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RiZ | Stfunami [ x5 | x5 | x10 | x10 ] | Fishing, Olympiads, C4 Skills, C4 Locations (mobs with drops and correct stats),C4 Pets Catacombs and Necropolis (all fully spawned),Fully spawned RB + Correct stats and drop.Custom shop with:Old style tattoo,ss/sps/bsps/,cloaks,striders,C4 pets. All fixes based on Official


Moonlight lineage2 Moonlight lineage2 full c4 whit full spawns full skills full seven sings subclass hero syteem fishing systeem skills echanting rif syteem and c5 armors and wapens


Kingdom of Kings Networks Description: High Rate: 2000x exp/sp/Adena, 30x Spoil, 10x Drop, 2x Party Rate. Low Rate: 30x exp/sp, 50x Adena, 30x Spoil, 10x Drop, 1.5x Party Rate. 100% working C4 skills, 100% completed C4 Areas, Hero/Ollympiad, Fishing, Subclass's. Dedicated Server!


L2DeSiRe Lineage2 PvP server started adena 1.5kkk max enchant +500 enchant rate100% fishing working.HAVE FUN!!!


DArkInfinity LineageII full c4 server!! Fishing works,Tattoos give bonuses, 3rd class,subclasses, admin/gms are usually online daily events!! SO JOIN US AND HAVE FUN!!


L2Nightmare a Chronicles 4 Server L2Nightmare 2 Worlds || High Rate; 1000x rates (with gm shop , Gobal GK, Auto Skill )|| Low Rate (with clan halls, olympiad, Fishing and many more) Rates: EXP:14 SP: 15 Adena: 14 Drop: 9


Lineage2 C4 ReyesDeAden Servidor Espa๑ol Lineage 2 C4, Asedios, Clanes, Eventos semanales, nobleza, olipiadas, peska, Heroes, etc. Servidor alojado en Data Center 100Mbits.


sdsdfsdf 2 WORLDS! Low(all 5x) & High (500x)! C4/C5 mobs,skills,3rd prof,raids,7s,olympiad,boat and much more! JOIN US! NO DONATION!


What If? - Lineage 2 Italian Full GDR Lineage2 C5 - GDR - ITALIANO Con quest di server organizzate dai GM !!


NSGRealms --- Talkaas Server C4 Euro L2 Server 7x, C4 Zones, C4 Pets, 7 signs , Dye & Tatoo & Fishing, Hero, 3 Profession, Subclass, many Events, Multilanguages GM!!!


Pass To The Darkness Un server de amigos solo para pasarla bien y divertirnos sanamente


Lin2 Addicted Dedicated Chronicle 4 Server | One Low Rate (6x) Server and One High Rate (300x) Server with GM-Shop | C4 Areas With Mobs + RaidBosses


Lineage 2 Realm Free C4 Servers! First 2 weeks of opening of each server will have Extreme Rates!!! Boats, Sub-Class, Hero, Fishing, Castle Sieges, Live Events, Seven Signs, Wyverns / Striders, 90 Minute Buffs!!! Dual Opteron!


nWo Lineage 2 50x Xp/50x Sp/1500x Adena/100x Drop


KzLove The Krazy Gurl In Love ^^


Judgement Day Lineage ][][ Server Lineage 2 Chronicle 4... Rates:|| Xp: 5x Sp: 6x Adena: 8x Drop: 5x Spoil: 5x || Full C4 Areas, C4-Pets, Hero, Symbols, Tattoos, Cloak\'s


Lineage 2 Desolation *NEW C5 Armor!* Full C4 server Rates 200/250/400 60+ CUSTOM Weapons 5+ Set CUSTOM Armor Custom GM shops Dual Daggers, Swords, Staffs Working Seven Signs Dyes Symbols 85% Enchant Rate Custom Glow Patch Ultimate Zoom Patch Hero and Noblesse System Fishing Castle Sieges Events For Custom Items


SiegeL2 Chronicle 4 No-PK Server (200x)Exp (150x)SP (250x)Adena, Henna Dyes, Blessed Scrolls of Enchant, Hero weapons and Armor quests, Lots of events, and much more.


L2EmuProject Official Server 50x World • Auto SS • Unlimited Enchants • Skills Enchant • Fishing • Hero • Nobless • Auto Olimpyad • Extendet Buffs • C1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (C5 is currently under development) Full Areas • All Chronicles Mobs (C5 is currently under development) • All Skills • Wyvern (By Donation) • Nobless


Lineage II Aaroe C4 The Rates is 45Xp 50Sp 45Drop 50Adena. There are full Gmshop and universal gatekeeper all new locations. Join us today


SmartPlay - Chronicle 4 - Europe Lineage 2 C4 • High Rate Server 45x • GMShop • 24/7 Uptime! • Good GM team •


Best Russian Lineage 2 C4 (Soon C5) NOT L2J Lineage II =C4= Server. Rates: 5x/5x/5x | A Grade CRAFT! | 24/7Uptime | EchoCrystals | Hair Slot | Friendly Staff | And More! Dual Processor Servers, 10Mbit Connection


RP - Arena 2 Server RPG 3x3x4 PVP 25x25x25x ,Todas แreas C4 com mobs e drops, Nobres,Her๓is,Pescaria todos ativos, GM online constantemente


Empire L2 Brand new C4 Server. Many bug's fixed...


