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Dark Illusion
Lineage2 Freya. Deutscher PvE/RP-Server seit über 6 Jahren. Aktiver Staff, stabiler Server ohne Downtime. Aktuelle und viele eigene Features. Rates: XP 4 / SP 3 / Drop 4 / Spoil 3.5 / Adena 2


Forbidden Gateway C3
A high rated PvP server with Gm Shop . Rates : 300/400/700 . Have Fun !


Pleytne L2 C3 No Log and Good Rates Server


Gaya Deutscher Lineage2 RP- Freeshard


L2 JOY 2 Lineage2C3 servers,last features working. Bartz rates x8,x8,x12 Sieghart all x100


L2 Chronicle 3 HaNoi-Viet Nam this is best server for all with rate:x10x10x10x10x10


SpeedToucher The Best server!! C3 Full/RATES = 50/50/50/50/Wyvern and Strider, GMS= Brazilian,American and Spanish


Purokogi Lineage II Lineage II Chronicles 3 Server - Rates: Exp: x300 Sp: x300 Ad: x300 Drop: x50 - Seven Signs, Sieges, GM Shop, 24/7 Uptime! and more...


Return of the gods Dies ist ein deutscher Lineage 2 Rollenspiel freeshard mit nettem Staff und normalen Raten (2x2x3x3x10). Außerdem ist der Server relativ bugfrei :D. Auf schönes RP legen wir viel Wert und fördern dies durch Events (z.b. Götterevents).


BlackBirds Good VS Evil Server Xp 600x Sp 600x Adena Drop from Players is 5x


Lineage2-Ideal Lineage2-Ideal Interlude Server -> Rates xp, sp : 10x, Adena = 20x, Party xp, sp = 15x. You can play with c5 version or with c6 version. See u in game! Have a nice day !


Frozen Future Frozen Future | Rates 3x4x4x | Working Quests | NO GM Shop, NO Puss the Cat | Friendly GM's | 24/7 online server | Newest updates every day | Events for winning | Frozen Future is a nice server located in The Netherlands, we would like to invite you to join our server. Your welcome to stay.


Exodus BR- Lineage 2 C3 private server Best Brasilian L2 C3 Server! Rates at 15/15/15/12. Doubled drop and spoil amount. No lag. Strider, Wyvern, Sieges, enchant glow, C3 skills, new areas, all skill visual effects working. Nonecorrupt hardworking GM's, Fun events. Join now .


Servidor Dragão Azul - Line Age 2 Chronicle 4 Servidor de Line Age 2 Chronicle 4 completo, com administradores comunicativos, Sem Lag, totalmente Brasileiro com rates medianas. [Processador: Dual opteron 244 64bits / HDs: 2x Espelhados 40GB SCSI 15kRPM em raid0 // Memória: 4GB Crucial ECC Dual] Confira!


Soul-L2 Soul-L2(L2J) C3 with C4 features - GM Shop in giran! - EXP/SP/Drop/Spoil/Adena - 35/37/30/25/150 - UP 24/7 - Max LVL 80 - Wyverns & Striders - Events every day!


DRAGON KBC Servidor español de lineage 2, linia de 120 megas y memoria de 4gigas, no lag, eventos diarios...


L2 Prophecy Hosted off Intel P4 3.0 GHz proc, 3 Gigs of Ram, 400Mbps connection. Rates: 250x-Exp 300x-Sp 500x-Adena, 99% uptime/No lag/Many C4 and customized features! (Universal Gatekeeper, Working clan wars, and many more to come!) Connection IP:


lineage2 friday13 auto create accaunt exp40sp40 adena300 drop10


Elektra L2 Currently running at 15exp 20sp 20adena 20 drops 20spoil 20weapons/armor


Heavenly Knights New server located in the USA. Working 7 Signs,Catacombs,Festival of Darkness,ToI,Subclasses,Skills,Castle Sieges, and so much more. Fully updated C3/C4 monster droplists with official stats, making them a real challenge. Proffessional GM team with actual knowledge of the game. Join us today.


Lineage2 Chronicle 4 - Satanicle Lineage2 Satanicle Net / UP [ 24/7 ] / XP: 3x DRP: 8x SP: 5x QR: 10x / Registration & Website

22 C3/C4 Server 24/7Uptime C3/C4 server. Rates 5x/5x/7x/5x/5x. 24/7 Uptime. Events Daily. Buyable Quest Items. Custom Shops, NPCs, Quests. Great Community and Friendly GMs!


Shards Of Reality Shards Of Reality, C5, 10x Server & 50x Server, All Sets Working, Demonic Weapons, Sieges, 1 Hour Buffs, +5 Safe Enchant, Much More!! Come Try Us Out!!!


L2-Freedom full c3 we are looking at some c4 files we have no lag on a 100mb line our main website is under development but plz join our forum on


True Candor A Awsome New Server on Fiber Optics, Come Join Us ! This is a X2 server. || GM Shopes are disabled || Game play is equel for all players. || A new Community that is growing. || Fun Events.


