones, Actulizado al maximo, entra y visitanos sera agradable.


Carin-RO: el Mejor Server De Habla Hispana Server de Ro de habla hispana. New jobs. Rates 25/20/10


LunaRo Going Dedicated Soon! | Max Stats/Lvl: 255/255 | 2k/2k/1.5k | Lots of Custom Items | Lots of Events | Tons of Custom Scripts/Quests


infiniteRO 13/13/7 ninja&gunslinger, Friendly GMs, gvg,pvp,woe events and quest custom items and npcs with all kinds, gods and 99 max lvl with stats max 99 enjoy


Ragnarok Online - ChampRO Servidor Brasileiro! WOEs Segundas, Quartas e Sabados.. Boms Gms, Novos Custom items! venha! New Server! Good Gms New Custom Items, Medium Rate, Humunculos Skill, And Ninja E Gunslinger is Coming!


DasmaRO (REBORN) Very cool and high rate server with lots of custom items... Filipino GM's but friendly in all nations.. I'm sure you will enjoy playing in this server..


Jenova RO the best server ever, 24/7 support, [GREAT GMS], Uber sized EVENTS, daily events, we help you out


ExistenceRO 20x20xcustom lag-free pk server unique pk-point system balanced donations no godly items many customs hairstyles, maps quests ect. same-sex marriges. Episode 13.2 with 3rd classes. Brand New Server. Many custom mini games like CTF, mortal kombat arena!


VashRO Come join VashRO, GMs are friendly, still in beta, going to have custom items, max lv 999+, max stats 6k+, rates 50k to be!


Meteor Strike RO Realtively new server recruiting new gms and need more people. HIGH RATES *10k/10k/100%* a good community and we'd like to see you there


StormRO Current rates are *~5k/5k/100%~* loads of custom items quests and more


AmorRO | 2 servers | Rates: 10/10/10 and 1K/1K/1K| Uptime: 24/7 | Friendly community & GMs | Custom quests & items | International WoE |


Elit3RO Server novinho | Gms e Comunidade legal | Rates 2k/2k/50% | Max lvl: 254 | Max Stats :500 | Registro _M ou _F |Mtos npcs legais, inclusive Gold Room | Ip: elit3ro.no-ip.info


Melody RO New great server! friendly GMs, 60/40/40/40 rates, custom classes,events and alot of other great things!


Welcome TO Teror Of Darkness Ragnarok Online Server Rates 9x 9x 7x


Seikan [Ro] Server de Ragnarok Online, Rates [10K/10K/50%], Buy All Pet's (Mvps and Normal Monsters), Max Level 255 Server Dedicado On 24/7, Nuevos Jobs, No Lag, Gm's que te ayudaran en tus dudas, Foro, Vota por Nosotros.


Holle RO HolleRO Server BR - rates:3k/3k/50%- max lvl 254/254 max stats 255 .. custom itens - custom npc's , incluindo novas asas novos hat i narutos bandanas ... GM'S Amigaveis


Crimson RO 100/100/25x new mid-rate server with great people :)


[LokeRO] Malaysian Ragnarok Online Private Server | High-rate server---first hit: base lvl 12, job lvl 7 , 24 hours online, 100mbps, Lots of NPCs lined out at center of prontera, other cool NPCs....


pcRO - The Player\'s Choice pcRO - The Player\'s Choice Ragnarok Online private server. Rates: 6x/6x/8x


-= AteneoRO =- ADMU RokS!!! The Greatest Philippine RO Server Rate 25k/25k/100% Advance Job Great NPCs Cool GMs All The Items are 4 slot Max lvl 99 jlvl 70 Has Day and Night Shifting Server Type: eAthena Join Us Now


FilthRO Rates are 2k/2k/100%.max lvl 255/120 for advanced.ninja n gunslinger Working.Customs From Quest Only


Spark of Fantasy RO Exellent Russian Ro Server rates now are 12x/12x/10x || nice GM || cool staff || custom mobs items||online 24/7 never lag || Join all!!


.:LovaRO:. A new Server with rates 200000/200000/100%, nice GM's 24/7 online with ROOT! It's new so you can become the best player!


MAximoRO Ragnarok Private Server Um novo server de Ragnarok totalmrnte em português. GM´s legais e prestativos , custom ítens , e tudo que você procura em um server privado de Ragnarok. Venha conferir!


LokeRO™ Malaysian Ragnarok Online Private Server | High-rate server, unlimited vacancy, 24hours online, 100mbps.


SCRO Reborn Servidor de Ragnarok Online Hispano | Rates 30/30/10 | Gm's Amigables | Todos los jobs a elegir (Provando gunslinger y Ninja...) | A que estas esperando?


Semoria 26/25/5, warper, healer, custom MVP room. Small community, friendly GMS. Lots of custom items including wings. On Semoria it's all about quality, not quantity.


RagnaSpeed 70/70/10 - Brasileiro - não mult level - jobchange - reset - itens especiais -


EnchantingIllusionsRO **Uses iRO Client*NO kRO download needed** 10x/10x/10x rates on everything. Up 24/7. Friendly GMs. Anything iRO has, we have. ^^ Custom things are in the works.


OtakuRO Great private server!! Low rates: 9/7/4 Alot of customs encluding NPCs and many items plus the new classes! Friendly GMs and it is opened 24/7. Has a great cummunity and is excepting to anyone! Come on in ^^


Bahamut Emula 100/100/10, Great New Server, Lag Free, customs and custom home town


ROXtreme (50k/50k/50k) (50k/50k/50k) no lag


GiRO 70k/70k/?? Server, Still In Beta Testing, Go On Website For More Information


HarryRO Very Very Very High Rate Server*|*We Assure U Good Gameplay Experience*|* Visit our Website For More Details *|* Server is Now UP


Silentro Brand New Server; Max lvl 1000, Rates 10k/10k/100%, Custom Items/Shops, Ger/Eng Community. Join us now!


Faze RO Welcome to FazeRO! Max level is 255/120 and max stats 300.rates


AngelingRO-170/170/40 & DevilingRO-1/1/1 Put your RO knowledge to the test on Angeling or join the Veterans on Deviling! FULLY-UP-TO-DATE!! NO LAGG!! ALL NEW CLASSES!! LOTS OF CUSTOM STUFF!! CLONE ARENA!! PET SKILLS!! PET ARENA!! TOWN & DUNGEON WARPS!! PILES OF CUSTOM CLOTHES AND HAIRSTYLES!!...


J-PopRO 6k/6k/90% Yeah we are really new.. And Really Wanting YOU to play on our sever. Please try it out.


MiracleRO - Evolution of Ragnarok New Server!!!, Rates: 50/50/30 Max lvl 99,Gunslinger, Adv Class, Star Galidiator, Custom NPCS| Custom Items.|Growing Community|Friendly GM's| Uptime 95% 7days a week ALL PLAYERS WELCOME

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