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IntoxicatedKO New Server in the works


KruelIntentions KO This is a 99% bug free 1522 KO server we have hell abyss, abyss 2 difrent arenas with full PVP bifrost and cz, good GM's and awsome server admins Come join us and see for your self.


BiteFight Ko Running on 1512 the most updated,with launcher,antihack bots,bifrost,cz,delos and more pls join


Unholy Darkness Knight Online! Friendly GMs, Good community! Now v1505, no lag, soon 24/7! Hell Abyss, Abyss, USKO Bifrost, Quests, Cape Quest & Much more! Join us today!!


OurKO Classic 1098 - Great server


PolishTracker Knight Online The Future of Knight Online Private Servers


Sweden Knightonline 1505 15** server we started yesterday and have alreddy 40 members bifrost items and gryphon armor include , swedish gms! check it out ,..


DevKO The BEST Knight Online Private server developing forum ever


mirc türkçe mirc, mirc indir, mirc


KOrona KO Private Server A fun knight online provate server with good upgrade rates, exp rates. 15xx dedicated server starting soon, join forums for new updates. The best Server yet to come!!!


Analysis KO server Its a 1098 server with alot of new things, join and Check it by your self!


Hellz KO Reborn we are a 1351 server that has lvl 83 skills, and much more


KnightOnlineFans is a forum about knight online (stil on the way upgrading) need helps from u guys :D welcome to join our community


Custom Knight OnLine This is a brand new 1540 Knights online server Just opened to the public today 4-6-08 we have awsome drops and exp an exceptional KO pannel cool Gms that are helpful and frendly, Custom bosses, wepons and armor. And much much more come check us out you will love it!!!!!!


Super Knight Knight online is the best online game


KODB Free Knight Online DataBase Downloads!


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KnightEmpire Real Myko server using 1299 usko client ,not no 1098 nor 15xx junk!.Intel (R) Core(TN) Duo CPU E6750 @2.66GHz, 2.67 GHz, 4.00 GB of RAM


LostSoulz Knightonline Community Welcome to LostSoulz knightonline Community. Currently running MYKO files in open beta. Includes many features including boss summoning events, forgotten temple, combo\\\'s, merchant\\\'s and much much more.--== LostSoulz created and hosted by Jonny ==--


Phoenix Knight Online The Phoenix Resurrection. Very nice drop rate and bosses\' respawn. Dedicated Server and MYKO files! Join us today!


Nightfall KO New server running 1299 MYKO Files, Great Community, Great Rates, Great GM\\\\\\\'s and Admins, JOIN TODAY!


Ourko / Myko 1299 Knight online community runs Myko .. Come and Discover the Great server!


TurboKnightOnline v1.299 This server is for u, PKers. all you have to do is just log in kill some monsters in worms and you get every item you ever dreamed of. the owner / gms are from Israel and most of the people are from israel. we do have turks but they are nice.


Adrenaline Rush KO Old KE Style server. You have to work for your items/levels, not too hard ofcourse. Friendly GM staff and community. Come give us a try, our GM staff is ready to give you the shelter you need, a good KO private server!


WeedKO WeedKO, good processor, 100% +10, PK SERVER! (: hosted by L337, db editted by Ghost, come play now! (:


[1299] Hot Chocolate KO and Caffeinated KO Our Hot Chocolate and Caffeinated KO combination has so far proved to be an extremely enjoyable game experience, with our concurrent user peak hitting 314 after the first week of Hot Chocolate KO. Hot Chocolate KO is our experience server, and Caffeinated KO is our PK (fun) server. Have fun!


Devils Knight Online With a Quad-Core processor with a great connection and plenty of memory our server surpasses hosting needs! Come join our brand new realese of a farm server! We look forward to having you!


KO_NacioN Habla en español!


JMKO Beta Private Server Server is back up! New GMs! Fixed Skills! Fixed Wars! 100% EXP, 100% DROP RATE! Full PK Server!


KO Server New Privat Server Knight Online, KO Server 5000ex/5000ex/10000ex 1exp till 60 level nicely GM\'s New PaTch Includes, visit now!


XeroKKO The Best Knight Online of The World :P , Exp rate : 130% , Drop rate: 90% , ROFD Weapons and Armor , lvl 80 Skills , and Bifrost Items. Anvil rates: +1 to +6= 100%, +6 to +7= 50% , +7 to +8 = 30% +8 to +9= 20% Enjoy!


Mystik Empire Come join Mystik Empire. Running all new 1299 Files. Many new features being worked on now! Come get ready and post away. Server is top of the line with a great management team and a wonderful community.


eVul Ko eVuL MYKO Version 1299 , This is a PK SERVER , exp is maxed 80 kills makes level 80 , DROPS , ALL YOU NEED DROPS IN MORADON! are you ready for humans VS orcs bring it on!


Ancient Knight Online Knight Online Pk server , Come in and have fun.


Sexyko exp to 70 really fast , no lag , u get items really fast , capes fix grade fix symbols fix


Coolade\\\'s KO Server Instant level 70 You have to exp to 80 not too difficult, Anvil rates are +7 90%, +8 65%, +9 40%, +10 20%, 100% WORKING BIFROST, +4 uniques drop in moradon +5\'s drop from bosses, 80 skills, juraid, bifrost, wars, Great Gm\'s and Events.


Knight Online asdasdasdasdasdasdasddasd


HackshardGaming KnightOnline Welcome to join us on HackshardGaming - 1299 Files - Bifrost items - delox working .. 24/7 .. Triple core with 3 gig ram ... NO LAG!


DCKO knight online server with bifrost and juraid mountain still in beta so its kinda like a pk server. 3.0 amd cpu 500gig hard drive 4gigs of ddr1 ram


Time Of Revenge MyKo Files, High Exp and Normal Drop , Running on a dedicated server, Frendly GM


DemonKO Forum We are in the making of the server so we will post when it is done on the forum so we will keep you up to date


ProKo Welcome to the brand new Knight Online private server (proko) it is a pvp server and very fun!


GenoxKO - Pvp server,80/1,bifrost,80skills archers,rogue,mage,warrior,new USKO cz and too much good things.


OSKO Server Old Spice Knight Online offers you, the best gaming experience that you will ever had, very active GMs, a forum where you can discuss about anything you want under Admins supervision. We offer a no-easy server where you can meet high experienced gamers.


TwistedKO PK Server - 100% lag free - good gms - gg owner - Lvl 80 Skills Working


ProKO Awesome new KO server dedicated to PKing


GENOXIEKO ! FD skinn 80 skills worked archer too ! with usko animation new CZ ! Bifrost acive ppls !


HerosRealmKO New server soon to be the best. Beta stage atm, and we are growing fast. We are the old infectios ko server, and are back for good this time! The strong will survive


Dark Side Knight Online Great Rates Friendly GM\\\'s and Admin\\\'s

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