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M2H - The Golden Age [Heroes] M2H - The Golden Age Mir 2: \\\\\\\"The Legend Continues\\\\\\\" is the free-to-play, re-released version of the classic The Legend of Mir 2. M2H - The Golden Age is a 2D fantasy MMORPGNow with all NEW Upgraded graphicsAnd an isometric camera view that is Now ZOOMED OUT!!! For that New Game Feel.


Iberic Legend Of Mir III Servidor Legend Of Mir III, Español, gratuito y serio. Efectos de magias exclusivas, gran cantidad de misiones, nuevo servicio de casas, asedio a ciudades, sistemas entretenidos y divertidos y muchísimos items, criaturas y cuevas. Te atreves?


BlueMoon355 Long Term High Rate Server, ran by experienced developers. [Exp: High] [Drops: High and Rare] [Gold: High] Added 01/09/2012 (first day of Live)


Nesik server El servidor de Legend of Mir 3 que mas espectacion a levantado nunca reabre sus puertas en una Version Holley 3.55 x4 de experiencia. Contratado Hosting y dominio No jugaras a nada igual


MirthologyMir3 - HighRate Mirthology Mir3 Highrate, 4 weeks running upto now, Events held weekly with 2 active gm


Dynasty Mir 3 Med Rate Server opening soon


AvengeMir3 MidRate Without a doubt the best mir3 server out. this server has been online before for a year with a max usercount of 100-130. nothing else needed to say.


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THE BEST MIR3 OriGinsMir3 Origins server el servidor de Legend of Mir 3 que mas espectacion a levantado nunca reabre sus puertas en una Version Holley 3.55 x4 de experiencia.No jugaras a nada igual.ATREVETE


Mir3 DarkAngel Mir3 DarkAngel x32 Server


UltraMir2.6 UltraMir is a customized game, with loads of new features and content, equally fair to everyone of it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s players,Main Town: Resting Place,is amazing for Buying & Selling Items, or just want a gossip?thats you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re place!Pet Resting: You can buy gamble pets with Gold, which are extremely good for leveling & hunting.


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alaab coloring Jogo de maquiagem garçonete menina, um muito bom jogo dos melhores jogos de maquiagem que é amado por todos e jogar muitos dos jogos on-line através da emissão....


Legend of mir 3 Dark Side Server One of the most professional private servers. 3G with JOB maps, exp x1. Unique items and boss drop files, New maps and mobs. Advanced pet-rental system, FP system, Rebirths on 36+ lvl, Very strong and challengable bosses. Many events. Lot of surprises.


LOM3 Latino Es un juego de Roll Multiplayer ambientado en la era mediveal, totalmente en español y de forma completamente Gratis.


Beatas Server Complete FREE-to-Play High Rate x128 - x 1000, Legend of Mir 3 Servers, All day new update in game. Unique Features like, Advanced Guild Leveling System, Guild Islands & Palaces. More Updates every week!


Chinese Classic 1.80 Version The Chinese version of the legend of Mir, Classic 1.80 Version.Pets, Instances, Taxable Guild system, and more Players can buy everything with gold.

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