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IceColdKo Version 1299, Exp Rate: Medium, Drop Rate: Medium, Noah Rate: High, Anvil rate: 100%


Empire KO Empire Ko is a brand new Pk server with lots of events, great gm\\\\\\\'s, and no bugs! Come join us!


Hot Chocolate KO The Best Pk Server I n The World OF KO!!!!!!


GodzKo GodzKO Private Server ## Dual Core CPU with 3GB Ram ## Up to 1000 Players ## Bifrost Items / lvl 80 skills / CSW / LW / DLW ## Some more patches will come in near future ###


DeathWishKO! PK Server, Great Friendly GMs, Now running on a dedicated server, Custom Bosses also a new server so come help populate us at least try it its a great experience


Never Ending KO Great server,Friendly GM\'s,Rates r good,Brand New Server, Dedicated Soon


KO Crusade [1.299] Part of the popular ChaosGamez network, KO Crusade is a PK server renowned for its unique gameplay, challenging PK, thorough cheat protection found nowhere else, and our steady uptime. Come join the fun!


sahaquiel sahaquielthe evangelionneongenesos


PhoenixKO Phoenix Knight Online - The Resurrection - Re-OPENING VERY SOON!!


darkFire knight online , pk server. o.O best of all pk server. EVERYTHING is WORKING , all usko items. Events , OPEN IN JULLY. Come all and be the best. Gm actives


OnLine Ko Private Server V1.299 OnLine Ko The Best


KrimoKo Private Server 1299 Usko drops. B-frost. New Cz. Lunar Wars. Boss Events. No Edit Chars!!! No Lag!! 7/24 dedicated server. Check This Out!!!


Oblivion Knight Online Oblivion Knight Online - Rebirth of Knight Ascension - Exp rate 200%, Drop Rate 130% - Come, join us!


OurKO: Private KnightOnline Community A private KO server that runs the most up to date MYKO style client. USKO bosses and items, Ultima\'s quest, constantly updated and maintained, 100% working.


THE Tempest Knight Online The Tempest is the Best fastest growing knightonline private server around come by cna check us out


Light Farming Server Starting lvl 70, Max lvl 83 Starting items can be bought from Moradon. High class item easy upgrade,Unique weapons harder upgrade, Vote for special items, Choas Event Working, Elemental rings/damage working, Moradon battlefield working, Clan ranking flags in towns, Letter system, USKO quests, Upgradeable weapon defences,NP increase % event. No corrupt GMs+ more


Radical KO Another pk server , high exp, drops and anvil rates, friendly community and gm


DeathWish KO PK! Join Its a Hot PK Server, No lagg Just started, Come in and raise to the top!


Undecided Ko Brand new Pk server with a nice gm team , no lag , loads of event and much more , check it out !


Heroin Knight Online HeroinKO Is a brand new server, for now its a PK Server, moradon drops almoast anything you will need to pk. And lycans drop bifrost items. Decayed zombie drops 70 sword and dagger, rest is to be found in moradon. Please register on our forums aswell!


Heroin Knight Online We are a community thats grows every day.We are currently hosting a pk server but thats gonna change soon to hard rate server myko like. Specs: 3GB ram, 20mbit download and upload speed, 3ghz dual core


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Vote!! Vote for undedicdedKO


DeathWish ko Top Dedi-server, Need more players, for PK. Enjoy DWKO


Sanitariumko Our server has improved over the month. Level 75 cap but able to level n keep 80 stats n skill points.added Weapons of Sanitarium to powerup Store , all buff scrolls free in powerup, and free armors, for beginners. all in powerupstore.


BitterVengeance Real Myko style server, there isn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t the kill 100 worms be done with levels this server is for people who enjoy playing Intel Xeon 3220-Quad Core [2.4GHz] 4 gb ram


KO Dev Private Server Development Forum. Professional Developers. All Sorts Of Files And Fixs. Come Join The Team Now!


Taso KO Private server We just opened and is a long term server lot\\\'s of events !!


Project: Knight Empire Project: Knight Empire, a Knight Online Private Server, best Experience and Drop rate server, Custom Build Control Panel, PowerUp Store, FREE SCROLLS! 400 Online Users every day, 10000 Registered Users, growing community and professional developers - Join Now!


PineAppleKO A knight online 1299 server witch has evrything you need in moradon including alot of usko items. also has alot of former ttko members


†Th3FellowShipKo† Good Gm\\\'s, nice lvling, Events every day, Wars everyday, easy drop rates, lvl 80 skills working :] Come join us TODAY! Great Community :)


RisingKO New server, working lunar wars,CSW etc..come check us out,


United States Private Knight Online The Fastest and best Knight online Server out there, come check us out


Knight Online Priv Drop rate 50%, exp rate 80%, lvl 80, fast exp


LostSoulz KnightOnline Community LostSoulzKO provides a skill, time, and fun based gaming attitude. Time based server not a Log-in and play server, its a time investment for items and leveling, once completing the leveling and item gathering, CZ has a new element to it that many other servers lack: diversity in both level/gear.


Killing Zones Knight Online Private Game Server Daily Events - Forgotten Temple / War / GM Events Custom Items / Power-Up Store / Unique Features Safe Secure Server Updated Daily Since March 2007


Knight Online FreeZone Knight Online FreeZone FreeZoneKo Private Server


Knight Online FreeZone Knight Online FreeZone FreeZoneKo Private Server


Knight Online FreeZone Knight Online FreeZone FreeZoneKo Private Server


Chaos Network 7/22 itemler moradon bifrost ve eslant uskonun aynisidir butun monsterlar aynidir csw sorunsuzdur takilar max +3 itemler +10 5k np ile baslama item kolay exp orta ve chr select kapalidir (dupe imkansiz) hergun 3 gm onlinedir onerilere ve sikayetlere aciktirlar.


Sun Rise KO v2 - The Come back, Better then ever b Sun Rise KO v2 features alot of new things including bi-frost, personal quest, wars, csw, friendly community and friendly staff! NOW New and IMPROVED!


Phantomx Best Experience and Drop rate server, lvl 80, good GMS, Free scrols, server open 24/7 visit now !!


VoltageKO Friendly GM\\\'s 24/7 a new server just started,come join us and make new friends!


TCKO PVP Turkish Knight Online Private Servers. USA local Deticated, PK Server, 80/1 level Rate,%100 EXP Rate,Lunar War,Siega War, Knights System,Event and Full FX Servers...


Planet KO Full PK server: 100% to +10/5, 100% XP. Wars and events run every day of the week! Max level 80, with RoFD skills and items.


HolyFire KO ><> < New Server > Knight Online Server! V. 1299 MYKO, [ Hiring Dev Team And GM\\\\\\\'s ] Bifrost coming! [ Pk Server ] will be adding Valk armor! <><


MPKO - Maltuz private Knight online Really cool mixed private server , Good dropp rate, pretty fast exp, Good GM\'s, Run time 24/7, check out our webb and forum for more info! all skills and combo working. ver 1299.


DiabolicDRAKE DUPE FIXED , MIDDLE EXP , MIDDLE ITEM , Version 1329 , CSW Fixed , FT Fixed , Everything Fixed :)


WireZ KO WireZ KO is back up and running better than ever! Try your luck with a brand new start, the server now has many more fixes, as well as, krowaz! Join and play with our growing community...


OmegaKO 80 skills work end more Just try it !

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