L2 Crusaders our New L2 server Server Rates are:Xp:500/Sp:1000/Adena:2000/Drop:5/Spoil:100. with friendly players and GMs join now!


Ma3x Lineage II - C4 2 Servers -> Bartz: 2x rates and Sieghardt: 100x rates (Test Server) - Hero Olympiad - Subclasses - Third Classes - Sieges - C4 Spawns - Nice community - Friendly and helpfull GM's


LineBr Servidor Brasileiro de Lineage II


------ L2Pure ------- 25x Low Rate Server L2 Gracia Server, ridable striders/wyvrns, 3rd job change, subclasses, working GM shops, Global GK, hero weopens, Custom Dyes, Masks, Weopens. Armor, C5 Armor, 95% C4 skills working, 95% C4 spawn working, for info on rates see are website and forums.


Astalaivsta L2 100 xp 200 sp 200 Adenas subclasses e muito tudo c4 full


El Reino de Istar Complete server c4 the kingdom of istar, based on Roll dragonlance with Gmshop and cat to raise profession, new armors, new arms.


Lineage II Nederland Your Lineage 2 Chronical 4 community

282 SP,Exp, Drop: x3 Adena,Spoil: x2


L2-Fantastic L2-Fantastic | C4 | exp 50 sp 50 adena 400 drop 5 | Nice Gms | Connectioninfo on our website


Mortal-PvP Descarga tu instinto asesino Server de rates altos : exp3000 sp 3000 adena 10.000 i de party x10 . C4 server implementado todo desde gm shop hasta las olimpiadas.


L2oXmoze serveur FR x12,x12,x12/Fishing/hero(olympiad)/gm-shop/buuz-the-cat/3eme-class/sub-class/admin good and fun/eventS ...


Inferno Lineage II C4 Network New Network with fantastic uptime | Three servers -3x, 50x and 500x, 7 Signs | S & A drops/craft | Monthly Events | Auto Pickup/Soulshot | 3rd Profession | Subclasses | C4 skills | Great Community | C4 RaidBosses | Fishing | C4 Mobs/Quests | Olympiad/Hero System


L2 Devised A great new 30xp lineage 2 server | 24/7 Very stable | Friendly Gms | Global GateKeepers | Auto-SS | Sieges | For more info check out our website!


:: HopeZone :: Sieghart - Adena; 450x Drop; 40x Exp; 35x Sp; 45x -Kain - Adena; 8000x Exp; 5000x Sp; 5000x Drop; 40x [ Free Germany Lineage 2 Server with a lot off Stuff - Dual Spell Books and a lot of more]


Project Future Project Future - A new Lineage2 C4 freeshard - 5x EXP / 5x SP / 6x DROP / 7x ADENA / 7x SPOIL - Friendly GM's - C4 Skills and Areas - Continuous improving for maximum fun - All Catacombs / Necropolis - Working Merchant / Black Marketeer / Blacksmith of Mammon - Working Fishing - Working Privileges (


Infernus-Server server de cronicas c4 full :D hace poco q esta UP apurate y entra a conocerlo (hero, fish, clan hall, etc.) estan habilitadas


Gl2n Lineage2 newcomers .+*^*+. German/English low rate Server: EXPx10 SPx20 Dropx10 Adenax8. Friendly German and Eglish GMs, fishing|fully working skills|and much more .+*^*+.


PvP Full Time Good server great comunnity, olympiad/hero, c4 items, no lag, Events 99%, TOI 100%, JOIN US!


Eternity C4 Server Lineage 2 C4, 50X exp, 40x Sp, Seiges, Clans,Latest Night datapacks,Increased Drop Rate Vey generous, Player VS Player, Quick Pet lvls ,Looking for a few people interested in being GM's


Montrial Otome Free anime, manga and games =P We are really nice, so try us ^^. <3


KaosPeru exp x 100 adena x 5000 correo admin [email protected] agregame para darte ip lapagina es para las cuentas espero q les guste


Ka0s Zonas C4, armas hero en el gm shop de giran, tercera profesion y mas.


Atlantis rates: xp:5/sp:7/adena:7/drop:4, todo el c4 implementado y parte c5, nada de lag garantizado, servidor rol, cuestion de verlo


L2-Hurrycan-Funserver [GERMAN] KEIN PvP-Server!!! sehr hiflsbereite und nette Community vielen Events auch private Player-Events.Raten: Ep:5 Sp:7 PartyEp:1.5 PartySp:1.7 Dp:7 Spl: 12 Serverstat:24/7 mit TS! und eigenen DROPFINDER!


Lineage C4off server l2off c4 server rates 1


Art.Of.Pain Lineage 2 C4 Private Server

[ 1-50 ] - [ 51-100 ] - [ 101-150 ] - [ 151-200 ] - [ 201-250 ] - [ 251-300 ] - [ 301-350 ] - [ 351-400 ] - [ 401-450 ] - [ 451-500 ] -