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Eternity C4 Server Lineage 2 C4, 50X exp, 40x Sp, Seiges, Clans,Latest Night datapacks,Increased Drop Rate Vey generous, Player VS Player, Quick Pet lvls ,Looking for a few people interested in being GM's


Montrial Otome Free anime, manga and games =P We are really nice, so try us ^^. <3


KaosPeru exp x 100 adena x 5000 correo admin [email protected] agregame para darte ip lapagina es para las cuentas espero q les guste


Ka0s Zonas C4, armas hero en el gm shop de giran, tercera profesion y mas.


Atlantis rates: xp:5/sp:7/adena:7/drop:4, todo el c4 implementado y parte c5, nada de lag garantizado, servidor rol, cuestion de verlo


L2-Hurrycan-Funserver [GERMAN] KEIN PvP-Server!!! sehr hiflsbereite und nette Community vielen Events auch private Player-Events.Raten: Ep:5 Sp:7 PartyEp:1.5 PartySp:1.7 Dp:7 Spl: 12 Serverstat:24/7 mit TS! und eigenen DROPFINDER!


Lineage C4off server l2off c4 server rates 1


Art.Of.Pain Lineage 2 C4 Private Server


Alende - Lineage ][ Server hispano de Lineage ][. Rates x1, fiel al oficial.


L2 Navegos Lineage 2 C4 Portuguese server, 20xd-10xs-40xa-6sp-6xp- lvl 85 skils learn,no lag, and secret places to find, fireworks, GMS shops, traders, buffers, medal rewards, developing mor events for players


Servidor Espa˝ol de Lineage C4 Custom Servidor dedicado sin limite de ancho de banda de internet, pets que evolucionan, eventos, castillos, clanhalls, tattoos, armas personalizadas...


Catweazle┤s LineAge2 Server C5 C5 Server German Community Low Rates Boats Pets Fishing Quests


L2 German Revolution Rates 60/70/30/560 Full Gmshop,Global GK,Friendly Admins


N4 | Lineage 2 IW server Lineage 2 C4 private server : Rates: 5xp 5sp 5a 10Spoil 10q reward , Friendly Gms, No lag, 99% up, events and more!


L2 Revolution L2 C4 + GmShop + Wyvern + (Player Buffers) + C5 items + Drop 50x50x500


L2 Revenge Long Term Long Term Low Rate Server, Full C4, Olympaid and more, 24/7 uptime hosted in uk, come play and have fun.


L2-TheGuardians Exp.13-sp.15-adena 60.Todo c4 completo,c4 armors,dagas duales


HeroeS L2 C4 x3x5x5x5x8 C4 Full - Heroes - Olimpiadas - Fishing - Tattoos - Subclases - Quest - Mascotas - Noblesa


Genesis: Lineage II Canadian 8000x server with GM Shops, friendly GMs, forums and community

320 Welcome to PVP server L2JSystem v0.90 Lineage II The Chaotic Chronicle


FantasyGames New server with great comunity and Staff - C4 - Full C4 Areas With Mobs and Raid Bosses - Working TOI - 24/7 Uptime! - Serv Rates: 15x/15x/30x - Join Today!


Castle-L2 Castle-L2 High rate server Xp: 100k, Sp: 100k, Adena: 100k, Working C4 skills, Fishing WORKING, Enchant: 50%, Gmshop, Auto reg,Skills OTHER INFO IN WEBSITE


L26a6pyuck Pvp server x6000 x6000 x9000 c4-c5


Kazlunn Lineage2 Server Server fast: x10000 , x5000, No lag ( 10 Mbps )


DarkQueen Polish Server c5 10xEXP/15xSP/20xDROP/20xADENA


Lineage : Good vs Evil :PvP: CT1 Kameal/Hellbound + First Faction v Faction Server, no other server like this. 2 Factions, No Peace Zones, Capturable Towns. CUSTOM


therose server c4 no lag no bug


L2SUnrise L2Sunrise - High Rate Server, 125/175/500/100/150 - Stable Server, NO Lags, daily updates, dedicated staff, running on 100 Mbit! Join us now!


