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Lineage II Majestic Lineage II C4 Server!! Rates 2500x, 2500x, 4000x! Fishing!! C4 skills! 3rd Class Change! Custom GM Shop! Luxury GK! Join Today!


Quittance Lineage2 35xp 45sp 75adena || Gmshop in Giran || MultiGk in Giran || Many events || Nice community || Stable and laggfree server ||


eXtReMe Fast-paced PvP server with 5000x rates all round, Gatekeepers with all locations, GM shops, and much, much more... come join now!

204 Lineage 2 C5 Server - C5Skills - C5 Armors - C4 Monsters - C5Maps - Hero Weapons - GOOD DROPS - Clanhalls - Fishing System - SubClasses - Boat System - S grade - Hero - Custom GKs - Seven Signs - ToI - Pets - Friendly GMs -and much more, JOIN NOW!!!


Ultimo Imperio C6 INTERLUDE Servidor Español Zona C6 full, DINOS, Olimpiadas, Heroe, Nobleza, Rates Xp x10 Sp x10 Adena x10, Drop/Spoil x15, Party XP/SP x2.5, Quest 8.0, Eventos Fijos y Aleatorios, Gms constantes, Subclase, 3er Profesion, sin mas entra y compruebalo.


L2 Knights Rates 4x 4x 6x 6x , Server Hispano c4 100% capacidad para 3000 personas online y motor de eventos


L2 Sunrise Best L2 server! Rates about 100.GM-Shop+Lux Gatekeeper. Great server hardware, Nice active gm-staff. No lag 99% bugfree and 100% uptime.


L2 Reborn - PVP Server Lineage II C4 Middle rate PVP Server. Rates: XP80x SP80x ADENA250x DROP4x


GladiatorsC4 GladiatorsC4Server


LineageMasters rates 400x/400x/400x full c4


L2 Ultima Private Lineage 2 Server Private Lineage 2 Server- BETA STAGE - Lots of Custom Addons - COme and Check Us out


Mingoporrix Servidor Español de Lineage 2 Mingoporrix Operativo desde Agosto 2005


L2 WTF Lineage 2 Gracia Server: 80xEXP, 80xAdenas. Enchant Rate: Safe + 3, Max + 20. NO OVER POWERED Classes or donators. NPC buffer, Custom Gm Shop,


gatekeepers rp c4 server with RP


La Tierra de Eria Servidor rolero 100% con nueva perspectiva de juego: Odio entre razas, objetos nuevos, misiones nuevas, etc. Implementado sobre C4 24/7 ON


eXtReMe LiNeAgE Wanna level fast? tired of leveling? come join our high rate server! x5000 all around. Every one has fun!C4 areas/Raid bosses/Hidden Area/More! Come join today!


Oreline L2 Serveur RP FR C5 Serveur C5 avec craft de A et de S, 3eme Profession/Subclass, MAJ Régulières. Equipe Admin/GM sympa et dynamique. Events RP réguliers. RP souhaité (fiche-histoire perso etc.) Découvrez notre wiki RP. Rejoignez l'histoire d'Oreline!


L2 DaWn Server Chronicle 4-FULL || Friendly Active GM\\\'s || Rates-35x EXP/35x


Fun Lineage II Interlude Servers | 24/7 Up | No Lags | Olympiad/Noble | Siege | 7Sgins/Necros | Killabe Raids | Events| Friendly Community | And many more!


~Scarabeus~ ### SCARABEUS ### Nice community # Latest Extensions # Well balanced drops 3000xx,4000x,5000x (50x Items) # PRO GM's # Multilingual English/German/Spanish/Polish # 24H A # NO LAG #Full C4#C4 Skills#Subclass#3rd Classchange#


L2game Fishing, the third trade, all levels of a clan (1-8 lvl), privileges of a clan, the Clan the Hall, captures of locks, catacombs, Seven Signs, all pupils, auto-SSx, BSSx, ALT+B (the status on-line), a unlimited zoom, Russian chat, WELCOM to our C4!


L2ImBa L2ImBa C4 PvP Server!!!Exp:8000 Sp:7000 Adena:5000 Drops:20


Imoserver (Imoriath) C5 German Lineage 2 RP Freeshard, with a good Staff and a very nice & big Community. Fast Support \ Seven Signs \ SubClasses \ Quests \ own Scripts \and many more \ +3000 Players online \ Forum on \ You are welcome to enter Imoland.


Lineage 2 Argentina 15xexp, 35xsp, 10xdrop 30xspoil 100xadenas, SubClase, No GM shop, 3ª Profesion, 2 horas de buff, Macros, C4 full, 85 % mejorar armas 45 max, GM´s no corruptos.


