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Russia LineAge2 forum Русский LineAge2 форум=)


Sarcasts Realm C5 | No lag server and easy to connect with. rates 3.0 to keep you and your friends entertained for a long time! | C5 Skills | C5 Weapon/Armors | Fishing | Boate | Castle Sieges | Clanhalls | Olympia | SevenSigns | Events | PvP | RP | Community | SubClasses | Raid Bosses | S-Grad |


Lineage 2 HeRoS Server Servidor completamente oficial 3x 3x 3x puro rol


We.Are.Dragons LineAge II C5 Server We.Are.Dragons LineAge II C5 Server - Hungary - Dragonians(non-Pk) |Rates: 7x XP, 7x SP, 10x PartyXP, 10x PartySP, 12x AdenaDrop, 15x ItemDrop| - Hellians(PvP/Pk) 1000x Rates: 1000x XP, 1000x SP, 10x PartyXP, 10x PartySP, 700x AdenaDrop, No ItemDrop


Top-List for Lineage 2 :) A nice new L2 Top-List ONLY for Lineage 2 :) We would be very proud if you could help us start this project. Just Add your Site ^_^


Lineage II lage 2 Lineage II lage2 Server Большой онланй постоянный админы


L2-Eden Deutscher Lineage 2 -Thorne 1- Rollenspiel Freeshard. Eigene Servergeschichte die durch die Spieler selber Fortgesetzt wird. Rollenspiel wird bei uns mit Punkten belohnt und vieles mehr! Raten: XP 1 / SP 1,5 / Party 1,5 / Drop 3 / Adena 3 / Spoil 6


.::L2 Andahres::. Lineage2 C5 Server. RP gern gesehn. Nette Community und netter Staff. Funktionnierende Quests. Raten [EXP/SP 3x] [Adena/Drop 4x] [Party 2x] [PetEXP 5x] [Quest Rewards 8x]


L2 AoA C5 Server Custom skills Custom Clan SKills Customized weapon Sa's new Hereo skills adn more 2000xp 2000sp join an dhvae fun NPC Buffer in every town Instant lvl 78 Join And PVP


PK/PVP videos and pictures! Many pictures and videos about the Player killing:P


Guerriers des Temps Serveur Interlude RP 10xp/10sp/25a. Bonus inscription, armes heros, dinosaures, Herbs.. Events reguliers, clan war, traduction FR(en cours). Equipe sérieuse et presente. De nombreux évennements à venir !! Config : bi-Xeon 3.2Ghz DaulCore (4 proscesseurs virtuels !!) 4Go ddr2 / FTTH a venir.


Lineage 2 Yonkarras Server C5 Rates 40x Items C5 - Items Heroe - Todos los pets - Zonas modificadas - NO TE ARREPENTIRAS 24h ONLINE


Tsrox.server L2C5 [server L2c5][xp:50 sp :50 adena:40][GMShop][No lag][l2j][luxury teleport]


Russian Clan MoscowRussia Site forum Russian Clan MoscowRussia/ Moscow Real Server Intel Dual XEON-3.6x2/800/2M/8Gb Ram/4*500Gb SATA-2/RAID Server1-C4-8/8/8/8/10 ( Server2 -Interlude OPEN x7)Server TS


L2 New Order BRAND NEW L2 OFF Server, international community. All Rates x4 ! Many custom feat. as Seven Signs, TOI, Sub and much more. You like Challenges?? Follow our invitation & join us .....NOW !!!


L2Maniaks GMshop ,Autolearn skills ,Enchant rate is 70% ,Max enchant is +18,Global GK ,C5 weapons, armors, skills, mobs, custom subclass system!! 100mbps!!!


L2 Daggers L2 daggers , c4 full ! , subclass , gmshop , new skills , rates : all 1000


Sexy L][ Ultra modded => for adults ^^ full c5=> xp:25 sp:25 adena:30 100mbit sec--- full c5 ultra modded=>download our big auto-updater on forum :p


...::: L2Eclipse :::... Servidor Privado C4 Full 100% Official (Funciona todo), C5 Proximo, unico servicor Bilingüe. Aventos Oficiales. Y Mucho Mas


.::L2 Anderwelt::. Lineage2 C5 Server. RP gern gesehn. Nette Community und netter Staff. Funktionnierende Quests. Raten [EXP/SP 3x] [Adena/Drop 5x] [Party 2x] [PetEXP 5x] [Quest Rewards 8x]


L2PvP..::DeSiRe::.. Welcome to l2 c5 desire we are a pvp server and we want you all online 300+ community 500x rates !!Join now


Exiled Networks High and Medium Rate C5 (Interlude) Servers | C5 (Interlude) Skills, Mobs, Weapons/Armor | Noblesses | Hero | Castle Sieges | Clanhall | Fishing | Sub-Classes | 99.99% Uptime | Great GM's and overall a great place to play!!


