World of Ours 5.0 World of Ours 5.0 Back and Better!


Empires of Power Empires of Power is a turn based strategy game where you will build your empire up and make enemies and allies along the way!


The Warzone A Medieval text based RPG


Everlasting Online Everlasting Online [] MMORPG [] Make Friends, Fight Monsters, Do quests, Slay bosses and much more.


Ghetto Brawlers Start as a little junkie and work yourself up to the most legendary godfather ever known. Can you handle the streets?


The Pimp Game - Multi Player Free Online Game - Fr, the only place online where you can legally pimp your hoes and kill other pimps!


The Pentacore. The Lords of Edges. Is an online strategic MMO browsergame with a world of over 100.000 Wizards


BGMAFIA.COM BGMAFIA.COM - the hottest online rpg gangster game


The Dark Assassin join the world of the dark assassin in the test based web enviroment

460 - Word jij een Don? Bulletdeal, Criminals, Mafia, - Word jij een Don?


PimpDreams a fast growing online community for the mature gamers


POWERCRIME! Meld je aan! en ondek alles zelf maar!


.:Holy MapleStory:. Pulling Out Of The Rankings, Good Luck.


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Battle Creek Mafia Battle Creek Mafia Revolves around Battle creek Michigan. Where living in the streets and gettin by isn\'t so easy this is year 2007 and all is fair game everyone has to fend for himself and make their dough come see if you can be the boss of the city!!!!


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Gangsterz-Paraidse text base mafia game

468 MMORPG - English & Dutch players! You want to be a real mafiaboss like Al Capone and have everybody at your feet? You want to have fun? You want to make money? Then, you are at the right place!


Unification Wars online space based strategy game


Bloody-Wars Have you got what it takes to bring down your enimes


Sea of Shadows Sea of Shadows revolves around pirates and legends. Each player starts the game with a chosen race (Undead, Human, Viking, Pirates, Buccaneers) and country. From that point on players upgrade their ships, cannons, and weapons by using recruitment links to send to other people across the globe.


Widns Wars Join WINDS WARS to gain glory and a huge army wich you will use to destroy other players, fight against a faction or open your own faction and defend it with all your power!


Arms Lords Arms Lords is a cutting edge Free organized crime game with players around the globe competing for top organization, cash and prizes. Register now to win a 2007 Sony Vaio!


Anarchy Wars WAR has ravaged the lands for hundreds of years! The people are divided, and plunged into chaos They plunder anyone that doesn’t share their cause, a cause that is, unknown.


Cyberdunk - Basketball MMORPG Coach your own basketball player, manage your basketball team, rig games, contract human players, buy more seats for your stadiums and win domestic, international or league cups.


Military Mayhem Free game! Military web-based RPG. Train hard to become a top soldier, join a Corps and fight to beat back the enemy.


MasterVpet the best web game !!! join now!!


Elyzeria Elyzeria is a small site where you find yourself in a vast medieval world during dark and sinister ages. Battle against the enemy, play games, join contests, write stories, talk with other citizens, collect items, build your own fortune and gather rare treasures... Everything is possible in Elyzeria


OutWar Text based MMORPG with over 200,000 active players.

480 - Free Online RPG is the leading browser based online role playing game. Explore a fully developed world, filled with creatures, quests, and rare items. Level up and learn special skills and new spells to aid you in battle. No downloads or plug-ins required


Outwar Join Outwar, THE BIGGEST FREE WEB BASED MMORPG where players fight each other or work together to get rare items and gain experiance. Join now and become the best!!!!


Ultimate Dominion Free Massive multi-player RPG, Live moderated chat suitable for all ages, Come cast spells and wield powerful weapons against 400+monsters, & each other. Play our new Monster Bingo or join in on our new Mining update.Join a clan or play alone, strive to be the best and obtain the Ultimate Dominion


DOFUS Discover the Universe of DOFUS, the tactical MMORPG and join 2 000 000 players to search the 6 legendary dragon eggs. Quests, 12 playable characters, monthly add-ons, huge universe, guilds…


Lords:Dragon Master A new MPOG game made from the medival times Come Join Now!!


crimegame meld je aan het is een leuke spel het is met prijs en we hebben niet zoveel leden dus je kan snel 1 worden


DarkEvil Online A 2-D Online MMORPG with good graphix, items, and People. You can create a Archer, Mage, or a Warrior and become the best. The game includes: PvP, Guilds, Items, 35 Trainable skills, Quest Log, Spells, and Events, Arena Matches,


Back Street back street gangsta


Ace Pimpin Welcome to Ace Pimpin®! A FREE online pimp you must increase your networth and build an empire.


Eldarion Lord of the Rings Online game Online game Eldarion, Third age of Middle-earth is a online strategy game, based on the world of J.R.R.Tolkien.


Gundam Ground Zero A free-form sci-fi RPG based on the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series. Fight with giant mecha to further the goals of your organization. Played over a message board.


Online Gangsta Game This game prodives many good features like, Battles, Gangs, Robberies, Good staff. Please come join if you dont your missing out on all the action.


Kingdom of Knights Do you wanna become a ruler or Knight,well join us now.


Tarsus Empire Tarsus empire is a free browser based online multiplayer game where you must conquer planets and destroy enemy empire fleets to attempt to become the dominant force in the galaxy.


SoldierExtreme Roam the battlefield, sabotage your enemys, gather gold from the gold mine...


A Living Universe Living Universe is a science fiction, space based, Massively Multiplayer On-Line Game (MMPOG). You must use your cunning, entrepreneurial and combat skills to build yourself an empire of wealth and fame while competing against other human and non-human players.


The Chaos Engine Advanced 2D Open Source with Stability And Features ! Great Community With Updates Often ! Create Your Own World or Empire. Bring Your Gaming Ideas & Imagination To Life !


City Life City Life!Your life,your nature!

498 Just another free game to play


Bulletproof RPG Bulletproof RPG is based in the city of Greensville, where you are in a constant battle to be the best. Fight other members, join gangs, or start your own. You will need to fight your way to the top in order to become truly Bulletproof.


Xyber Wars Free text based Browser Based MMOPRG

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