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DeSTRuCTIoN Cool Lineage II server -> Rate exp = 5 ; Rate Adena = 30 ; No Lag


L2Phantom C3/C4 Server.... Rates: 15X, 25X, 100X Processor: Intel Xeon Processor 2.80GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, Memory: 512MB, DDR2 SDRAM Memory,400MHz, ECC (2 DIMMS), Hard Drive: 160GB1 SATA, 7200 RPM Hard Drive with DataBurst Cache? without RAID, Connection: On a T3-100 Mbps


reign-of-doom Noncorrupt - Admins don't sell adena/items. Highly stable. [Gambler/SAs/C4/C3/Skills/Summons/Mammon NPCs][Striders/Wyverns][Siege]1x1x2x1x1x][100Mbit][1 worlds][100 start Money]


Nightmare L2 Nightmare L2 : The Nightmare Returns as of 02/09/06. Be one of the first to experiance what Nightmare has to offer. Extended Buff TImes No Lag 25/30/15/25. PvP Server


L][Flamez A brilliant server it has custom weapons and armours,it also has dual daggers,dual blunts and most of all POLYMORPH scrolls that last for 20 mins and now available for normal players, Good rates and regular events. Its a great server C4 server. Join us now!!!


Insurrection Rates: 200x Exp / 250x SP / 300x Adena Server: Intel P4 3.2GHz / 4 Gigs of DDR Ram / 400 Mbs connection / 99% uptime / Almost fully operational C4 / Growing community! :)


YoMoNL . No Limit For Playing Pk server. Big Rates. 1000x 1500x 2000x C4. Nice GM's Lovely Comunity.Join us now you will not regret


EwaY Server |-35x-|-60x-|-100x-|-50x-| | C4 Maps-Mobs-Items.. | | Catacomb Necropolis |-| BUFFS 30minutes |-| Many Events | | 24/7 Up |-| Weapon SAs |


L2 Utopia C4 Server Brand New Lineage II server! U.S. L2j Free C4 private server! S grade. Hero system. C4 items, 7 Signs. Fair and dedicated GMs. Custom Events. Pets. 15Xexp 20Xsp 20Xdrop/spoil 30X adena 60Xquest! Come Join us!


echoKinetics echoKinetics Gaming [Lineage 2 Private Server] offers a Dedicated Server with an organized and helpful GM system, filled with events, adventure, and balanced pvp. Rates are 55x Exp. 80x Sp. 100x Adena 10x Drops. This server is guaranteed to have no lag. Events happen hourly, automatically.


Dimitri's L2J Lineage II C4 A data center hosted L2J server with 500 kbps upload, custom raid and player content, awesome GM staff, and committed support base. 10x EXP, 15x SP, 40x Adena, 10x Drop, 10x Spoil, 100x Quest Reward


LineageII C4


Global Line][age 2 Welcome to Global Lineage ][ 2 Servers 1: Global Low Rate - XP 3x, SP 4x, Adena 5x 2: Global Stuck Subs - XP 100x, SP 100x, Adena 120x Connect with our patch only Have Fun


Aurora Server C3/C4 Serveur francais C3/C4 Avec de nombreuse choses changer comme les danses a 20 Minutes ! Enchantement a 60%.Pvp/Pvm Events Organisés Chaque Week-end Les rates sont 150xp/150sp/250adenas/20drops.Pour jouer, ils vous suffit de posséder le client C3+Notre Patch


The Fable Server This is a German Low Rate for C4 we have new Weapon and other new Stuff and we have a GM Shop come in and join US


L2 Eternal Hate Rates: 300x-Exp 300x-Sp 300x-Adena / Runs on 2x AMD x2 Opteron x/2MB L2 Cache(dual core) 2x 250GB SATA Hard Drive, 3072 ECC DDR RAM, Bandwidth: 2000GM, Connection: oc-192 = No lag, 99% up-time (scheduled reboots) Mid and Low rates servers coming soon


Ukraine Lineage II Chronicle 3 x1/x1/x1/x1/x1 enjoy :)


*L2KK* - Lineage II Chronicle 3 Server Chronicle 3, Low Rate. Rideable Striders/Wyverns, Hero (Quests-Weapons-Skills), Raid Bosses, No lags!


Age of Shadows 2 Interlude Pvp x500 and x1000, New C6 L2off 22/11/07, Kamael Pvp x100. Customs Items, AIO Buffer, 100MBits/s no lags


Lineage2 Nederland C4 Server | Rates 6x | Daily events | Nice GM team | Ridable striders | TOI | Seven Signs | 50.000 starting adena | Join fast!


L2Freedom L2OFF server with C3 items and skills working!! Striders also work!! 15x15x15x15x 3.2GHz PRO, 2GB DDR and 100 Mbps full duplex line!!


