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Lineage2 C4 server Lineage2 C4 good server, RateXP:9000


ColdFire Server full C5 rate 20x 15X 20X 25X/ SUBCLASS/ 3nd CLASS/ HEROS/ OLYMPIAD/ FISH/ NOBLESSE/ SERVER 20Mbps


AllStaR Lineage ][ L2 C4 free server, 10x 100x 600x, hero, nice gk, and more....


Lineage 2 Top 200 Private Servers Brand new lineage 2 top list! Add your private server today for easy traffic!!


Lineage 2 Fortuna (Chronicle 5) Chronicle 5 Highrate Server - 45x EXP/85x SP/210x Adena/1x Drop/3x Spoil - C4/C5 Areas/Skills - 3rd Class - Subclass - Seven Signs - Castle Siege - No downtime! Join our community...


Lineage Kingdom - Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood Lineage Kingdom - Chronicle 5


L2 Lineage 2 Cheats, Bots, Guides The Lineage 2 Empire gives you information and downloads about Cheats / Bots / Exploits / Hacking Community / Forum / Guides / Adena / Money / L2 Walker / Macros / Secrets / Tips / Hints / Tricks / Strategies / Private Server / More!


L2-Fusion C4 server [Full C4 like on Retail][exp: 4 sp:5 adena:5 drop:4 spoil:4 questrate:5][Experienced team] [hardware: Athlon 3800, 3GB or RAM]Join us and enjoy L2 on L2-Fusion.


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SerVer c5 ITA 6x7x8x AppeNa aperto!!!! 6x7x8x C5 OTTIMO! appena aperto! tutti i pet c5!!!


Ancient Feathers Lineage II c5 Server!! Rates 50x100x150x


FyM L2 C5 Server join our lineage2 c5 server high rate rates are 1000exp 1000 drop 1000 adena


Lineage II PVP Brasil Melhor server de pvp do BRASIL - - 1000x Adena 1000xExp - - GM SHOP - - Npc Buffer - - Eventos diarios - - E muitos mais!


Lineage 2 Cyber World Lineage2 C4 Official server. Rates: 15x 15x 15x 10x 10x


l2destructeur Serveur Lineage2 C5 ==[News Weapons C5, Amor C5 , Skills C5, RaidBoss C5 ,(Shutgard Town...), Zones C5 ]== rate 35/35/25/25/50a /pet/mob C4/5, Gm 7/7, |Olympiad|Peche|Nobless|Hero|ketra alliance/ silenos alliance/dualweapons/dualdaggers/


RWTLSociety L2 C4 1Tb Connection! [Everything that youve seen on other servers and ALOT MORE.] 4gb ram 4.8ghz! 7x rates. Long Term! If you are looking for a nice gaming community, youve come to the right place! Welcome! First 20 players will get unique rewards!


L2 LineFreak Russian Rates:5x5x10x5x5 C5 items/Quest item Shop/(shift + mouseclick)- Русские GMы [CPU 3800+ DUO 2 GB RAM2]


L2Hispano Vuelve L2Hispano Retail L2Off Full c4-c5(7x7x7x5)-hero-noblesse-olimpiad-7 sings-lottery-3rdClass-GMs on-24/7Uptime!-NO LAG-+1000-ENTRA


Lineage 2 Sympozium Welcome to Lineage 2 Chronicle 5 Sympozium


WhiteHand - Lineage C5 Lineage 2 C5 Server - All working


L2Bloodly Sword C5 Server Lineage C5 Server FREE. Capacity for 2000 players online at the same time. Sieges and events weekly. Rates 7x7x4x. Fishing and new C5 monsters activated.


L2Age Server Lineage II is multiuser game of last generation. Some thousand characters simultaneously can participate in game controllable by people. The medieval, fantastic world filled by miracles and dangers, monsters and heroes will open for you


Lineage2 Chronicle 3/4 Servers Dedicated Chronicle 3 and 4 Servers (4000x Exp, 5000x SP, 5000x Adena) Low Rate 40x/50x/200x High Rate 160x/250x/1000x |NPC Shops|SA weapons


The Empire Of Lineage The Best C5 server for Lineage2


Blue Fury L2 High Rate c4 / working Gmshops/with custome items/PvP events/ working siege's and much more!


