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MONSTERS KNIGHT ONLINE KRONOS MONSTERS KNIGHT ONLINE Kronos Clan ENGLIS HSPEAKING members Best help / BEST Service ! Alot stuff to become member! Monthly PLATINUM codes ! Free lvl 70 accounts ! JOIN FORUMS BE ACTIVE AND WIN THAT ALL !


Knight Imperia: The Resurrection! A farm server with original myko database, all skills and events working, no corruption, no overpowered donators, a friendly community and active and professional developers. Why don\'t you check it out?


OCKO - Outcast Knight Online Lvl Cap 70, Max +8, jewl +0. Clan Raids, 2 wars a day, new aura\'s, new pvp reward system. Custom invasions, bringing back the oldschool but making it look much better. Open Beta May 2nd!


Legend Knight Online This is a lvl 80 farm server. Xp rates are good and so are drop rates. Very stable server, no lags no crashses. Good Gm Staff, and plenty of events. Hope to see you ingame.


Anka PVP Network Our server is started with +8 Shell Jewelry +1. +2 Jewelry Snake Queen, Harpy Queene occurs. +8 Dragon Sheller Bach, Bishop, Duke is out of such small animals. Our server is guaranteed for 3 Years. Ip Address:


KO Dev Private Server Development Forum. Professional Developers. All Sorts Of Files And Fixs. Come Join The Team Now!


OasisKnightOnline Pk server, level cap 80, fast leveling at worms, all bifrost/jpko/usko item...New moradon, new cz, krowaz, dark land, everyting !!! (server opened 03/03/10) be the first one to reach the top !


Lut Gholein - MYKO Server last lv 70, myko-based server but easier drops easier upgrade. no bugs no dupe, licenced xtrap security shield just try it! it\'s never gonna go offline


StonedKO Welcome to StonedKO...New pk server, all usko zones, New usko Item, no bug, GG gm, war, csw, bifrost and new ideas you have never seen before, come PK with us!


mykoe MyKOE is a new xp/farm ###, we are trying to bring MYKO/OSKO back, but a litle bit more easier, xp will be easier and farming to !! we already have a good staff team and all USKO event is in our database. OPENED 20/3/2011 6h45 gmt-5


OlymPusko Orjinal MyKo Orjinal Soacs v27 Exp & OlymPusko Orjinal MyKo Orjinal Soacs v27 Exp İtem Zor 1000 User Kapesite 0 Lag Ardream Mevcut Userlerimize nonstop 7/24 We Service Providing Ticket Sistemi & Mail , Msn Framework System are found in .. [email protected] › Trade Butonu Çalışmaktadır(Bir Defa Atılır) › Sh , Myko Hack Vb Hil


Riagna Empire Riagna Empires Online


Turkiyenin Ko Serveri Hard Server Ko Oyna All items Full Player Server


TrueKO Welcome to trueKO! bored for overpowered servers? join trueKO , no overpowered at all, classes balanced, ATM max lvl 72! gear at moradon , enjoy! join now and became the best :)


Usko Nearest You Expected K2 with Db SIDE Usko Nearest You Expected K2 with Db SIDE


Knights-Project Knights-Project is a brand new level 70 farm server with new items, bifrost, working lunar war,forgotten temple, great events, dedicated Game masters and over all a great experience!

467 IronKo-Network Medium Database. OTO G1 X-TRAP ALL BUG FIXED


KnightOnlineForever a farm Server! - New! Hight Drop Rate,Ex Rate,Upgrade Rate 7/24 Online on Dedicated Server! best Farm server! Level cap 70


LifeKO |[LifeKO]| FARM/PK - [Max Level: 83][Custom Skills][Custom Items][Unique Gameplay][Active GM's][Events][Automatic Wars][Fully Working Skills][Active/Friendly Community][Lagless][Dedicated Server][Uniques Max +3] Check Us Out!


LuztKo Farm //Pk Server Lvl 70 Cap, Friendly Comunity, Gm\'s Support 24/7 via msn, drop middle-low, no lag, no crash, a very funny, with friendly gm\'s and admins, server spanish/english support


unstopable Knight online new farm server, usko cape, mora 7\\24 gm friendly boss event, alot of new boss krowazz add.. the best farming ever..


lol sad im sad im sad im sad im sad im sad


Knights Republic A new server Oficialy launched 23-07-2010 with a lot of new features. Farm server with custom events / items, no overpowered items on pus, hard working staff, active gms, good support for players. A server which the main goal is not to let you get bored. Join us.


Knight-Epidemic, A Myko Farm Sever Opened at 30.03.2010 Knight-Epidemic is A Farm Server. We Use Xskip Online Game Security System. There is No Koxp, no Bug and No Dupe. Max Lvl 70 10 x Experience

475 83/1 pk server full items gives all nation here come on =D Version 1302 client dont need or full client download.