L2 Hunter a great server x10000


Aesir Lineage2 Nice l2 server! Great Community! 24/7 on! Rates: 100×100×30×


Lineage2World C4 xp:750x sp:750x a.drop:1500x i.Drop:10x Auto learn skills L2Day-Scrolls giran Subclasses working 3th class at puss the cat are whit c4 skills and classes Custom c4 shopWe add :if you create a char you will have all dances and songes you can buy l2day scrolls at giran so you also have prophet buffs


Shadow Light • Fully legit Australian Interlude server • 3x 4x 5x rates for longer enjoyment • Dedicated and experienced admin/GM team • Seiges • Custom Mods • Weekly Special Events • Friendly community • Powerful IBM server • Hourly backups


L2 Free Server C4 New!!! Lineage2 C4 Free Server [High:35x & Low:5x Rates] Events! SevenSigns! AllC4Areas! TOI! Catacomb! Necropolis! 85Raid Bosses! SubClass! PetCollars, Tattoos, Symbols Grade:B/A/S, Jewels,Weapons,Armors,on Cutom Shops.Join a NewWorld!!!


The Abyss (Chronicles 3) [3x/3x/3x/3x/3x][Recipe Book][Retail Craft Menu][Macroses][AutoSS][24/7 online][International Community][SAs][Retail Dyes, Symbols][2x Opteron 244][8GB RAM!][NOT L2J] Join Us!


Nightmare Interlude OFF Server FULL Interlude (not l2j) - 3rd Class - Fishing - Hero System - Macros - Subclass - AutoSS - Dyes - Working Summon skills - Pet SS - Seven Signs - Full IL Areas, Mobs - Rates: 6/7/10/7/7


Lineage2GT C4 Full Lineage2 GT C4 Full BR Us 5x 5x 10x 1x 10x


L2FallenDark L2C4JItalianServer


La2Florida New l2 c4 server all welcome see site for more info =Inad=


Sunrise Great Low Rate Server, 3-7x Rates, great uptime, no Lags, no Bugs, Dedicated Staff and Server Hardware, Join us, and feel true Game Experiance!


Lineage2 Global Singapore Server CHRONICLE 4,100MBIT ,99% working skills,REBORN SYSTEM ,SUBCLASS ,SYMBOLS ,SUPPORT UP TO 3000 Players! NO WIPE since launched in 2004 exp 25/ sp27/ adena 30/drops15(NOT L2J)


NDG Lineage 2 Cronicle 4 Server Lineage II Chronicle 4 Server Rates: RateXp = 50 RateSp = 50 RateDropAdena = 40 RateDropItems = 10


L2Skallywag Lineage II server C4 full Rates 10/10/10/10 First 10 users will recibe items/strider/mask, los primeros usuarios reciben items/strider/mascara


OwNaGe server |-OwNaGe Server-| .......C4.../ LoW Rate Server /..., Pets working, Full C3 Skills,Castle Sieges, nice and friendly Gm + Staff


Lineage2 Rishon Lineage2 C4 Server Rates: exp x15|sp x15|adena x30|drop x15. Nice Gms, many events and alot of fun!


CrystaL Lineage][ Server Server Rates: - 5000x Experience - 5000x Skill Points [ SP ] - 10.000x Adena Drop Rate - 5x Drop Intem Rate - 100x Quest Reward


MShinoda cool.linea paintball,and lineage2


Isendur l2c3 for a cool people


Lineage ][ Chaos - C3 C3, EXP 20x, SP 20x, Adena 10x, Drops 10x, Sieges, PVP, GMShop at dwarf village,Universal GateKeeper, PvP Events , Just Recently put ONLINE!! Nice place to play at! N O T L2J!!!!


L2 Heretics! Full C4! Join Now!! We have full c4 with working quests, working skills, almost fully bug free. Our rates our 5000 xp/7000sp/10000 adena/100 drop/100 spoil


L2Inferno 100xXP/200xAdena/C4/Subclass/Auto skills(no sp)/AutoLoot/EVENTS DAILY!!!/Active GMs/Custom GMshop


L2Destiny Lineage2 C4 Russian server. Active GMs. Rates: 35x 50x 100x


Gaya Deutscher Lineage II Rollenspielshard ~betretet eine Welt voller Fantasy und nehmt teil an der geschichtlichen Entwicklung~




DooM Server's High Rate & Low Rate NeW DooM PvP & Low rate servers Full C4, C4 Full Map , C4 skills , C4 Pets, C4 places Nice GM's :)) Come And join to our community ( NO LAGS) Israel Server !!!:)


La Communauté Majesty Serveur C4 FR avec Basse Rate et Moyen Rate


Vulcanic Server Portugal Servidor Portugues de C4. Rates de 15X aproximadamente. GMSHOP. Para mais informações visite o nosso syte!!!


Vlosbel'la Ein deutschsprachiger RP-Freeshard mit freundlichem Staff und vielen Möglichkeiten für Spieler

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