Lineage][Fans Grup Romania Website and forums dedicated to the all Lineage 2 fans from Romania .


Carpe Noctem Deutscher RPG Server [Raten 2x2x4x4] [Aktive GMs] [C3 & C4 & C5 Skills] [C3 & C4 & C5 Quests] [Alle C4 Monster+Stats+Drops] [Alle C4 Gegenden] [Heros] [Castle Siege] [Seven Signs] [Strider&Wyverns] [C4 Pets]


..:: NapZ ::.. Adena; 5000x Exp; 2000x Sp; 2000x Drop; 10x Nice High Rate Server, Nice Staffs, Every week Events, NPC Buffer, Dances & Songs one hour C5 Free Server


Lineage Killer ALL MAX ; Items 100%!!!!


L2 Alma Herida Server C5, Español, X5000, Gm Shop, Multi Gk.....


L2Moonlight Servidor Lineage2 C5 buenos rates


MERDA L2 Server C1 rates -9999xp/-9999sp/-9999adena o melhor server do brasil....Muito lag...Muito mesmo....mtu bug....cheiu de vc mata 1 bixu vc fik com adena negativa.....hackers liberados pra acaba com tudo.....bando de filha da puta......joge merda jogue em L2 MERDA...


TheOneAndOnlyPVP Brand New L2 C5 Server, The BEST PVP Around. Level 66 from first monster. Join today


P-T-K_LAN Lineage II C5 Stable Server


come all plz come all player


Luda2 Lineage2 C5 server Very stable server C5 full, all time working.


Lineage 2 KID Private Server New machine for L2Kid (DualXeon 3.8).Rates:15x15x15 -Tercera Profesion Sub-Clases -Skills C4 Zonas C4 Full Novedades


L2 Wild C5 PVP server exp 300, sp 300, adena 800, drop 1, spoil 1


Dragons Blood 1000x Rate, NON STOP , C4, GM SHOP,Globak GK,NPC BUFFER and lot more...


Order Of Dragon / / / C5 99% \ \ \ Extreme PVP Ser This is a very good new server from Argentina: Features: Xp 10k / Adenas 10k Server C5 very good gms good special features like: special GM shop / Global GK / NPC With Song Dances Buffs / 1hour Buffs. Very good events coming soon. Come and Join this


L2 Legend History Server C5 Español


L2 Deagoon reborn Raits: 500xp 500sp 1000aden 5drop


L2 Rage This is a new C5 server that many custom things in it like custom leveling grounds and a custom enchant system. We have a nice english staff of GMs and have events and custom events we made that we host daily.


La2Vampire PvP PvP Server L2Vampire C5,x2500,Enter our web site to see more info!


L2knight rates45x-roy the cat-gmshop-buffe+telport+españl+no lag


AdenWorld War of Gods In our game which set of innovations is not present either on official servers, or on freegames.


Gaming Velocity {Awsome GM's}{non profit}(2 Ghz Opteron Dual core CPU/ 2 GB DDR 400 (pc 3200) RAM/1x 250GB 7200RPM's SATA 3.0 GB/s 16MB Buffer Hard Drive) Enjoy our L2j server


CTron ServerPvP 300000X/10000000x/1000000000x /sub class Acumulativa!!!! enter Now


Lineage 2 Clan Site ==Join Our Clan==Join Our Server==


Silent L2 C5 Server C5 | Full systems, pets, skills, weapons/armours. We have it all. Good GM's and Great Community. Come join us!!


L2 Pro L2J L2 Pro/Server BR Full C5 Xp/Sp/Adena/Drop: 65/120/850/35 Enchant: Tipe/Rate/Max Weapon/90%/+100 Armor/95%/+150 SubClass,Hero,Wyverns,Sieges...


L2power Rus L2 PVP 5000-7000-9000


LineAge II OG Rates 4000x Exp,5000x Sp,10x Drop,5000x Adena; Mass Team PvP; FFA Event; Raid Boss Events; Clan Wars; C4 Weapons and Armors

[ 1-50 ] - [ 51-100 ] - [ 101-150 ] - [ 151-200 ] - [ 201-250 ] - [ 251-300 ] - [ 301-350 ] - [ 351-400 ] - [ 401-450 ] - [ 451-500 ] -