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TriumphFlyff- Best High Rates Server New v14, Rates Exp 2500x Drop 4500x Penya 6500x. Working on Shops and Register page. Custom Shops with Ancient/Vampire Weaps and CS sets + Greens. JOIN TODAY


Epic FlyFF [V14 Flyff Private Server (Official Files)] [24/6(1 Day maintainence)] [Lord & Guild Siege] [Daily Events] [Truly Dedicated Staff][Some Green Armor/Weapons in Shops] [Rates: 150/600/50]


Free Flyff Money Hack Get free gPotatoes, Penya in Flyff with this free software.


Chrono Flyff Full v14 with edited drops on bosses. 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD. Core 2 Quad Processor. NON-HAMACHI (No LAG), Green sets and some weapons (5-60) in shops.


FLY FOR FAME FLY FOR FAME: x25Exp x15Drops x110Penya


OGGamer Flyff full v15, custom glows and textures, rare pets, recruiting developers and staff!


FlyFA, the new highrate V15 server! Welcome to FlyFA, the new flyff v15 server! Go fast to the register page, register and play the game! The downloads are on the site, at the tab \'\'download\'\' Info about or server: -Flyff v15 -700x EXP rates, 600x Drop rates and 700x Penya rates -Fashion in \'\'Dior\'\' -Scrolls and more in \'\'Boboku\'\' -Dutch and good GM\'\'s -And a fun private server to play ofcourse


Sunlight Flyff • High rated • V14 • Active GM\'s & Community • NON Hamachi • Custom Glows • High upgrade rates • & alot more! Check the features on the site! •


Fly For House [ All Rate 2k ][ No Lag ][ Friendly with GM ][ English and French !! ][ Event Often ][ CS ][ New Private Server.Plz wait for more event More friends.More More!]


v15 :: FlyForFame :: Revolution Fame, the first, the best! :: Custom PvP System with Exclusive Maps :: Pet Filter :: No-BuffLimit :: v6 PK :: Custom CS-Shop :: InGame Intergated Website :: Custom Seasonal System :: Skill Edits :: Anti-Dupe :: Anti-Rollback :: Security :: Zetadox, LLC


LuxuryFlyff 1000x drop, 1000x exp, 1000x penya, 1000x drop quest


Perfect Gaming Servers ++++++++++++++++++++ Perfect Gaming 2 Hochleistungs Root Server mit mehreren Online games 24/7! Flyff V15 Official (best Serverfiles), GTA SA:MP, WoW und Silkroad.Bester Support, die besten Events, immer wieder neue updates. Über 24 Mitarbeiter


ExoFlyFF This is a new private server. We have had earlier experience with servers. We have a full team working VERY hard to make this the best expreience. The rates are, 100x - 100x - 100x We have VERY nice GM\\\'s who will always be there for you!


FlyffFtw [v15] FlyffFtw is just the best private server ever :3 Rates: 40/40 and 150 Penya Join our server with costum items and CS items in shops ;o


GrandLordMafia - Das ultimative Mafia Spiel In diesem Browsergame trittst du in die Fußstapfen eines Kriminellen. Nur durch Kraft, Ansehen, Rang und Respekt kannst du in dieser Welt überleben. Agiere klug und werde der mächtigste Mafiosi.


FlyforSpecial (v14)[HIGH RATE] •QUALITY Private Server , realms NEVER LAGS and have 99.9% UPTIME/ •Rates:/Exp. 8000x/ /Drop 8000x/ /Penya 8000x/ •Guild Siege , maps and all skills , working / •FRIENDLY GM and special EVENTS. ••JOIN NOW••


Ethereal Flyff V15 Best Server, Good Community, Rates 1000x Experience, 2000x penya and 1000x drop. Custom Maps And Items. Come And Play Now!


z3roflyff v14 Private Server, Rates: 2500xExp/500xDrop/6500xPenya ,24/7 Server!, Greens and Cs IN THE SHOP!!! For LOW prices!!!, We hope you enjoy your stay!!!, Regards the Z3ro Flyff Staff!


FlyForHigh FlyForHigh is Good Server and HighRate , Friendly GM :D , Join Now !!!


Fly For Dominicans V14 Private server 500/20000/500/ good private serverfrendly gm bloddy in npc a lot of thing event daily and more join us


flyff offline Flyff Off Line.Update now ready event. Redeem a new track on manyExp * 2500.Drop * 200.penya * 200.


MuSoDragonica Server that needs you to play it! ExP: 5x | GoLd: 5x [Dedicated Servers -I7] [Online win free Cash Coins] [99,90% uptime] [Daily Events!] [NO LAG] Join us


Wicked Flyff Wicked Flyff is a free to play private MMORPG game server with nice rates and a big community.-Exp 50x |Drop 30x | Penya 100x | Custom Items | 24/7 Dedicated Server | No Lag| Daily Events | Active Dev Team


FlyForJimbo EXP: 200x (Exp Event 500x) Penya: 5000x [active Gm`s] [Custom NPC] [Tons of Events] [we new server so not many playeres yet]. before you can go to our home page join hamachi server FlyForJimbo-FlyForJimbo10 pw for all is: 1234 we have green sets 15-60 +10 0/4 and all green weapons +10 :)


xDFlyff- The place to be! xDFlyff!Server still in making... Be the first to joi1n our community! Storming high rates! 5000 EXP 700 PENYA 4000 DROP! CS Seller! Running on Hamachi though D: (Get donating and it won\'t be!). V15!!!!!!


