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Frist RAN online!!! Frist RAN online server as just opened. 24/7. will never be wiped. our players come first!!! Rates 8/6/6, NO lag at all!!!

103 Our server is very interesting so we are invitig you to stay with us


Mu Aitel best server online.15k exp ..for real no fake...enter and u will see and belive it.Its the best server online


Legend Of Zelda: Online A new and cool Zelda Online game. You can play as the four link in four sword and buttiy it self Zelda :P. Go to the page and look for your self if the game is good :D.


Pimp - World Pimpin' hoes and killing their pimps.. And racing cars too :-) ... You have never seen a game like this before! High gaming expirence..


Samurai War Samurai War is a multiplayer online game. You are an elite Samurai. Your mission is to capture potential threats and prevent them from endangering your dynasty.


--== AWplanet ==-- Absolutely free - Low traffic and system requirements - Full 3D graphics - Mysterious world - Group playing - Advanced combat - Friendly community - Join us now!


Akarrian Soul Free MMORPG!!! In Akarrian Soul you can be a Great Paladin, a Cruel Executioner, a wize Mage or a Cleric. Join us in this wonderfull continent.


Dogs of the Seas Dogs of the Seas is a browser-based Massive Multiplayer Game. You start your career in the heart of the caribbean and fight or trade to earn wealth and glory. Sophisticated Gameplay, Ingame Chat, Sophisticated Graphics and an excellent community.


Fires of Sol Rebirth Fires of Sol Rebirth is a client based 2d MMORPG.Choose to fight for the Armies of Sol, or the Armies of Darkness. Join now, for free.


RPG Listers We list mmorpgs for every one to know and enjoy


Genesis - The Original LPMud Genesis is the original LPMud, though little remains of the stuff from the early days. The emphasis of the mud is to be a challenging game. Themes includes Tolkien, Dragon Lance and many others. The world is strictly medieval fantasy based.


Dark Fusion Online RPG Game, Very active chat rooms/message boards and lots of things to do including battling,training,mining,fishing,farming,clans,outposts and much more!


Human Vs Zombi A cool Zombi online game. Join this fantastic mmorpg game as a zombi or human. So join now and experince Human Vs Zombi


Fighting Spirit Fighting Spirit is a new published game that everyone can join.Join today!


MG Topsites A topsite ranking system, that ranks webites of all kinds through votes from your site. Free to signup and always online. This is a great way to get new visitors. Or you can browse our games/sites that are already listed.


Golden Crop Plant crops, reer animals and fight for your right to be the best farmer.


Industryplayer - Business Strategy Game Industryplayer is the ultimate business strategy game. Players from around the globe compete in real time for market share and profits. You are in charge as a CEO and start with a capital of 10 million dollar that you invest in 5 industrial companies. Free Trial!


The Romans Battle, a free clickbased MMO The romans battle is a user friendly free MMOPG about the roman and greek empires


Mates Woool Server Oriental mmorpg private server


Trax World A game made with the fso engine still come play very fun


Kiropets Virtual Pet Website


Dragon Quest RPG Welcome to Dragon Quest where warriors fight for complete control over an ancient, medieval world.


Evolution Of War Evolution Of War. Meet fellow gamers. Make alliances. Fight! DOMINATE THE FUTURE! Great cities are in ruins. Order is nowhere to be found. Will you fight? Or will you sit back and play with your hair like a little girl?


VZWar - Free online multyplayer war game! Come and compete alot of people, buy weapons, war machines and attack the enemy! COME AND PLAY


Aranock Online Everyone Welcome, Up 24/7, Great Staff, Live quests, Good Community


Elemental War 2D MMORPG, Very fun game. Good community. Explore lands, gain levels, fight for your clan or on your own. Fish, mine, lumberjack, do whatever you wish! Beta test #1 just started! Come check it out! Its FREE!


larkinor guest fun adventureRPG game ...easy to play and realy addicting


LardGuns Guns Vs. Lard!!! 100% Free, flash, browser based multiplayer action, now featuring klondike/solitaire puzzle battles.


Everques2 - RaidWiki Detailed raid info and raid zones walkthrougs


Lowca2 Pre-CU SWG Server This will be the home for the Lowca2 Pre-CU SWG Emulated server. We will have player events. Massive PVP battles and other little goodies as well as (hopefully) 24 hour CSR/GM support in game.


MMO-Empire! Great forums, mmorpg news, game talk, awesome community, Make a face with Coinz.(get coinz per post)


Mob Life In Mob Life you assume the role of an italian american immigrant trying to make a living in the mafia. You will start off as a small time punk and work your way all the way to godfather of a city. You will takeover casinos, cities, turf, and much more. You will do all you can to become godfather


Shiningsun A new mmorpg that brings 2D games to life, battle small slime to winged harpies......


Nistonia World Online This 2D adventure includes skills such as mining, carpentry, smithing, combat, magery, archery, lumberjacking, cooking, fishing, and much more. You may want to join or create your own guild when you are good enough. There is most likely even going to be capture the flag and player housing soon. FREE


Mob Story Welcome....Today your Mafia expirience begins, you will work your way to the top making it to the biggest mafia Kingpin ever. You are no longer a normal Civilian, you are are against the law. You must fight to stay free, and do anything it takes. Good Luck...


Exotical Online Exotical is a free 2d mmorpg, with a huge world to explore , hundreds of weapons and armors, a new quest every week and much more!

140 With more than 51,000 members, multiplayerSTRATEGIES is the #1 eZine and online community of MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) gamers providing thousands of game strategies, tutorials and forums to help players dominate their games.


Extreme Games A new age of Downloading


Castle Age - Browser Game Construct buildings, produce resources like lumber, stones, iron and gold, invent new military units and upgrade them in strength. Build up armies, form an alliance with your friends and attack your enemies to plunder thestores and capture their castles.


Phoenix Promisance web-based massively multiplayer strategy game, As leader of a newly founded empire, your goal is to become supreme to all others.


The Ethereal Destiny An online, text-based game that has new updates everyday. You can become a mage, or a fighter, or a mix, and train many attributes, fight many NPC's, or other players, and much much more.


Eurofarstar SWG pre-CU just like the good ol days!


AoR's Promisance A multi-server game based off of the FAF Promisance


Arkon Online Dangerous beasts to fight. Magic and mighty swords. This is the birth of a new era. Enjoy!


God Wars II A fast playerkilling MUD set in a dark fantasy universe, where players take on the role of immortal beings in their struggle for domination.

149 is a FREE web-based MMORPG based on the 70's smash hit movie,


RoboWars RoboWars is a Massive Enhanced RPG. Create a Robot, and lead it into battle against over 20,000 other Robots. Earn money, buy weapons, join a squad, there are so many options. Create, plan, strategize and dominate, it's up to you!

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