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MYKO Here is the Original Myko you have been missing for a long time No lag, No dupe, No other hack troubles LvL 70 cap, +1 max unique jewels, +8 max weapons & armors Auto account system on ( No domestic characters can be used when registrating )


WarynaKO Easy arm pk server online 18/24


Hayalko Zor Server Sevenler için cok iyi bütün zoneler var yardım sever gmler ve ilgililer eventlar her gun var savas vs vs tam tadında


FarmKO Welcome to FarmKO. This is a lvl 70 cap farm server. XP rate is 10x and droprate 5x. New Darkness weapons and Hellscream armors added. Possible expansions in the future. Come join us, meet new people, and have fun. Open Beta starts Saturday Sep. 26.


BlaBla Knight Online BBKO Knight Online Server is a pk server , with a new zones and item , join us now and discover new world of knight online!


Ultimate KO Ultimate Knight Online a New Server Join It Today!


Justice Ko. New Server Just Released the server got futures like \"Darkness\" weapons, \"Justice\" Weapons, Timed Bifrost, Dupe-Free Max Lvl 80, Max Skill 70. Unique Drop Rate Middle-Low. Come Join Us From The Start!


Farm KO New farm-oriented Knight Online private server. Hosted 24/7, no donations, English speaking, 0 tolerance for cheaters, non-corrupted GMs,Come, check it out, and stay for as long as you want!


NukeKO Cool PK/farm server, with brand new moradon, items, and much more!! Cap lvl : 83! Come and test us!! upgrade from +1 to +8 = 100%! Just started! Join Us!:)


ExtremeKO Extreme KO is brand new pk server, which is on beta now, upgrade rates is 100% , max +8, we have alot of new items like bahamut,krowaz and much more! join us now!:)


Dark Echo Knight Online Server Fast Leveling on worms within 5 min to level 80. auto master quest upon relog pvp server. item seller for shell and beginner weapons. anvil 99% to +10 Server is up 24/7 gm Active


Knight Online Private Serverler İp Adresl Knight Online Pvp Serverler İp Adresleri KoPvp Server Koxp Myko Sh WallHack Pvp Server Kurulumu Private Server


Knight Online Pvp Serverler Knight Online Pvp Server Paylaşım Platforumu


UltimateKO - The Resurrection - The best private server. for more information about the server please checkout


Immortal Knight Online!!! Located on a dedicated server, no lags, up 24/7 3rd Job quest (Custom To Our Server)New Skills/Item/Weapons/Orbs!,come check us out


100% Knight Online A-Z ... Searchable Knight Online Directory Listings! ...


AsperKO Here is the Original Myko you have been missing for a long time No lag, No dupe, No other hack troubles LvL 70 cap, +1 max unique jewels, +8 max weapons & armors Auto account system on ( No domestic characters can be used when registrating )


Deep KO Farm Server - Start on 30th january 2010 - Dedicated Server & Active GM\'s - AntiCheat! join!


Pandora Knight Online PandoraKO is pure KE farm server with 70 lvl max, KE skills and custom quests ! We\'re online 24/7 on the dedicated server with 1 Gbit internet connection! Ther\'s no better way to play!


Alargie-Empire[MYKO] Here is the Original Myko you have been missing for a long time No lag, No dupe, No other hack troubles LvL 70 cap, +0 max unique jewels, +8 max weapons & +8 armors Rebith System And Low Middle Class Scrol İs Working Auto account system on (Oto Patch ) 200-300 ppl online. Come check


TrueKo TrueKO is light farm server, with perfect drop & anvil rates.Items have value,new zones, New Skins , Starter gear , Usko moradon , version 1298.. , Forgotten Temple , Bifrost, and much more!! Join TrueKo Today!!!


ForceKO PK SERVER Did u miss to the old school Full PK servers? So here u go come and check us today!


Knight Online World T.C. 1534 Pvp Server Knight Online World T.C. Pvp server. Its 15xx expansion includes: Cospre items, Royal grade Knights, rebirth and more. All skills 1-80 work as in USKO. Players reach 1000+ online. The anti-cheat is regularly updated, and players are supported by active GMs


Destruction Knight Online Server Destruction KO is a Real Server for people who want\'s to experiance PVP feeling\'s , Destruction KO is a Pure PK server , All You need to do is Join us And Have fun! , You can Check out our forum\'s For Guide\'s , Active and Friendly GM\'s / admin , Join us now and Experiance Real PVP


DevilKO Friday 2010.01.08 goes live!!! New fresh server. Start level 60 with items


Knight Online PK SERVER pk, item, jpko, usko, new,


KnightOnlineForever - The Best Knight Online Pri Ko4EVER is a server with a level-cap of 83. With the most USKO like working skills. Including the newest USKO maps and Items. Making use of a Custom client. Having unique Events which make our gameplay even better !. And so many other features i cannot even tell enough about it....


