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arena51mu this mu hav 2000x vers 1,2d open 12\7 but will be 24\7 in 1 mounth


GoldMu Version: 97d, Experience: 2000x , Drops: 80%, Bless Bug: ON , Reset level: 350 Uptime: 24/7


...:::Su-World Server:::... Server is in 1.02d + update ver. see more info at site is poland like the server and for english users


InternationalMu This server will be up soon! Check the site please! We need donations!


MUN00B MuOnline private server Version 1.02D. Exp is 9999, drops are 80. Bless bug in lorencia bar. BOK+1 at NPC. Many players, many events.


Minos Mu Online Version 1.02D! Minos Mu online, XP 10x, version 1.02D, sweet shops, BB off, tons of GM hosted events, a sweet 4.5gb ram, powerful internet connection and an AMD Athlon XP 2.8ghz processor!


Virsulu-mu The most super mu OF ever seen ! Go to web and egzamine your self !


:: Mu-LcF :: Muonline Server 1.02D Brasil Foz new server


ZhyperMU 1.0L Dedicated MuOnline Server 24/7 No Lags! 6000x Exp 50% Drop WeBreG


Die*Hard*Playing XP 700 DROP 100% vs 97d+99 download


bine atzi venit pe acest forum Cum sa faci un server de MuOnline cum sa faci un server de cs1. 5 cum sa faci un server de cs1. 6 cum sa faci un server de Lineage2 cum sa faci un server de WoW


AquaMu99b+ EXP:5000 AquaMu99b+ EXP:5000 Drop:100 bb:on Wings lvl 1 in shop bok+1+2 in shop jwl in shop


...:::Hacking Games:::... Acest forum a fost facut pentru a putea downloada hack`uri la diferite jocuri si pt a invatza sa facetzi servere la diferite jocuri


MU STREET Private Server BB:On Exp:450 Drop:80% Very NIce GMs first 3 joiners are gm!!!JOIN NOW!!!


2fast2Dangerous NEW server ll Exp: 50000x ll Drops: 90% Online 24/7 || Good connection, NO LAG! || Version 1.02d bug-less ll Ancient Items l| New Maps |l New Monsters |l New Interface l| New Skills |l BC 1 to 7 l| DS 1 to 6 |l Fenrir Pet With Skill


Mu Online Kuza | 97d+99itms | Exp : 15 % | Drop : 75 % | Auto Reset : 350 lvl | 24/7 |


FadeMu Online | Server Exp: 400x || Version: 97b +99Items || BB: off || Server online 24/7 || || Autoreset at char lvl 350 || || Server maintance daily || || Maps whith good spot Arena;Icarus2;Davias || || NO BUGS || ||Very Friendly Admins || Registration on site


DeViL2DaRk-MuOnline [97D][Max-Exp][100%][24/7][Poi DeViL2DaRk-MuOnline [97D][Max-Exp][100%][24/7][Point10-15][Blss Bug-On][stadium.lorencia.davias.full-spot][No Lag]


Twilight Mu Online Very good Mu Private server, just started with a clean Database, running on a AMD 3200+ 1.5 gig ram dedicated server. Version 1.02d, exp: 20x, drops: 100x. Friendly staff. Easy to join!


JpCMu The best Mu game ever for all people!! xp:11111 all maps and vers 0.97d


Last World of MU Very good exp, and very good drop, and also auto rr. Este un server in curs de creeare, va asteptam sa il testati!!


MuCeta Hi PPL!! New Mu Online Server whit Low rate! and very good entertainment! for who likes it!!! XP:50X, Drops 50%, Ver: 1.02. whit new sets and maps!! ENJOY!! (BR Server)


Stairs2Heaven Stairs2Heaven 1.02d Exp: 9999 Drop: 150% BB: ON Reset: 380+ InShop: Bok+1-+4/Life/Soul/Feathers PointsPerLv: 10/14 BK,SM,ME/MG New Sets/ New Weapon


.: BizMU 1.02d Server :. running on 1.02d (with working fenrir, etc!!)|| 150x xp/ 80% drop || reset lvl 400 (300 points per reset) || no bb, || MG from lvl 220, DL 250 || NO DL-birdy! || server up 24/7 with fair and nice GMs!