Shadowko Private Online Vote For us!..MAke Fun On KnightOnline...


ApocaLypseKo ApocalypseKo is a Pk based server, with working bif and FF. Level cap is 72. Balanced classes. Working skills :)


WorldOfEmpire Best of Empire , MyKo Hard server, Empire, Myko PvP,



[KO] Slither Knight Online! SlitherKO - Work your way through 90 levels of pure enjoyment! This is a farm/pk server based off our story! Custom items from armors to weapons! Hard working dev team new updates everyday! Need more people! Avil Level : Med/Hard! Custom drops to keep server organized! NEW level 85-90 skills! Join!


InvictusKO We are a new server. Farm/PK server max lvl 80 Krowaz itens, Gryphons, Valkyres, Bramauth 100% till +7 fast exp.Come join us.


Th3FellowShipKO Do you miss the old KE style where items were unique, farming and leveling was fun and PKing was the greatest thing ever? Join us to experience this and lots more!


Unofficial Knight Online World Welcome To Unofficial Knight Online World Farm/Pk Server The way it Should be You put The time in You will Be the Best Bifrost Undefeatable Weapons (No Curse) Active Gms Lots Of fun Events eg. Exp,Boss,Item, Events No Overpowered Donaters Lots Of English Players. Skilled Players From Usko. Server Based in America. This Is a Great Server. Very Fun With lots of Things to Do Come Check it Out Today!!!


ProfessionalKO Farm/PK MYKO Server - Starting Level 1 - Max Level 72 - Starting Gear included - Max upgrade +8 for armors/weapons and +0 for accessories - Custom Quests - Custom Events - Balanced Classes - Balanced PUS - Friendly Community - Great Support. Join Us Now!


HellasKO New Brand Farming KO Came ! (We are going to open today , 18/4/2010) Exp Rate 80% until 40lvl , for higher lvl\'s exp rate will be at 50%. In CZ there will be Exp Bonus 65% (only from bosses).Drop rate at 75%. In eslant there will be a 40% exp event. There have been setted 2 wars every Saturday and 2 wars every Sunday.Also there will be CSW every wednesday. Most bosses got increased HP and Attack Power so you will need to create a party to kill them. All the mobs , drops +4 items except Gryphons which are +10 and Black Armor which is +7. For more information join in our forum!

486 An exciting new OLD-AGE EMPİRE NETWORK



True Knightonline TrueKo is new age knightonline server , with lot of features , daily updates , much much more is coming in to server ! max level is 72 , basic gear from moradon. Join us NOW!


ProjectFearlessKO New KO Server coming up! Rates and Exp haven\'t been finalised yet so we appreciate any input from you to decide what the rates should be. BETA opening soon!!


LegacyKO - Private Server LegacyKO is a brand FARM/PK server.Level cap is 70.We are Personal Weapons, Old Map, and more. JUST COME


Knight Empire World ! 1453 Hardest&Enjoy Db Level 83 Cap, FARM/PK Server Anvil Rebirth(Upgrade)& Low And Middle Class Upgrade Scrolls Works !


Anka NetWork PvP Server Tr PvP Server Krowaz And More


NguyenKO NguyenKO the place where you and your friends could fight ever lasting wars, and get to know young knights, and become one of the highest clans, and rule the land of Adonis! Great GMs daily Boss events, and have fun with the GM, tons of fun things, highly recommended by many!


Strong3rKO Network Strong3rKO number 1 pvp


ProjectChacalKO ChacalKO | ChacalKO Knight Online Private Server Full PVP! The items go up to +8 = Rebirth by = +11 (only some items) Accessories go to +3 = Anvil Rates ~ Upgrade Sets and Weapons +1 To +7 = 100% +7 To +8 = 100% +8 To +9 = 100%(non trina) +8 To +9 = 100% (threefold) Upgrade Anvil Rates ~ Accessories (jewelry) To +0 +1 = 100% +1 To +2 = 100% +2 To +3 = 100%


FierceKO [Server Wipe! : [8/6/10]] Download now! Farm/PK Server, we got an open Krowaz, where you can farm cursed weapons, a farming system for where you can get your jewleries, new server!! Very fun!!! Max level 80! FierceKO Will be wiped 8/6/10, visit site for more information!


sadasdsa Hi boys i am very pro on assasian class !!


WorldKO - Beta [Grand Opening : 5/14/10] WorldKO the place where you and your friends could fight ever lasting wars, and get to know young knights, and become one of the highest clans, and rule the land of Adonis! Server just recently opened! So get geared up now! [Currently in Beta] TRY IT NOW!



500 more than a Private Server... is the world longest online private knight server, We ve never reset database since march 2011.

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