L2|Unreal:Rebirth L2|Unreal C4 | World 1: EXP:50 |SP:50 |Adena:60|Fishing | 7-Signs [FULL] | Symbols | Marriage | C4-Pets|Hero/Olympiad|CustomItems|


Bienvenidos a L2 Micro Star Servidor de Lineage 2 C4, Rates: Exp: x30, Sp: 30. Adena: x40. Clan, Siege, GmShop, Eventos y Torneos.


L2 ARCANGEL Server C4 argentino de L2 gratuito. Rates: x6x8x12x8


Deutsch/Englisch Full C4 Server Deutsch/Englisch L2 Server | Deutscher Support | Rates: 15x/30x/30x/10x | Full C4 - Server Uptime 99,9% | Castle Sieges, 3rd Class, Auto SS | GM Shop in Giran !


==================///////////MLD--LINEAGE2\\\\\\\\ C4+C5 Veru Fast Ka4 RUSSIAN SERVER!!!!!! Exp10000 sp 10000 adena 10000 VERU GOOD SERVER NO LAG STABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my nice uia o crime nice onewd..aIUhIUAHAIUha


Lineage 2 RussianPVP its very good server all rates 5000x unevirsal gk puss the cat gm shop you can buy buffs in gm shop fishing pk pvp allowd 3 proof skills all is working gms and admin are nice :D


l2universe C4 10x rates | Full International Roleplaygaming C4 server | working subclasses | Friendly GM\'s | C4 Pets | C4 areas | GM-Shop and many more


Lineage 2 Russian PvP Server Lineage 2 russian pvp server unevirsal gk puss the cat npc buffer gm shop fish c4 skills 24 hours online all work!!! good gms and admin


Lineage II JohnD Xtreme PvP Hellbound Xtreme PvP server with x1.000.000xp/sp rates and edited in every possible way for maximum PvP experience, custom shop/5h buffs/free noblesse and much more PvP stuff, Giran as start location and Giran as Arena. JOIN NOW !


NetGame - L2J Exp 5000 - SP 5000 - Adena 5000 - GMShop - SubClass - Nice Server

340 very good server , no lags , very friendly GM's ! ! ! need only player's ! PVP 1000/1000/2


Onimusha-L2 C4 server medium rate EXP - 12 SP - 12 DROP - 40 ITEM DROP - 55 SPOIL - 55.. Friendly GMs, Daily Events, Just Check us out

342 LineAge II C4 PvP Server Full working &#1057;1/&#1057;2/&#1057;3/&#1057;4, Fishing, Olympiad system, Hero Weapon, Hero Abilities, C4 skills, C4 pets, Third class, Sub-Class,Common Craft, Mammon exchange & update weapon and more. Rates: XP/SP/Adena/Drop/Spoil = 1000/1200/2000/10/5


Nevalink lineage2c4 full all work Connection IP:


L2 iKon Rates: 4/6/5/5/4 | Full Retail C4! | Freshly Wiped - NOW OPEN! | Experienced GM's | Great Community! | Increased Quest Rewards! Dual Processor Server!


El Puerto Server C4, No lagg, Rates altos, Ningun bugg, todo actualizado!! PRUEBELO!!!!


The infected world of lineage II C5 server Exp 6x and in party 9x | Sp 6 and in party 9x | Pet Exp 20x | Adena, Drop, Spoil 15x.


Lineage 2 Cronical 5 Lineage 2 C5, full system class, Tatto, Dyes, Sieges, all


Excalibur-l2 5x server, C4 with CP,Macro,AutoSS,Areas,skills,Subclass,Hero,Noblesse,Olympiad, Sieges. Win 150$ in ladder


live lineage II servers live lineage II servers x10 and x200 PvP


L2 Phoenix Networks A New expanding network, nice to play on, virtual no lag, high up time, nice gm's, Events Sieges, Nobless & Hero incl, Fishing, Npc Buffer, Ancient trader, C6 stuff incl, Come in and join us today.

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