Kefas Mu Online The best free server


ShadowMu |-EXP: 50x-| |-Drops: 50%-| |-UpTime: 24/7-| |-Dedicated Server-| |-Long Term-|


..:: NRG Mu Online ::.. v1.02D | Server Up: 24/7 | Exp: 500x | Drop: 100% | 20mbit server | Events: BC / DS / CS | New interface | New mobs | Very cool items in BOKs | Many Goldens Mobs & other cool stuff | English / Romanian / French languages only | CHECK WEBSITE FOR MORE INFO !


Mortal-Kombat MU Server Open in 23/4/06||Version 1.02D||EXP:1200||Drops:50%||BB:OFF||dark lord Working|| new maps-kalima,crywolf1&2,aida,stadium2,loren||castle siege working||Personal store working||new sets for all calsses||GooD shops||HOT spots||Many events will be||


BattleMU 1.02K Mu-Online Server Version - 1.02K ,Drop Rate - 70%, Xp - 200X ,Reset @ lvl 400 - keep all stats, online 24/7 , All features working


Zerenty Mu Zerenty Mu Server 99.6XT 750x 50% drop All is working like Friend Messenger Mail, Lepaha, White Wizard Invasion, Land Of Trials, Castle Siege Event and much more 1Mb up and dl :) 24/7 Running server and active gm


mulan dggdfssgfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff


mu-finland kaikki mu neuvot suomeksi!!


Mu Fuzion Server INTERNATIONAL MuFuzion 1000XP 80%DROP 1.02D all in the shop


DarkMu v.1.02d exp 3000x drop 80% BB on verry good shops verry good spots friendly gm's...just try it


FinalWar-Mu [3000x | 100Mbit -NO LAG ] A powerfull MuOnline privet server running on a great server with 1500RAM and 100Mbit connection - Absolutly no lag! Server will soon run on 1.1e version. Current version: 1.02D with maximum players:


Digos-MU Season 2 New MU server, kalima mobs drops full option items, join us now, xp (not too high not too low just join and experience the battle) jewels rate: 80%, lot of spots, stadium mobs in cages, mobs drops exe items, davias castle full of mobs, very nice and friendly GM\'s


Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi Mud RotJ is a unique mud running heavily customized Circlemud, featuring characters from all the Star Wars universe. There are 6 primary classes with many secondary and tertiary guilds to join. RotJ features more than 50 planets, over 400 skills to master, and many random and unique items to get.


-=MU-Pirate=- exp:2000; drop: 90%; reset: 350 lvl play only with HAMACHI (network name: MU-Pirate; network password: mu); version 1.02d; working DL all skill.SERVER IP:; PORT: 44405;cme and see self what its the best server =]


.::KanooMuOnline Server::. Join KanooMu New MuOnline server... Exp 1500 Drop: 86 %- All come join . Version 0.97d items Chaos Machine 90 % succes


MuSingapore 99b+24/7 Long Term Server Exp:2500x DR BB:ON Jewel rate 100% Exp High


..::[Mu GLOBAL Vercion 1.02D+]::.. Mu online global server sudamericano Vercion 1.02D+ exper por 450 drops por 75% bless bug On nueva vercion 0% lag Administradores muy buenos.


RUSSIA server заход& RUSSIA server заходите кнам


SiMu 1.02D Exp 250x & Drop 150% ll ip in launcher ll all info in site, or just register in ll new items, new maps, new skills ll spots in all maps ll no vault bug, no trade rings bug, stable version ll reset:auto-350lvl-keepstats ll Server Up =24/7


MU Quebec Dedicated Server VER 1.02K BUGLESS Working CC and Castle Seige n Fenrir 4000x xp/ 80% drop || reset lvl 400 || bb off, jewels and questitems in shops || MG from lvl 220, DL 250 server up 24/7 with fair and nice GMs!


ELITE Mu Welcome to New MuOnline Server EXP:150x Drop:60% MAXRES:100 MAXLvL:350 RESpoint:500 Come All and Nice Game


UcoZ MU Server Version 0.97D , Exp : 3.000% , Drop : 100% , BlessBug : ON , Stadium On , Mobs HP : 90% , Level Up Points : 10/15 , Come and Play ! Russian Server


MuGenerations1 MuOnline Server |||97d+99items||| exp:1000x|||


topm its a web site for the top movies of the year .in this site you can wotch the last seriasis of the best movies like the o.c. or lost and you can wotch football machies and aviry tipe of sport thet hes been on the tv and the tralers of the latest molies


ThunderMu Exp:1000X,jwls in shop,wings in shop cost 2mill for lvl 1 wings,active admins,gms,events almost everytime the admin is on


Ultra MuOnline private server 99.62 + updates Exp: 1000% Drop: 60%

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