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Lineage ][ Chaos - C3 C3, EXP 20x, SP 20x, Adena 10x, Drops 10x, Sieges, PVP, GMShop at dwarf village,Universal GateKeeper, PvP Events , Just Recently put ONLINE!! Nice place to play at! N O T L2J!!!!


L2 Heretics! Full C4! Join Now!! We have full c4 with working quests, working skills, almost fully bug free. Our rates our 5000 xp/7000sp/10000 adena/100 drop/100 spoil


L2Inferno 100xXP/200xAdena/C4/Subclass/Auto skills(no sp)/AutoLoot/EVENTS DAILY!!!/Active GMs/Custom GMshop


L2Destiny Lineage2 C4 Russian server. Active GMs. Rates: 35x 50x 100x


Gaya Deutscher Lineage II Rollenspielshard ~betretet eine Welt voller Fantasy und nehmt teil an der geschichtlichen Entwicklung~




DooM Server's High Rate & Low Rate NeW DooM PvP & Low rate servers Full C4, C4 Full Map , C4 skills , C4 Pets, C4 places Nice GM's :)) Come And join to our community ( NO LAGS) Israel Server !!!:)


La Communauté Majesty Serveur C4 FR avec Basse Rate et Moyen Rate


Vulcanic Server Portugal Servidor Portugues de C4. Rates de 15X aproximadamente. GMSHOP. Para mais informações visite o nosso syte!!!


Vlosbel'la Ein deutschsprachiger RP-Freeshard mit freundlichem Staff und vielen Möglichkeiten für Spieler


BaRtZ GooD ServeR C4 full


Silent Deep: Lineage II Chronicle 4 Server New Russian Cronicle 4 Game Server, New Items, 3 Class Enabled, and MORE...


L2infernal New C4 fill server,with all rates x1000,we are fresh and well organized!.....Join now!


Kit Lineage 2 Server Well balanced C4 server join now!!!


Terrabyte L2C4 Server Dedicated Server Dual Xeon 3.0GHz/1GB ECC RAM /100Mbit Internet Connection - full support of C4 Areas - Rates XP:3x / SP:10x / Adena:10x - Register to connect - Change L2.ini with to play -


Line Age 2 GLAD Server - C3 textura C4 rates 25x30x30x15x - C3 Texture C4 - GM SHOP - All Pet On


---== Lineage II DooM ==--- Lineage II C3 DooM Rates: 4x4x4x5x5x . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lineage II C4 DooM coming soon


Lineage 2 Knights New + NonCorrupt | 99.8% Uptime | C4 - TOI - Subclasses - C4 Skills + 3rd Class Skills - Fishing - Custom Areas - 15x 15x 25x 10x


Matrix CZ Rate: EXP 1000x, SP 1000x, Adena 1000x, GM shop, C4 loc, C4 full spawn npc/mobs, C4 class and C4 skills, C4 Weapons for AA, Auto Skill learn


Lineage II Infinity Server OFF Server x3 x3 x3


The Darkside - Lineage II Private Server Rates are 7x/8x/10x/11x. 2 dedicated servers to split the play and give the smoothest gameplay we can. Dedicated GMs and great community where everybody is friendly. Cheaters and smacktards do not last long here. Come check us out, we are back!!


L2-Domination L2-Domination c4 || GM shops || Global gk || Class changer || Lots of fun event || Great GM/Admins || Rates Exp: 300 Sp 300 Adena 1000 ||


Lineage II Eternal | GERMAN C4 Server 2 L2 C4 Server [high 150-150-450|low 4-4-5-6-7]Working C4-Areas, Monsters & Skills, working Subclasses & 3rd Classchange, Tatoos & Symbols, Fishing, working C4 Pets - Beast Spirit-Soulshouts, S Grade Weapons, Armor & Recipies, Clanhalls, DropDatabase


CopperTown L2 Server C4 PvP Server • Rates: 75x/100x/200x/10x • Auto-Learn Skills • Customized Pet System • GM Shops • Live Support • Friendly Staff • No Lag • 100MB/sec bandwidth • Great Events • Fully Working ToI • Custom Dungeons


L2 Engage The best Lineage II server out there! L2 Engage is running off of: Dual AMD Opteron 2ghz CPU with 4GB Ram---It has many things working! Full SAs up to A grade, 100% recipes, and more! Custom buffer NPCs, a GM shop that has quest marks and more! Join now!