Eirene Myko Empire Old Knight Empire %100 Hi All, Lets %100 Myko Play? %100 MYKO DROP,BOSS,SKİLS,LEVELS? Lets GO: Full Client Setup Link ALL,WE JOİN PLAY!


KoA - AyaSofia Hard New English Server KoA - AyaSofia Hard New English Server Very Good


ASKO Knight Online Farm Server! Level 83 Max-All Skills Working-Darkness Weapons-Heros Armor-New Zones-Timed Juraid Event!-Timed Bi-Frost W/ Monument Giving NP\'s- Breth&Piana Zones (With All BOSSES!)Leasath Drop CS!-Krowaz Zone-Bug Free-Compound Bug Fixed 100% Disabled-Best Real Time Dupe Protection-EXP Event Daily Get Easy Lvl83!


TrueKO Pvp server / lvl 72 cap / 1-5 min max level / No OP donators / new zones / new items / no bugs / 24/7 / active support / events .


MadagascarKO MadagascarKO, funny name, funny game! Exp, pk server! MYKO style but with our finishing touch! GM support 24/7, events and wars every 2 days! Max lvl 70! Max items upgrade +9! Try us out! WE will be opening soon!


LifeKO Private Server LifeKO - FARM/PK Server. Exclusive Life and Death Quest for Weapons of Life & Weapons of Death, Exclusive Items, Friendly Staff and Community, experienced developers, hack protected, fully optimized server, Max Accessory +5 (Drops from +0-+3), All farming is done in Ronark Land


NusKO NusKO [ Farm - PK ] Server Different meaning for farming , and also Awesome PK system , Fully fixed db, Hard working Server team , Active GM\'s , Players Support, And much more , Play NusKO and you won\'t ever leave us


Project Fearless KO PK/farm server with nice gm\\\'s,krowaz,bifrost,forgotten temple,dark land,new items,japko items,new armors,dark items and much more come join us and find out!!!!!!


TimelessKO New fresh start this 2010-01-16/17!!! complete wipe on myko farm/pk server!


Reign of Chaos KO Experience Knight Online as you have never experienced it before. With a level 70 cap, we bring you the revival of nostalgia, bringing back the old days of KO


Reign of Chaos KO Experience Knight Online as you have never experienced it before. With a level 70 cap, we bring you the revival of nostalgia in an epic farm server, reliving the old days of KO. We have unique events and fixed a lot of bugs, including dupe


Chill KO Chill KO Is A New Server with very few bugs if any! We try are best to make are server a bug free server!


International Knight Online You looking for a fun server?Then come to International Knight Online!!!7/24 online server.Active Gm\'s is beta serv/lvl 70 old USKO 2004-2005..... no corruption, no overpowered, a friendly community and active...We waiting for you,come and play!!!


%100 Free Online Games Fun l Pasific Network A Knight Online Odyssey - Pacific Network 100% - Hard Server


Knight Lavinia | Very Hard | Master Servers Knight Lavinia | Very Hard | Master Servers


PhobiaKO A brand new Private Knight online Server with Usko moradon , Capes , No bugs go and check it out on the kopanel


HellAwaitsKo - Private Server HellAwaitsKO is back, Now is PK/Farm Server. +9 max upgrade, +1 unique jewels max.Level 70 cap. Great community, Active Gm\\\'s. All Skills wor!k


~Annihilation Clan Forum~ Annihilation Clan Forum, Knight Online Clan seeking GG players to create 1 big clan, looking for dedicated players. We will test your skills in arena or cz. Must have Ventrilo, and speak english.


RecepKo Turkiyenin En Iyi Private Sunucusu Recepko, Private Knight, Usko, Zor db, Kolay db, Usko maradon, Ardream, RonarkLand, 83, Level, Karus, Human, Roque,


Medusa World Private Server Medusa World started at 13 November 2009.Maximum Lvl 74.Exp is easy.Weapons maximum +8 and jewels are maximum +0 . We included Ronark Land War and Bifrost on myko db. We have New Hero Shells and japko weapons on our server.We have 200+ online user. ip is : .1299 client .Enjoy!


LuckyKO Server LuckyKO welcomes you all to join us where all the PK happens. The server max lvl at 70, max items at +8, and max jews at +1 with easy lvling. Also, we have many events such as GM event, WAR, Boss hunt, and etcs. Come give us a try to see if you like it or at least check us out. - LuckyKO


Bursa Forum - Eğlenceli Mekan Bursa Forum - Eğlenceli Mekan


Knight Imperia Light exp + farm server, lvl 70 max., 24/7 online, dedicated server, old school server, old moradon !

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