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The Best KO The Best KO/drop rate 100000x item +30rb skill lvl 80


Cyprus Knight-Empire Cyprus Empire is a private knight empire game server.We have got a 10000+ registered users.Maximum Lvl 74 with +8 weapons,armors and +1 uniques.Castle sieg war, Lunar war and king system is working.Xp rate is going to 70 very easy.Come and visit us.


Xtreme Knight Online We\\\'re back: Techno and Infinity. Come and join our new KOserver. ARKO2 is back


ThugKO Join Our Friendly Server / / Friendly GM\\\'s // Make Friends In One Of The Best Games Around.


>> | Hells Fury KO | New server, Professionally developed, Professional GM\\\\\\\'s, Friendly community, Work for your character! Nice atmosphere, join now!


OurKO World Knight Online Server Portal Both versions, 1098 and 1309 come check us out :)


Rescue Knight Online Private Server Full PK! lvl 100!!! New Skills New Armor Raptor +15 !!! A NEW CLASS!!!!!! NECRO!!!! The New Project- we are still looking for GMS!!!!!!!


Titan KO Target audience of Titan KO, is the old school :) and those of the new school that appreciate well balanced, organized PvP. Welcome to a server where technique is all that matters!


UberKO Elite Private Server Come join us in one of the most interactive communities avaliable! , Almost 100% of our players are from USA, Exp is 4000% , Drops are great.


isreal knight online Knight Online Private Server / isreal ko its pk server esey lvling challenging to gets items / new armor / usok style / JUST ENJOY!


Israel Knight Online Knight Online PK server, Instant level 80, Wars, Pvp events, Boss events Join us Today!


Mykorevolution Pk server work 24/7


Goldceo Goldceo goldceo


RadKO Instant 80, Items have value. Fun PK server.


Mistery-KO Its a new server so we still work on it NO: dont ask for gm NO: dont ask for stuff(we have events) Yes: Must HAVE lots of fun :)


Mystery-KO - Skilly PK server! New server! ! Based on a pk database. But we made exping harder and anvil rates harder :) So you need skill to be good! . JOIN US NOW! You will have loooots of fun :D


K.o.a.s The Reborn Expension New items for beginers , New quests , New rules, New events, New zones ,New boss, New items, New wars and mores... come and try for FREE our brand New K.o.a.s


True Players KO Great Server,EXP Rates decent,Anvil Rates just right,GG gms and owner! IN BETA COME GIVE US A TRY!!!


HeaveKO HeaveKO provides a skill, time, and fun based gaming attitude. Time based server not a Log-in and play server, its a time investment for items and leveling, once completing the leveling and item gathering, CZ has a new element to it that many other servers lack: diversity in both level/gear.


KoRevolution We now are running a pk server come and join what is now the best pk server out


EliteKnight Turks Mage Server 7/24 EliteKnight Turks Mage Server 7/24


RoyalKO Great Private server! join us now!


Mystery-KO Full PVP SERVER 80worms - 80level... +5 accessories drop kekons ... Bulcans drop shell +9..... Growing community.... Welcome to join everybody!


1299 private server dosyaları kurulumu 1299 private server dosyaları kurulumu,süper kurulu pvp serverlar,ko server,koxp,düpe


The ResurrectionKO: Rise of Kraw We are 24/7 and EXP server,rates are moderate not too hard not too easy,Forgoten Frontiers(maps,Weapons,events),Felankor\'s Liar,New Events,All skills are Working,New Weapons,monsters, king system works,Bifrost is working,forgotten temple working come and


LostSoulz KnightOnline Community LostSoulzKO provides a skill, time, and fun based gaming attitude. Time based server not a Log-in and play server, its a time investment for items and leveling, once completing the leveling and item gathering, CZ has a new element to it that many other servers lack: diversity in both level/gear.


TruePlayerKO Good rates,friendly Gm\'s,bifrost and juraid monatin items work,bifrost works,24/7 so come and join us


Xtreme-KO - v2. come and look insidde, great server Owner by: Hellfire, Infinity & Ownage


SMKO OWN CLIENT SuperManKnightOnline - BRAND NEW KO - Good Anvil Rates: +5-100%, +6-90%, +7-70%, +8-50%, +9-10%. Exp: 1Day-63, 2Days-69, 3Days-75. Drop Rate-50%. Delos, CSW, Wars, All Skills WORK!!! NO DUPE NO HACKS!!! Own Version!


DivineKO Come join the best server...skills 83 work (nom from mages)good pk server start lvl 74 all itens +10...come and join ...


xxx imbetter ownead............ready?


TruePlayersKO TruePlayersKO features alot of new things including bi-frost - Personal Quest - Wars - Csw - Lvl 80 skills - Friendly community and friendly staffs. Server is new. Open kopanel with internet explorer to see everything, just us now !


Lima Ko Nuevo Server Pk - Lvl 80 Altoke - 100% Free Lagg ^^ // Everyday Open From 3:00Pm a 3:00Am


Europe Knight Online The best Knight online private server around. A perfect server with the newest USKO maps ! New Skills only on EUKO specially Made for EUKO !!. New way of Gameplay with New events and Quest\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s. Friendly Community and Good Rates. It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s a PK base server !. With a Virusless exe !!! and man


The FellowShip Clan We are a brand new clan community, we are going to have a clan on each good running server, at this moment we only have a clan at lsko, join now !


HyD3 Empire Full Pk Server 100% Lag Free / 80 Skills Working / Ice work / leg cut / scream / Archer Fully Working / Friendly Gm\\\'s / New Armor / 24/7


IronGateKO 1299 Version / 90% Pk Server / Running At 6 Gig With A Dual MB Connection. / New Features - USKO Capes - USKO Look - Rebirth Look - Great Armor Look. / Daily Restarts + High Uptime. / Open So Why Not Make A Account Now? Join The Fun.


True Players Knight Online custom exp custom drops/lvl 83 skills/active and friendly staff


Myko World LvL 80 half pk no dupes no hack


Gamer I love to play online private severs


KingKo Newly Launched ko pk server , Insta 80 , Upgrade is 100% to +10 , Lag free , Good GM Team, Many Events , COME NOW & JOIN KingKo !


Darknezz Dev forum Knight Online Dev forum


My Knight Online Swedish Server Knight Online Swedish Server Give You The Best Game Xperience Within PK. Version 1299 Knight Empire with Forgotten Temple, Bifrost, Castle Siege War, Lunar War, Instant Level 70+, Auto Master. Anvil As MYKO And XP Rate 1/10. Max Level 80. Uptime 24/7


Ko-xross Come developers


The Viking Underground MMORPG Development


ForgottenKo Looking for a great new server? Then come to ForgottenKO! exp is hard but not to much, bosses are the only ones to drop uniques. Max level is 80 and all skills work, no dupes , no koxpers! Check it out!


Ber Knight The Best Pvp ( ON ) (( NEW)) Ber Knight The Best Pvp ( ON ) (( NEW))


Heaven Knight Online Heaven Knight online, server open 24/7, daily restart (even with request !), all weapon... Maximum 2 day to reach level 80, skill only work to 70 (Old database) but new skillz are coming soone !, csw,ft,lt,war working Bifrost coming soon with murky swamp


Knight Online Evolution Knight Online Evolution, its more than you can expect from a private knight online server. Come Join Us!


HandOfGodKo Knight Online Private server PK server Max lvl 80 New Cz Server Will up son Help Us Donate 25$ for new Decitaded server need Gms

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