L2Domination A Cool Server Rates 1000x1000x2300x Great For Pvp Boats Working


Lineage II Dewells Lineage II Dewells private server | rates: 1k/2k/5k/4k/4k/30 | no need do profesion quests | fishing working 100% | active gm's | alot updates and much more


Tryst-L2 Lineage 2 Chronicles 4 - Formerly EnvyL2 - 50x xp/75x sp/100x adena/25x items/10x spoil, Good Community, Good GM's, C4 Skills, GM Shop, Wyvrn+pets, S Grade+hero, [email protected], autoloot+autocreate account, 90% enchant rate (max enchant 30), 99.9% uptime,class changer


Infinity-Friends closed closed closed closed closed


L2-Domination ..:.. L2Domination, Free full v4 private server, Most c4 stuf working, Great GM/Admin team, Very new server, No class change quests, Great events win amazing prizes. Rates: 1000Exp 1000Sp 2300Adena, Join us today ..:..


L2nz Free Server ! Full c5 / Team Speak server / Active GM / Full c5 GM Shop / Full C5 Multy GK / Rates Ares 75xp 100sp 120a / Come CHECK US OUT !


Central Servers C4 Internationally friendly, 100x XP, Party XP 2.5x, Adena rate 250x, 9 hour buffs, Full C4, Dusk/Dawn, ToI, A and S grade purchasable at GM shop, +50 100% safe enchants, Sieges, Friendly GM's


L2NewOrder new l2 off server!be a part of a new community!rate *4,c4,take a look on our homepage


RuSLegioN C4 Full Server RuSLegioN GooD C4 Full rate:X50-X60-X3


World of Requiem - RP Freeshard Deutscher Lineage2 Rollenspiel Freeshard. Erarbeite dir dein Ansehen durch Rollenspiel und erhalte auch Specials durch Rp. Burgen, Events, Clans sowie Familiengemeinschaften beleben die Welt, in der die geheimnissvolle Kaiserin Yemeth regiert.


Lineage II Unleashed Lineage 2 Unleashed - Full C4 ~ Rates: exp-35/sp-50/drop-50 We Provide Ventrilo Server and TeamSpeak Server for our players. All working.


Lineage2 C4 Heaven's Wail NEW!! L2 Heaven's Wail C4 - Rates 20x/45x/100x/3x/3x - 3h Buffs - Macros Working/3rd Classchange/Subclasses/C4 fullspawned and more


Pixeland C4 2 worlds Bartz : 10x10x10x10x Sieghardt : 3x3x3x3x ][ c4 skills ][ 3rd class transver ][ c4 pets ][ heroes ][ Join now and be a hero!


Rivendell PvP Lineage II Rivendel PvP only for warriors and the best race. Rates: 3000Exp/5000Sp/7000Adena. Custom GMshop with C4 armors and Weapons. Copyright © Rivendell Corporation. All right reserved


Wca Lineage II C3 Server! [Spanish] [Rates:7x10x10x10][Quest Buyable] [Medal Event][SA Weapons][Catacombs/Necropolis][SubClass][A Drops][Raid Bosses] Join!!


Siren Server of L2 Exp x60, SP x70, Adena x410 The website will be fully translate to English soon. Or just ping


-= Hightec Lineage ][ =- Novo Server de Lineage II C4 FULL!!! ( SEM LAG ) ( ENTRE E CONFIRA !!! )


Kamikaze L2 Great Server!! Subclass work 100%, 3rd class available at lvl 78, luxury gatekeeper, buffer, gm shop, fishing 100%. Rates are 5k exp, 5k sp, 1drop, 10k adena. Stop seaching and come join us!!!


LineageLatortura Lineage2 C4 La Tortura


Aden World BR -Lineage II Gracia 2 Gracia 2 Servers rates 7x (no donate and oficcial like) and 1000X (donate and custom features). 3 years no ype. Professional Staff . Evemts custom.


L2 Element - C4 L2 OFF Server 25x 25x[C4 NOT L2J]Subclasses|Dual Daggers|Potion Making|Active GMs|Catacombs|A-Spoils|Sieges|Symbols|Tattoos|SAs|Raid Mobs|C4 Skills/Areas|Hero/Noblesse System|No GM shop|Logged GM commands for 0 corruption|Good Donation System


Hyperspace Are your nerves allright, do u feel healthy, are u sleeping well, eating properly? Yes? Then something must be done! Join Hyperspace now! Guaranteed death in 1 year! p.s. lineage c4 full..and it works :D


Lineage ][ Sanitarium *NEW SERVER* C4 mobs working, Subclass working, 3rd class change working, no GM shops, 8x XP / 10x SP / 8x Drop / 10x Spoil / 15x Adena


Evang04 Lineage 2 Server [C4]-[EVENTS] 8x Rates / 7 Signs / Siege / 100mbit... ++++und viele ausgeglichene Liveevents+++

200 Lineage II Chronicle 4 Server @ : All sieges until innadril work,symbols,catacombs,necropolises,C4 skills,C4 weapons,Subclass(3rd profession) work 100%.24/7 Uptime.Upgrades every week with small downtime.Friendly GMs willing to help you any time.We are waiting for you!

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