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OwnageKo v. 1351 Growing Community, Fast xp, Lv 70 Cap, Duper Disconnect, Ardream, ETC. Join our Growing Community today!!!


- Dragon KO - Join us now, we\\\'re a farming lvling server good atmosphere and nice players gogo


SwissKo Hello SwissKO is a KnightOnline owned by two swiss guys and some friendly GM\'s from all over the world. It is a 90% PK server, New usko items drop in Krowaz and Dark Land the rest u get from moradon. Enjoy and have a good PK. SwissKO Staff-Team


KO Evolution The new age in Private Servers


MythocKO PK server try us out!


World Knight Private Server World Knight Private Server List


PvP KO Knight Online Private PK Server Knight Online Private PK Server Free 2 Play Ko-Panel and Orjinal Forum 80 Skill Patch New CZ War Zones GM Event\\\\\\\'s and Boss Event\\\\\\\'s


Myko World Full Pk Server 100% Lag Free / 80 Skills Working / Ice work / leg cut / scream / Archer Fully Working / Friendly Gm\'s / New Armor / 24/7


Mysticko Coming Soon..iLoveAnna owner !!


FrozenKO Low rate Usko server new cool addons / new rogue minor/priest heal/ long capes/ xp quests/new look of UI and more , come join us !


AzuKO (easy farm server) KnighOnline private server with unique manner point system, easy farming and level cap at 70.


MyKo WorLd Knight Online Full Pk Server Items can be found at Moradon mobs/npcs. Server includes Forgotten Frontairs items, and Valkyire armor. Can be found at Krowaz Zone.[Weapons, armors, shields, etc]


Deluxe-KnightOnLine Deluxe-KnightOnLine is hosted by Stefan. Its a PK server !!!!


alianza NICE ko and more items full pk and not permit gays

265 ||VPS||7/24||Anti-cheat||Bug Fix|| ||VPS||7/24||Anti-cheat||Bug Fix||Easy|| <<<<<<<<<------- MeteorKO -------->>>>>>>>>


Knight Online Evolution The evolution of a private server! Come on Join to the unique and the best server online out there!.


UltimateKO UltimateKO offer fun and challenge to be the best. Exp and Drop rate is middle. Event like 24/7 Bi-frost, Lunar War, Forgotten Temple, Forgotten Frontier(map, weapon and also we make event), etc. it\'s time to play new generation of Knight Online.... so what are you waiting for come join !!!!!!


Dark Energy KO -- The new era. Dark Energy KO will guarantee you 100% satisfaction. We have no overpowered donators, PKing is everything, you do not need to level, but you\\\'ll need to get your items at a medium rate. Join us today and join the new era of Knight OnLine! NOW IMPROVED EVEN MORE, Balanced PK and 1 Exp till 80!!!!!!


Snoxd Ko Best Income farm serv coming. Cloed beta will open in 1st December. Be ready for it!


koritimo koritimo melhor serve pvp brasileiro!!!


ResurrectionKO This Is a new ko server we have a lot of fixes FT and BF + new bosses FF items working we have good GM\'s server is up 24/7


ShadowKO Private Serwer Very nice KO private serwer. This is farming/pk serwer with good rate come and try us :). All info about server in forum


Private Server Private Server Knight Online


JeezysSpot A Forum for anything come check us out


TNGN Knight Online Good EXP rates - not too hard but then again not too easy. Level 80 max with all skills working. Daily Events, Castle Siege War and Kings system. We are a friendly growing community! Use promotional code: toplistsef12 for 500 complimentary Knight cash to help get you started!


Knight Imperia: The Reign Of Darkness! Are you bored of fighting against overpowered donators and corrupted GM characters? Feel the difference with professional developers. Join now!


DaFaKO DaFaKO Is A PK Server. We Have Valkyrie , ALL USKO Items. Like Cold Hearted Dagger , Undefeatable Baal , 100% Upgrade Rates And all drops in moradon. Full Working Wars. 1exp to 80. Join now :)


Heroin Knight Online(PK) Fully pk server, All bosses drops Nps, auto np symbol for all 1-100 ranks on both nations, bifrost items, juraid items etc! Please Register On forums too : Peace


|||>DarkSide KO Again Fully Wiped, New 17XX, JPKO, Korean KO items.upadated 21/5/09


sanae lan am&#305;&#351; demedik mi sanae die


Dreamzko Best knight online server lvl 83 max 100% to +10 krowaz added all new item bifrost war come new server all item is there and some new


Knight Online Evolution Knight online Evolution is a exp server with a great community and hard working team.


EuropeKO - Europe Knight Online Knight Online Euko is a nice PK Server, New Weapons, New Maps and New Armors here. 300+ Online Users every day growing community and professional developers. Join now!


HRKO Hell Razor Knight Online! A great new Fark/PK server 4/22/08! We have working FF, Bifrost, CSW, King system! Best of all PATHOS GLOVES WORK! Plus some surprising new skills and animations to go with them. This server is one of a kind. Come join the experience!


akheron empire Japko items,17xx items,japko skills akheron empire Japko items,17xx items,japko skills,best pvp, Normal server exp item Normal 83 lvl up usko grade all event active best private server bifrost dark land falenkors lair


Resurrection KO We Are Resurrection KO *24/7* //100% DuperProtect//Good Gm Team // its a 1098


SexyKO Server 1 SexyKO Server 1 is a nice PK Server, were you start as lvl 70 with full +0 jewels and +8 weapons. It takes you around 1 hour to get 80 (max lvl). Usually there are around 200-300 ppl online. Come check it out.


SexyKO S2 Farm SexyKO Server 2 is a nice Farm Server. Level Cap is 70, Drop Rate like MYKO, Bifrost every 6 hours and more !


SexyKO Farm Server SexyKO Server 2 is a nice Farm Server. Level Cap is 70, Drop Rate like MYKO, Bifrost every 6 hours and more !


SexyKO Server2 SexyKO Server 2 is a nice Farm Server. Level Cap is 70, Drop Rate like MYKO, Bifrost every 6 hours and more !


Servidor: Knight Online Apocalipsis Morg Game Knight Online Server 1299


TuneX KO v1301 83/1 Private Server PK No Edit, No Lagg, 83/1 Drop ALL Items, 300 NP, ALL CLAN G1, WALKRYIE ARMOR HAVE, ALL WEAPON HAVE COME HERE.. IP:


KOInferno KOInferno , PVP Server , Max lvl 70 , Itens +8 , Jewel +1 , All itens drop in moradon , 1705 itens drop in eslant , lvl 61 to 70 up in EMC / Luff / Eslant


Resurrection KO The New Knight Online Private Server Join And U Will Love It.


kib tan&#305;t&#305;m


Style Knight Online Style KO!The Newest farm/pk server with a great community.The lvl 80 is takes 1 exp till 80!We have medium rates for boss drops adn upgrades. We have got FF Items, Juraid and Bifrost items and Valkyre,Gryphon, and Bahamut! Daily Wars and events! JOIN US!


best the best online game strategy


Cuzko Cuzko Private Server, Max Level 83 .. All Skill Working.. Farm Server.. Easy to 63 and then the fun continues...Droop Insane, Anvil Insane, Exp insane after 63 .. new mobs to exp ^^


NoneKO Farm Server Best old myko rates .We are on the dedicated server !


LatinKO Proximamente el nuevo knight online farm/lvling (4x mas rapido que usko) server para Peru y Latinoamerica , ven a probarlo! Los foros ya estan disponibles! Brand New Knight online exp/farm server come try us out! Will be Running on a dedicated!

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