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GuildWars Big Info Service - News, Guilds, Proffesions, CA builds, TA builds, Tournament builds, GvG builds, Cartography, Articles, Lore and Files - Warrior, Monk, Necromancer, Elementalist, Mesmer, Ranger...


Black Skorpions | Guild Wars Guild
Official website


Knights Of Black Raven
USA Based Guild that is very well organized and active. Friendly and Skillful group of players. Active in PVE, PVP, and GVG with Team Speak Server.


The Bear Patrol The Bear Patrol is a Gaming Clan playing Guildwars, Founded by Kane Lightstaff. [BPT] Is Currently Recruiting Today!!!


~Φη~ The Outcasts The Outcasts gaming clan. We are an old (1997) and well established group of hardcore gamers.


Clan CFC A semi-new Guild Wars clan with a guild hall looking for new members!


Order Of Mayhem [OoM] ..:: Order Of Mayhem is a friendly Guild! We have many guides and helpful information included on our website available to Anyone! ::..


Guild Wars Cheats, Exploits, Guides, Hacks, Dupes The Best and most up to date Guild Wars Cheats / Exploits / Secrets / Working Dupes / Macros / Hacks / Bots / Programs / Apps / on the web. Forums / Chat / Gallery! Want to become the Best? Well then Check Us Out!


Dark Guild Wars Clan Dit is een nieuwe Guild Wars clan voor NL\'ers


The ASGUARD a Guild Wars guild a well ranked guild that is active and lokking for new poyential members


The Amazon Basin A combination of 3 magnificent guilds and many other guilds not as GLTs. We are all one big alliance of friends. We accept applications for all guilds. We have a guild for every range of hours possible in every time zone possible, so you do not feel alone and always have a friend on.


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Online Donz -RPG An online RPG game based on the unsafe streets


RPGNet The New Guildwars and RPG Site on the net. Great forums with lots of things to keep you entertained


Totally Free GW Gold and Guides --The site releases free GW Gold regularly, it was the only place you can find to claim your free GW Gold with no conditions. *Non-commercial Site


mZot online auction site mZot online auction is a totally free auction site to buy and sell GuildWars accounts, gold, items, programs, guides, and anything else GuildWars related. Check us out today and help us become the #1 GuildWars marketplace on the internet!


Guild Wars Gold! This is a site that sells rare guild wars items and also has members only section with top tips and game secrets


Death Stalkers Great little RPG..Good fun. You play as a warrior searching for greater power, loads to do quests, battling, exploring etc. (currency: gold, plat, gems etc.)


Learn how to play backgammon learn how to play backgammon game


Guardian Alliance! We are an alliance of 3 guilds, a very casual guild, PM in game if your intersted


Legio Romana Guild Website Active GuildWars guild embedded in a Roman theme. Does both PvP and PvE -- no mandatory faction farming however. Home of the Holy Roman Alliance. See our About Us page for more info.


Lost-Soldier A Great Friendly Community, Guild Wars is are main Game but we arealso playing Gunz, WarRock and a few more... Lost-Soldier Provides a Wide range of Systems with , Free File Hosting , Forum , and Much More


THEFIRSTGWPRIVATESERVER as you know, gwservers are hard, but i have made the first one! 100 xexp 100xdrops! first 500 people get premium items that add 500+ damage! Come now! you also get level 50.; EVERYTHING WORKING, QUESTS, SHOPS, ECT.


Moon Shire Elfs, Guild Wars Guild Guild wars guild


United Jedi Playing Guild Wars and AoE3 : our clan is over 5 years old and has Hall with NPCs,Cape, own Vent Server, own Kurzicks alliance (5 allies), lots of inside events !


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Cologne Dragons [CD] Cologne Dragons, eine Gilde aus dem Online-Rollenspiel Guild Wars. Unsere HP bietet nebenbei jede Menge an Unterhaltung. Wir freuen uns auf Euer Besuch :)


Gildenpage4Free Hier kann man sich kostenlos seine eigene Gildenpage machen lassen!


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MMO Virtual Provider |!!, A good mmorpg game virtual provider, since 2006. For WOW GuildWars Dofus Runescape2 EVE SWG SilkRold and so on. 24/7, best customer service and lowest prices Please enjoy your gaming experience and let us take care of the rest


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The keepers of the jade sea The keepers of the jade sea Guildwars Guild


The Order of Bahamut A roleplaying guild. We are a close group of serious RPers. We are a part of an alliance of 8 guilds offering a great deal of assistance and fun activities.


Just Jazz A friendly Guild Wars PvE guild


New Dragons Guild [NDR] Created for GuildWars but growing quickly, we\'re also in City of Heroes/Villains and LotRO - We have our own TeamSpeak Server - We are a very friendly guild who are always ready to help our members - We\'re a European based guild.


The Eternal Night The Eternal Night [EK] is a fast-growing guild full of friendly members focused on both PvP and PvE. We plan on HA/GvG and often do AB/TA/FoW/UW. Have hall/cape, and part of awesome alliance. Join us in our journey to become one of the top guilds of Guild Wars.


Guild Wars guides, builds, secrets The Empire is all about giving you the best Guild Wars resources from Cheats / Hacks / Bots / Movies / Servers / Guides / Forum / Hacking Community / Macros / Gallery / Gold / Leveling / Factions / Maps / Tips / Quests / Builds / PvP / Mods / and more!


Lethal Gaming Lethal Gaming has all the latest pay-site quality guides, exploits, hacks & more you need for all your favorite MMOs including Guild Wats, absolutely free!


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Exploits R Us - Guild Wars Cheats and Guides Guild Wars Cheats Guild Wars Farming and Guild Wars Guides


Cheap GW Gold GW Gold online service


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AUG Elite AUG is a community that has been around for many years. We play many different games , competitive and have fun.


The Deathly Bloodseekers [tDB] Guild PvX Guild,we do all events,formed as as a PvP but doing PvE too.


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