Criminapolis game online Es un tipo de juego de rol en el que el jugador vive en la ciudad de los mafiosos. Allí puede, planeando cuidadosamente su estrategia, pasar de simple “mendigo” a “Gran Padrino”. Para ello tendrá que relacionarse con otros “crimeños”, formar bandas, planear, etc


Dragon Swords II Welcome, Young Sir to the Realm of the Dragon Swords! As a Citizen of this Great Realm you Will Battle Monsters, Duel Freinds and Enemies alike. Amass Wealth and Glorius Gems, Join a Clan or Dare to Lead one up, Roam our Vast Countryside In Search of Wealth, Fame, and Glory!


War Commanders This game is all about Good vs Evil, its like any other rpg, but what ever you chose you will have to be throughout the game and u must fight your enemy if ur evil u must fight good people, etc


Killing Fields Killing Fields is a text based rpg game that lets you take control of you character and rather kill or befriend all.


Kiropets Kiropets is a virtual world where members on a global scale join together in a community to care for pets. Battle your way to the top, collect points and train your pet and interact in a supporting community


BasketBallNation BasketBallNation is a browserbased MultiPlayer Basketball Manager


WarZone Online mafia game. This game is completely for free! And it`s the best game ever!


Island Attack Island attack is a MMORPG where you and all players with your are individual islands which all try to become the most powerfull nation, Do you have the skills and brains to conquer this small world?


War-Lordz War-Lordz is an Online RPG with many items,nps and area\'s! And is online 24/7, Its totally FREE!


World of Ours World of Ours is in the begining stages of becoming a world of ours! An online player ruled world with gods to defend, monsters to kill, quest to take, elected posts to run for, areas to chat and meet people.


Legend of Tokyo It's a good place to play! =D


First War Online Fully Free MMORPG using First Star Online Client


Travia Extreme Estonia An 3D MMORPG Game


Gates of Survival Set in a desilet land, once ruled by a king, and also ravashed by the world. You, a lone adventurer, set off to explore this town, its ways, its aura. Will you walk through the Gates of Survival?


TO Tibia Eden Private OT Tibia Server, 10x, custom npc's, new quests, new maps, new items, built up in a 7.6 client, lagg free, custom weapons, exelent game play and GM'S

66 Fastest Growing SRO Community :|: Build Guides :|: Quest Guides :|: SRO Radio - And much much more, Great Community, Excellent Moderators and Admins working everyday to make the most pleasurable gaming experience.


AshWorld The web browser game based on Fallout and Fallout 2. Will you dare to enter?


Fallen Tear Kingdom - Free online RPG Fallen Tear Kingdom is a Totally free onlinr RPG. Fight monster With tour friend and choose between 6 classes. Earn items and become on of the top 5 player


Silkroad Forums An awesome active and friendly Silkroad Online community. We have over 200 members who regularly post, and a group of dedicated Admins and Mods to keep this site clean. :|:Guides:|:Screenshots:|:Market:|:Character/Job Discussion:|: And so much more! Join today!


Runescape Private Server its runescape private server, all your dreams will come true here, free membership and all for free!!!!!


SilkRoad The Gathering Join ..::SRO The Gathering::.. You will be given the chance of a life time, it is a very active forum, has lots of growing. Includes [: SRO Notices : Private Guild Rooms : Help Teams : Job / Skill Guides : Hints and Tips Guides :] Much more to be had. Join now for FREE and become a Member


Phantom-Quest Phantom-Quest is an exploring based game, placed on a 1000x1000 grid with 9 exciting different towns, and activities such as adopting a child, getting a job, battling, questing and much more!


Dragon Quest Blah blah blah blah blah, just join!


Cyber Wars: Free RPG. Be the hacker. Be the Hacker in this amazing FREE RPG. Fight , make alliances, or just BATTLE!


ZEPIRATES White arm fights, pirates games, treasure hunting, crews confrontation... Zepirates is a really nice simulation game, which immerses you in a quite exotic atmosphere.


Dragons Kingdom - An online browser based RPG! You take the role of a bold adventurer from the Kingdom Of Valour that must now have the courage to defeat the monsters of Dragon\'s Kingdom.


The Age of Dragons This game is a war strategy game that is 100% free


Nations Of Carvolia New free to play MMORPG! Travel various sights, fight monsters, level up and make your own story!


Human-Age Historical human simulation and breeding game. Adopt a human and help him through the various ages of mankind in this free human breeding and simulation game.


Ant\'s Life Be part of playing a great new game, and then help decided its development and changes on the forum. Can you be top ant of your colony? Making friends and beating enemies is important to survive.


TerraWorld Online Reborn Terraworld is a FREE, very large, 2D On-line Role-playing game. It is filled with never ending quests and a very active community!


OrbLands - Free MMORPG OrbLands i a free mmorpg where you can fight monsters, earn items, and trade items (and more) with other players online!


DarkGaming The Ulimate MMO-RPG Resoure


Fatality Online A new FSO game made by delinquant.


MechZ Are ya Ready to Fight?


Medieval Empires Choose amongst nine different races, each with their pros and cons, and play at your own rhythm. Gather your forces and command legions of soldiers, flocks of mages, and build possibly, the greatest army in the world.


VizionWeb A graphics + gaming forum with a website coming soon. Our forum, powered by IPB, is becoming more active by the minute and we hope to become a good and very active community. To help us acheive that, click here!


Frist RAN online!!! Frist RAN online server as just opened. 24/7. will never be wiped. our players come first!!! Rates 8/6/6, NO lag at all!!!

89 Our server is very interesting so we are invitig you to stay with us


Mu Aitel best server online.15k exp ..for real no fake...enter and u will see and belive it.Its the best server online


Legend Of Zelda: Online A new and cool Zelda Online game. You can play as the four link in four sword and buttiy it self Zelda :P. Go to the page and look for your self if the game is good :D.


Pimp - World Pimpin' hoes and killing their pimps.. And racing cars too :-) ... You have never seen a game like this before! High gaming expirence..


Samurai War Samurai War is a multiplayer online game. You are an elite Samurai. Your mission is to capture potential threats and prevent them from endangering your dynasty.


--== AWplanet ==-- Absolutely free - Low traffic and system requirements - Full 3D graphics - Mysterious world - Group playing - Advanced combat - Friendly community - Join us now!


Akarrian Soul Free MMORPG!!! In Akarrian Soul you can be a Great Paladin, a Cruel Executioner, a wize Mage or a Cleric. Join us in this wonderfull continent.


Dogs of the Seas Dogs of the Seas is a browser-based Massive Multiplayer Game. You start your career in the heart of the caribbean and fight or trade to earn wealth and glory. Sophisticated Gameplay, Ingame Chat, Sophisticated Graphics and an excellent community.


Fires of Sol Rebirth Fires of Sol Rebirth is a client based 2d MMORPG.Choose to fight for the Armies of Sol, or the Armies of Darkness. Join now, for free.


RPG Listers We list mmorpgs for every one to know and enjoy


Genesis - The Original LPMud Genesis is the original LPMud, though little remains of the stuff from the early days. The emphasis of the mud is to be a challenging game. Themes includes Tolkien, Dragon Lance and many others. The world is strictly medieval fantasy based.


Dark Fusion Online RPG Game, Very active chat rooms/message boards and lots of things to do including battling,training,mining,fishing,farming,clans,outposts and much more!

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