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ImbaMt2Hamachi ImbaMt2Hamachi/GERMAN SERVER EXP: 1000% DROP: 1000% YANG: 1000% Many Events, Friendly GMs, Everytime Online, Join Us


Metin2HC.COM , International Private Server ! The best international private server , no lag , no bugs , level maxim 100 , catacombe online ! enjoy


OmemMelicia2 Servidor de Metin2 Tipo de servidor:PVM Horário do servidor: 24/7 Implementações: Novas armas, novos mapas, novos items, cliente próprio. Server of Metin2 Tip of server: PVM Time of the server: 24/7 Implementations: New weapons, new maps, new items.


Metin2HenTuRo ! Metin2HenTuRo !


Metin2 World un server pvp&pvm rates all 1000% hamachi : Mt2-world.1 ......10 parola 123 ATEVTIE!!!! site nu merge pana nu conectati hamachi GM super de treaba VA ASTEPTAM have fun!


AmnesaMt2 Geiler server tolle raten nette community Tolle Gm's Neue Maps,Reittiere,Waffen,Rüstungen etc


Metin Romania Metin private server from Romania. Rates 10.000x! Custom NPCs, New Items !!! JOIN NOW!! LOOKING FOR GMs!!! Server privat metin din Romania. Rate 10.000x la toate! Iteme noi! Cautam Game Masteri!!!


Reflex of Glory Reflex of Glory (Spiegel dein Ruhm) ist ein Metin2 P Server mit 2 Server'n einen DE Rate Server und einen High Rate Server. Die Rates auf dem DE Rate Server (Kaluga) sind Orginal DE bei dem High Rate Server (Lamira) sind die Rates x1500. Level Grenze 127 Neue Maps neue Reittiere nette Community


CreedMt2: 24/24 CreedMt2 online 24/24 NO HAMACHI Languages: English/italian


Cataclysm Metin2 Cataclysm Metin2 - New International Private Server Excellent rates for a balanced gaming experience and not get to the top in few hours. Max. Level 150. New Mounts. InGame Item Mall. New Mobs. New Maps. Guild Wars working. New Items. Stones till +9 Great and competent, player-friendly Support Team always ready to help you guys. And so much more!


Metin2 Server Privat Metin2 Server Privat High Rates EXP : 5000 x Drop : 5000 x Gold : 5000 x - 99,99% Up Time - No Lag - No Bugs - Legendary Items - New items - New swords - Dedicated Staff - Daily Events


Metin2 Private Server,Metin2 Factory! The most popular Metin2 private server is back!mt2 Factory will be lunching very soon. Same exp/gold rate as before Hosted on a dedicated server 24/7 Join now! Don't forget to vote.


MT2 Private Server MT2 Private Server. Rates: EXP: 5000x / Drop: 5000x / Gold: 5000x. 99,00% Up time, No Lag, No Bugs, New armor and weapons, New maps, GM events 2x a week, Great Staff


NeverEndingMt2 Vieles erwartet euch! Neue Händler Itemshop Händler 7 Neue Maps! 1000x Rates Nette Gm's Sichert euch jetzt ein platz und werdet der Beste sein!


Metin2 Xploid Server cu multe evolutii la arme si armuri .Level maxim 127 .Ratele sunt 1000% GM de treaba .Va asteptam cu drag !


HaloMetin2 Private Server A Romanian & English private server of Metin2. Looking for great GM\\\'s with experience. Our server has 7 new maps , new weapons. Join our server to find out more. Hamachi Networks: HaloMetin2-1 ...........-50. Hamachi Password: 123


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Metin2Lovers Metin2Lovers - New International Private Server Excellent rates .Max. Level 127. InGame Item Mall. Guild Wars working. New Items. Stones till +9 Great and competent, player-friendly Support Team always ready to help you . And so much more!


Metin2Tournament New Game Experience Join Us Now ! Release Date 17.05.2011


Metin2 the best server 2013 game client and server files,24/7 up time,item shop all in game,no donations,Dedicated Server,+100 mobs,21 new maps,rates 500 x3,dedicated staff,daily events,100% Up Time,join us today!