L2 Phyrexian Rates: 700/800/900 || 99% uptime || Many events with prices || Nice GM's || Multi-Gatekeeper || Auto-create account || Working C4 Weapons, armors, items, arenas


l2nd c4 is good (ra bueno)RATES 700xp 1000 sp 1500 adena


Lineage ][ FIRST & BEST Chronicle 4 server

29 Privet Thai Server C3+C4 Item map weapon other+ 150x150x800x10


ARMADA lineage 2 C3 Serveur FR RP/PvP 24/24/7/7 complet, maj régulières, gm et joueurs sympa


Doom Server Lineage 2 C3 Rates: XP30x SP60x Drop8x Full c3 server with c4 s grade weapons and many other good stufs come to joine us


Faction CT1 PVP Server ~ Faction Server ~ Totally Custom GameEnvironment (SelfMade) ~ Totally Custom Events (SelfMade) ~ Come and Get really amazed! This is a silent reborn of one of the biggest servers... OLD ECHOKINETICS STYLE!




==LA2.RND.RU==/C4 NEW SERVER! C4, good GM and Admin TEAM, strider,wyvern, 7 signs and all all all that you need for good playing


Lva We welcome you on a free-of-charge server of game Lineage2 popular all over the world.


Ancient-Age Lineage 2 C3 Rp - Shard Ancient Age ist ein Deutscher RP Freeshard mit regelmäßigen größeren und kleineren Rp – Quests. Hilfsbereiter, reorganisierter Staff, freundliche Spieler, Community im Wiederaufbau. Join Us und erlebe RP in einer ganz anderen Form! Technik: Chronicles 3 | 100 Mbit | 1024 MB Ram. Rates 1,5/1,5/1/4/3


MEGANET Lineage2 Chronicle4 Server First Lineage2 C4 server in mariupol, ukraine. Working on two servers PD-3200, 4Gb RAM. Good connection. Many interesting events, tournaments. Welcome to wonderful world of Lineage2! Rates 4/4/3/3/4


Virlual-l2 All rates 5k please join us


Lineage II Eternal European Lineage Community.C3 Server located in London.Rate 10x 11x 11x 10x 10.Just opened, so no corruption! Alomost everyday updating. Seven sign, original quest, unique system coming soon. Seige will take place at night in Europe!


Gamers][Paradise Rates:30/30/100 - Full C5 - Dual Xeon 3.6 - 100Mbit Connection


Leviathan 2 serveur Interlude, en traduction integrale ! les rate : serveur low : 3x3x7 serveur high : 65x65x70 NPC buffeur et gmshop a dispo + shop recipe sur low vive les nains ;)


AngeluS L2 [German] Deutscher Rollen Spiel Server Lowrate (Super Nette GMs und Spieler) ***NEU***


ForsakenDimension L2 C3 Server Great GMs, C3 Skills, Summons Mammon NPCs, Striders, Wyverns, Siege, Seven Signs, Server rates: [3x3x3x3x2], Game integrated WebPanel that gives you controll of your chars and clan members, Server Located in Europe - Young, hardworking staff. Hardware: DUAL p4 3.0 Ghz, 2 GB, nightly backups! Try us!


Diamond L2C4 Server Rates:35xp/50sp/30ad/7drop Full C4 Server.Working fine constantly improved. Offten uptates and monitored server site.All Areas Working-Seven signs System-Macros-Catacombs-Mammon trader-l2day scrolls-full TOI,Baium


Heavenly Angels Gaming Community International Server! C3/C4 - Gmshop - C4 maps/weapons - Nice GMs - 24/7 uptime - Rates 35x 35x 250x 45x - GMs english speaking - Events and more Join Now!! Lagless! Long -Term Server !!! Come Join Us All Are Welcome!Located At Singapore!!!


RPGSAMPA Server RP de L2 C3/C4 Servidor Dedicado a LineAge C3/C4 plataforma L2J voltada para o Sistema de RPG Calíope, Servidor 102% RP, STAFF 100% Ativa, Fórum de debates e Link’s de consulta exclusiva de Drop do próprio servidor. Conheça um pouco do Universo Calíope jogando LineAge. Grandes Histórias, grandes interpretações.


Nage-L2 - Der Event Server Deutscher L2-C3 Server | Rates: 7x/12x/4x | 4 Event Tage


Lineage II HaNoi C4 Over 25,000 Accounts/Dual Xeon 2.8- LII low-rate server (5x), crafting, no class-change quests, C4 Textures FUll C4 Area and Monster -Seven Signs- SubClass- Festival Of Darkness ,


DarkneSoldiers Lineage II C4 server DarkneSoldiers Full C4 Lineage 2 game server; Server Rates: Exp:20 Sp:25 Adena:50 Drop:25 Spoil:50, New C4 Monsters, Pets, Fishing, Quest, Locations, no GMShop all item crafting dwarf . More information


Masters Of Lineage C4 server with C4 skills, 3rd proff good rates and many more

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