L2 Void 40x[C4 NOT L2J]Subclasses|Dual Daggers|Potion Making|Active GMs|Catacombs|A-Spoils|Sieges|Symbols|Tattoos|SAs|Raid Mobs|C4 Skills/Areas|Hero/Noblesse System|No GM shop|Logged GM commands for 0 corruption


Leviathan Lineage 2 Chronicle 4 et counterstrike 1.6 Gratuit, Rates Moyen Et Role Play Present + Sieges de chateau, chasse au tresors et PVP Très souvent !


UGZ L2 C4 Low Rate Server! rates: XP:10 SP:10 Adena:14 Item:14 Spoil:10 Quest:10 | Crafting XP/SP: 7, *FISHING* is in!, All Clan Halls, C4 Mobs and Areas, Petition System, Events almost daily, 100mbit Connection!


L2BloodLines Full Chronicle 4, L2off, 35/35/150/5/1, Dedicated Staff, Play and Win, lots of content added, GM shop, Global teleport, come try us out ...


L2Force 10 exp| 15 Sp | 30 Adena rate | 20 Drop --- Fishing Works 100%, Boats working 100%, Great Community.. C4 Spawns and Castle seiges 100% !!!! C4!!! --- Tutorial on how to connect at Come make our server a better server and a better community for all!


Cedric Server Cedric Server /15x/15x/10x/ C4 all !! Hero , Striders, 3rd Class , Sub-classes, Siege, 7sin, FISHING, Necro and Catas Working, NO LAG !!!


L2Ev C4 off, AutoSS, CP, C4 Summons, Custom skills, Good GM's, Rates: 15x20x30x10x


Abyss Of Blood Server pvp c4 full Rates x1000, gmshop, gk editado,hero,pesca, todo funcionando perfecto!!!!


L2Pirat's - C4 Full L2 - Pescaria - Nobless - Hero - skills de 3 classe - Summons - C4 Mapas Full com Drops e Mobs - rate 20 XP - 40 SP-80 Adenas - 100% Brasileiro - 2 semanas no ar - Faça parte do mais completo Server de L2 do Brasil.


Renaissance Serveur Lineage 2 Roleplay C4.Les joueurs influent directement sur l’histoire du serveur.Système de Royaumes.5 races supplémentaires dites “rp”.Staff présent pour vous aidez et .Rates 3/4/5/5. N’attendez plus, vivez l’aventure Renaissance


GaMeS GrOuNd pvp greek server x1000 no lag and every time gm into the game. Join and have a nice gaming


L2sile' server Welcome/L2sile' server/x25/x100/x1000/x10


l2forever lineage2 c3/c4 nearly fully working


XxElitexX L2 C4|Dual Opteron 1.6's|4 Gb Ram|100% Up time|Lag Free|3rd class|Exp=45 Adena=300|PvP Server|Craftable S Grade|All Languages|Join Now!


HopZone Lineage2 Private Server List Here you can see if the server is online or offline and also you can see the % of uptime in one week for a particular server. 400+ Servers for you to choose from and play for free


Ynis Nua French Lineage II server RP C4. quests, events, pets, castle siege and seven signs. Rates: Xp2/Sp2/PartyXp1.5/PartySp1.5/Ad7/Drop12/Spoil20/Xp-Sp exponent25-15/PetXp5. Good team and many players.


ExileL2 Enter In The Site and See The Description!


St0rm Gaming Lineage 2 Great Lineage 2 Server, Many users and people to play with, Rates are 50, 100, 10. Lots of fun events and things to do. On going project so always new stuff to use and play around with.


pavernos matao es el mejor server los gm son de primera


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Eternia Serveur Lineage C4, RP, Francophone +mariage


Friends-World Lineage II ServeR Lineage2 C4 server Full map c4 100% C4 skills , 3d Proff , Subclass, Costum Armor wepeons and much more.....come and join today Nice GM Good Forum ready To give support ....


Mendoza L2 Server Hellbound Auto-Skills//Pueden aprender todas las Skills //GK Global // GM Shop // Rates: 50x // On Line 24 hs // Set Dinasty agregado al GM Shop // Mendoza - Argentina


R.U.S.B.A.I.U.M New Lineage 2 server with rates 10; 12; 15!


..::L2 MassA C4::.. Nuevo server Oficial "No Pago" cyber MassAn rates exp 100x sp 100x drop 25x adena 120x Server Argentino!!! dropeos Originales!!! buena comunidad!


ChaosLand All C4 Areas, Fishing, 3rd Class, All RaidBoss... Rate: xp:3x, sp:3x, drop:4x

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