Metin2 Paradise 3500x Metin2 Paradise 3500x server. High Rates : EXP: 3000x | Drop: 3000x | Gold: 3500x. 99,00% Up time, No Lag, No Bugs, New armor and weapons, New maps, GM events 2x a week, Great Staff


metin2 metin2 online game


Metin 2 PGL Server METIN2 ALL rate x1000% No Lag server , all weapon +9 in the shop , GM MODE ON ..!!


metin2 private server [Hamachi-Server][Root is coming][24/5 ONLINE][Rates 1000x EXP/ 1000x DROP/ 1000x YANG][Friendly Gms and nice Support][JOIN US!!!]


DarknessMT2 Server Private Hamachi Nume Server DraknessMT2 Server Private Hamachi Bun Venit La Noi Owner [OwN]Darkness Detalii la id-ul [email protected] ! VA ASTEPTAM PE SERVER!


Unbreakeble --> Rootserver ~ 24 Std. Online Neue Maps Spinnendungeon III Neue Items/Uppsystem Neue Reittiere ganz neue Waffen Rates in der DB eingestellt LVL 127 Nettes erfahrenes Team Mischung aus Oldschool und neu Extra Handelsmap Regelmäßige Wartung


Mt2Ilusions Server Rate 1000%Drop Items 150% Full pvp !!!50


King-MT2 Vino pe cel mai frumos server Romanesc Serverul este 100% in Limba Romana Cele mai noi iteme... Cei mai noi Mobi sunt doar pe King-MT2 Serverul este deschis Non Stop (nu este pe hamachii,IP) Te Asteptam pe King-MT2


Metin2Sex Este cel mai tare servar de metin la inceput va da P la magii Ratele 500%-1000% este foarte misto va las sa va convingeti singuri MC:


metin2 pvp online metin2 pvp server


GyXMt2 Primul Server romanesc GM-MODE


Metin2 Lion All Rates: x500-x1000


Onisekai-Online // 2 Server Ultra-Fun / Fun !!! 2000 Players Online ║ Romanian - French - WORLD Server !


Topliste p server metin2 Sie sind ein auf der Suche nach einem privaten Server? Topliste pserver hilft Ihnen, die besten Private Server Premium finden. Die ersten Top Metin2 Server ausschließlich DACH (Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz). Registrieren Sie sich jetzt und erhalten Sie 30 Tage Premium-Membership


Metin2 Torikku Tipps, Tricks und Tutorials rund ums Game


PussyWindMt2 New metin2 hamachi server online 0-24. New armors,weapons and maps. Rates:500%++ Perfect upgrade system. Dedicated stuff with loads of events.GM speaks Fluent English/Croatian/Italian and German Enjoy!


Metin2 Cataclysm Metin2 Cataclysm -> It is a new 2011/12 server pvp / pvm, max lvl 127,100% translation in English, Level in front of name,Support team,new maps,events,qests and more...Come all join US.


Metin2Death PvpSv New(Armor-Weapons)


metin2 pvp metin2 pvp server


*MatrixMT2 Reloaded P-Server* 2011er Server files and client new HP with giant community many new and more new maps level 170 + PVP oriented gaming system unique support (in-game, Forum) many new weapons, items and armor + new mounts, etc...


CautionMt2 A great portuguese server that is currently growing up... it's in hamachi but in july to august it's gona be in a dedicated server.


International German/English Server New Server Serverstart 01.07.2011 New Client Much FUN!


Rising Phoenix New Italian Server - Server Files 2011 - Auto Potions implemented - Dragon Run - New Mounts - Max Level 150 - New Metins - Farm Maps - New maps - Guild Wars - Great PvP Stats/Balance - Weapons/Armors/Gear all the way up! Join us now and discover the server by yourself! New Dungeon Runs will come soon! Be the first one to enter!


EvolutionMT PvP Server No Hamachi Global Comunity Dedicated PvP Server No Lag 24/7 Online No Bugs Daily Events High Rates Exp 1000x Yang 1000x Drop 1000x Dedicated Staff New Items Legendary Weapons Custom PvP Areas Join Our Server Now!


Elite caos Metin2 metin2 Elitecao gold Free rates FULL PVP


Metin2Tm Acest server este PvM!Avand ratele: Exp: 250 Drop yang: 250 Drop Item: 250 Descarcati clientul fix Metin2TM


UrbanStreetMt2 ~Oldschool Server~Alles im Spiel Erreichbar~Neue items~Neue mobs / Maps~Besseres Uppverfahren~Nettes Team~Viele Events


GlaciusMt2 English private server New Weapons;New Itens;New Maps and more


Glacius Mt2 - Legendary Wohan The Best Server, New weapons,New armors,Lvl 175 and more


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