LardGuns Guns Vs. Lard!!! 100% Free, flash, browser based multiplayer action, now featuring klondike/solitaire puzzle battles.


Everques2 - RaidWiki Detailed raid info and raid zones walkthrougs


Lowca2 Pre-CU SWG Server This will be the home for the Lowca2 Pre-CU SWG Emulated server. We will have player events. Massive PVP battles and other little goodies as well as (hopefully) 24 hour CSR/GM support in game.


MMO-Empire! Great forums, mmorpg news, game talk, awesome community, Make a face with Coinz.(get coinz per post)


Mob Life In Mob Life you assume the role of an italian american immigrant trying to make a living in the mafia. You will start off as a small time punk and work your way all the way to godfather of a city. You will takeover casinos, cities, turf, and much more. You will do all you can to become godfather


Shiningsun A new mmorpg that brings 2D games to life, battle small slime to winged harpies......


Nistonia World Online This 2D adventure includes skills such as mining, carpentry, smithing, combat, magery, archery, lumberjacking, cooking, fishing, and much more. You may want to join or create your own guild when you are good enough. There is most likely even going to be capture the flag and player housing soon. FREE


Mob Story Welcome....Today your Mafia expirience begins, you will work your way to the top making it to the biggest mafia Kingpin ever. You are no longer a normal Civilian, you are are against the law. You must fight to stay free, and do anything it takes. Good Luck...


Exotical Online Exotical is a free 2d mmorpg, with a huge world to explore , hundreds of weapons and armors, a new quest every week and much more!

111 With more than 51,000 members, multiplayerSTRATEGIES is the #1 eZine and online community of MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) gamers providing thousands of game strategies, tutorials and forums to help players dominate their games.


Extreme Games A new age of Downloading


Castle Age - Browser Game Construct buildings, produce resources like lumber, stones, iron and gold, invent new military units and upgrade them in strength. Build up armies, form an alliance with your friends and attack your enemies to plunder thestores and capture their castles.


Phoenix Promisance web-based massively multiplayer strategy game, As leader of a newly founded empire, your goal is to become supreme to all others.


The Ethereal Destiny An online, text-based game that has new updates everyday. You can become a mage, or a fighter, or a mix, and train many attributes, fight many NPC's, or other players, and much much more.


Eurofarstar SWG pre-CU just like the good ol days!


AoR's Promisance A multi-server game based off of the FAF Promisance


Arkon Online Dangerous beasts to fight. Magic and mighty swords. This is the birth of a new era. Enjoy!


God Wars II A fast playerkilling MUD set in a dark fantasy universe, where players take on the role of immortal beings in their struggle for domination.

120 is a FREE web-based MMORPG based on the 70's smash hit movie,


Bulfleet - Space Strategy Game Bulfleet is a new real time space strategy game. Build ships, colonise new planets, deal with your enemies the hard way or start new alliances. These and many more, its free, so sign up now!


RoboWars RoboWars is a Massive Enhanced RPG. Create a Robot, and lead it into battle against over 20,000 other Robots. Earn money, buy weapons, join a squad, there are so many options. Create, plan, strategize and dominate, it's up to you!


Cru'ent'us Cru'en'tus is an original web-based, turn-based Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG), set in a unique fantasy world.


Virtual Realm Virtual Realm is a free mmorpg. Where you can fight beside your friends. So join us in the never ending game.


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The Five Pillars The Five Pillars is a game where you play the role of a powerful mage controlling your own kingdom. The aim of the game is to develop and expand your kingdom better than any of the other players. You start out with a little patch of land, and your task will be to convert this little country into a h


Thugs Harmony This is a new mobster game


b&b game b&b game is een strategie spel waar het draait om zoveel mogelijk geld en units te hebben.


Vennezia 1930's mafia game. Includes killing, cars, drugs, crimes and much more to discover. Absolutely FREE!


Icebots Take control of your own army of Icebots and join the clash for riches, power, and fame. With over 300 items, 50+ bots, 600 commander and bot graphics, weekly tournaments, custom buildable weapons and armor, the possibilities are endless...


SkyLords SkyLords is a browser based strategy MMOG with no installation required. In SkyLords, you play in a 3D space, and control ship and planets.


Oblivion Trailers Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion videos


Klintorth Experience a place where you become the hero and save the day, or become a tyrant and go on raids destroying villages and towns. Perhaps become a King or Queen who ruled over their lands with a stern but fair hand.


Final Legacy The Newest online text based RPG.


The Isle of Laisren A classic find and explore role playing game with a developing storyline and auto-updating journal as progress is made. It features a turn based combat system, and character development. Currently features five races and five classes.


Angels of Fasaria This turn based mmorpg powerhouse is now packed with ladder ranks, guilds, pvp, build your army, manage your land and so much more!


The Dragons Weave Text based MMORPG based off of Seth Able's The Legend of the Green Dragon (with a Dungeons and Dragons/fantasy twist)


Lord Empires Free Political and City building game


Casus 2.0 A new site, contains forum, client, and status, will be more developed soon.


Legacy A browser based game where you take control of your character, in a huge futuristic hive city. fighting other players, working for money, gambling in the casino, collecting items and joining gangs.


The Saga of Gaia 3D , 2D & Browser MMORPG


Berone is a FREE economy driven game, putting users into a fantasy created world. Users will decide how to choose their path at achieving a common goal of fame and fortune.


Endless Online Fully free online MMORPG with 1000+ player server, fast comminty and world, dicover new places, fight npcs, earn gold and become respected. Endelss is a free anime based isometric MMORPG.


Warlordz Warlordz has many npc\'s, Items and maps for hours of fun! and its online 24/7 and totally FREE!!!


PimpinState Welcome , 2009. Our Battle Has Started...Europe Vs Rest Of The World. The Worlds Gonna End. Pimps Gonna Die, Legend\\\\\\\'s Gonna Lie. The Worlds At War Here, What You Gonna Do, Whats Your Part In Saving All Our States To Become Safe And Legal Again. Most Of Our Support Has Gone. Its Up To You. Fight Or D


MedievalScape A free 2d medieval fantasy mmorpg.


LOTRO-France, la communauté francophone de The Lord of The Rings Online


Dagger Games Almost Done With Website


St. Brendan's Cross MMORPG Free Web based, No downloads, Intelligent NPC's. Early Game Stage and Developement. Beautiful Fonts and Graphics.


Hb Cat Hb Cat the best server ever max lvl 519 max stats 600 ek=6

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