Infinity-Friends Multilingual Server. C5 Highrate: XP 400 | SP 400 | Adena 800, C5 Low-Rate: XP 5, SP 6, Adena 9 10 Drop & Spoil, Party XP 2, Party SP 3, Raid bosses, GM-Shops in all Cities, Quests working. Friendly GMs, GMs Speak: German, English, Spanish, Arentinia, French Portugese,


WRTSociety Lineage 2 server 17/17/17 Support siege castle-Support strider/wyvern-Support subclass-Support seven signs -Added And Fixed Some summons skills-Custom GMShop-AutoLearnSkill Working-Added Jail System-Added Ninja Suit -Most things that other servers have and alot of other things + things you never seen before!


L2Free Lineage2 C4 L2Free full c4/c5 itens / xp , sp 3000 , adena rate 4000 / enchant rate +35 (99%) /safe enchant +5 /


ATLANTIS RO Nr.1 rates 500x/800x/800x Visit the web page for more informations!


L2 Final Destination C4 medium rate 45/55/200x Join now!! fun events, custom enchant glow, friendly staff and lots more!!! JOIN NOW!!!!!


LA2Events New style "Event Server",there be all construction gameplay on events.In events can join all,but that be not a simple PvP event! .Go to site & get more information


Best server ull ever find lag free nice gms registering is free


L2 - iGO 4000x PVP Server. C5. 3rd class. Subclass. Tons of custom content. Auto events every day. Great GMS. Free teleports everywhere. A server to have fun on without wasting too much time.


Gola2Server Gola2Server | C5 | 99% Uptime | Netter Staff | Low Rate | RP


user Hungarytatabanya


Lineage-II PVP хорошый пвп сервер с4 1000х


Russia LineAge2 forum Русский LineAge2 форум=)


Sarcasts Realm C5 | No lag server and easy to connect with. rates 3.0 to keep you and your friends entertained for a long time! | C5 Skills | C5 Weapon/Armors | Fishing | Boate | Castle Sieges | Clanhalls | Olympia | SevenSigns | Events | PvP | RP | Community | SubClasses | Raid Bosses | S-Grad |


Lineage 2 HeRoS Server Servidor completamente oficial 3x 3x 3x puro rol


We.Are.Dragons LineAge II C5 Server We.Are.Dragons LineAge II C5 Server - Hungary - Dragonians(non-Pk) |Rates: 7x XP, 7x SP, 10x PartyXP, 10x PartySP, 12x AdenaDrop, 15x ItemDrop| - Hellians(PvP/Pk) 1000x Rates: 1000x XP, 1000x SP, 10x PartyXP, 10x PartySP, 700x AdenaDrop, No ItemDrop


Top-List for Lineage 2 :) A nice new L2 Top-List ONLY for Lineage 2 :) We would be very proud if you could help us start this project. Just Add your Site ^_^


Lineage II lage 2 Lineage II lage2 Server Большой онланй постоянный админы


L2-Eden Deutscher Lineage 2 -Thorne 1- Rollenspiel Freeshard. Eigene Servergeschichte die durch die Spieler selber Fortgesetzt wird. Rollenspiel wird bei uns mit Punkten belohnt und vieles mehr! Raten: XP 1 / SP 1,5 / Party 1,5 / Drop 3 / Adena 3 / Spoil 6


.::L2 Andahres::. Lineage2 C5 Server. RP gern gesehn. Nette Community und netter Staff. Funktionnierende Quests. Raten [EXP/SP 3x] [Adena/Drop 4x] [Party 2x] [PetEXP 5x] [Quest Rewards 8x]


L2 AoA C5 Server Custom skills Custom Clan SKills Customized weapon Sa's new Hereo skills adn more 2000xp 2000sp join an dhvae fun NPC Buffer in every town Instant lvl 78 Join And PVP


PK/PVP videos and pictures! Many pictures and videos about the Player killing:P


Guerriers des Temps Serveur Interlude RP 10xp/10sp/25a. Bonus inscription, armes heros, dinosaures, Herbs.. Events reguliers, clan war, traduction FR(en cours). Equipe sÚrieuse et presente. De nombreux Úvennements Ó venir !! Config : bi-Xeon 3.2Ghz DaulCore (4 proscesseurs virtuels !!) 4Go ddr2 / FTTH a venir.


Lineage 2 Yonkarras Server C5 Rates 40x Items C5 - Items Heroe - Todos los pets - Zonas modificadas - NO TE ARREPENTIRAS 24h ONLINE


Tsrox.server L2C5 [server L2c5][xp:50 sp :50 adena:40][GMShop][No lag][l2j][luxury teleport]


Russian Clan MoscowRussia Site forum Russian Clan MoscowRussia/ Moscow Real Server Intel Dual XEON-3.6x2/800/2M/8Gb Ram/4*500Gb SATA-2/RAID Server1-C4-8/8/8/8/10 ( Server2 -Interlude OPEN x7)Server TS

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