LED Flyff- The One & The Only [US.v15][Currently In Beta][Beta Rates:2000/225/65][Dedi Server][Custom Maps][Non-Hamachi][Great Staff][Partnered With Kaiiku-Net & PGx][Custom Content][Offi Files][Donation Shop With Wonderful Items][Free Items For People Who Join Beta !!!][Looking For Staff Members]


iDoom flyff privat servers V15 Server | No Hamachi! | No Wipes | No Donations (CS Items in NPC) | No PK Ponition | 100% Lagfree | max. 2500 Players online | Anti-Hack | Level cap: 200 Official/Custom Events | Guild Siege | Maps and all Skills working | Crystal Weapons/Dryad Armor | Custom Items,Skills,Maps,Pets,NPCs | Full Buff Pang | Lord, Awakening, Rainbow Race | Instance Dungeons | Pet Leveling at High-Rate


MidNite FlyFF [V15][800Exp/150Drop/1kPenya][24/7 Dedi][Lagless][Pro Staff][GuildSeige 3x/Week][CustomMaps][CustomAwakes][Custom Weap&Set Effects][CrystalWeaps/DryadArmor][V15JewelsDrop][All CS In NPC][Custom Donation System]Custom Arena][RR][CustomProEvents][MaxBuff Pang W/CustomBuffs][MidNiteGamming]


Serveur privé flyff haute rates Serveur privé FlyForFrime Rates Exp:x50/Drop:x25/Penya:x45 Serveur dedier grande communauté A découvrire trés vite


Darkflyff high rates funserver join us


Alan\'s Private Server I Alan, host a fun private server for users looking to have fun and meet cool people. The rates are very high, drop rate and penya is insane! Almost 1m to 2m a drop! The cash-shop items are controlled by the GM team, and there is a sale every weekend, and we sell tons, no limit. We are even looking for GM\'s! Come check out the website for more information today!


Fly For Fortunate [V16][KflyffUpdates] [Full V16][Level cap of 200][Rates: Exp: 750 Drop: 120 Penya: 700][Friendly community][24/7 online][no-lag][Experienced Staff][All V16 dungeons working][No bugs][Many Originial events][Custom Higher Job Rates!!][Custom Contenets][Working V16 content][V16 Bosses][Originial Cash Shop Seller][Open for Suggestions][Items like food stack up to 9999!!][2 Guild Sieges a week!!!] Join today!


MasterKillFlyff MasterKillFlyff 1000x exp 1000x penya 1000x DropRate v14 official files costum shops cs, 1-120 in shop


Universal FlyFF™ [35x Exp 45x Drop 60x Penya] [Powerful Dedicated] [Dedicated Staff] [99% Uptime] [Custom NPCs] [Custom Quests] [Custom Server Edits] [Custom Maps] [PK System] [Weekly/Daily Events] [Custom Drops]


Silent Flyff v15 flyff private server, rates x500 all, soon dedicated server.


HeLL FlyFF Server UP 24/7 | Server Rates: 1k Exp & Penya, 500x Drop | Friendly Staff & Gm\'s | Ultimate, Greens, CS in shops


legends-of-daimos Flyff Herzlichen Willkommen auf Legends of Daimos! Wir sind ein deutscher Flyff Privat server mit den Rates: x100exp / x100drop / x110penya


Juggernaut Flyff Rates: 10k exp/ 10k penya/ 5k drop | We are trying to be the best flyff private server you can ever dream of. Server will be up soon. PLEASE JOIN US


Pulse Flyff [New Server!][500/500/1000][Nice GMs][V15][Register NOW!!][All CS in Shops]


Sensation 3.0 Serveur priver francais rates: 50/40/500 communauté française/Full v15.5/Fashion et CS en vente/Set vert/madrigal totalement refais ainsi que des nouvelles armes v17 déjà fonctionnel avec donjon en exclusivité et plein d'autre nouveauté que vous découvrirais!!


Fly for Tycoon [Rates: EXP Rate: 500x Penya Rate: 300x Drop Rate: 300x][Fully v15][24.7][Friendly & Dedicated Staff][Custom Items][Anti-Hack][No Lagg!!][Non-Hamachi][Welcome Gift][Daily Events] What are you waiting for? JOIN TODAY!!


XtacyFlyff - [[V.16]] Level Cap 200 With Rebirths. Extreme Rates are [EXP 1,000x] [Drops 200x] [Penya 3,000x] [V.15] [24/7 No laggs.] [No need for donate.] [All CS in shops.] [PRO awakening system.] [Custom Collecting System,] [Custom no Negative Awakenings .] [NO NEGATIVE AWAKENINGS!!!] [All V.15 Monsters] [All V.15 Items] [All New Maps].[All new Weapons.


Best Friend Flyff [9999/9999/99999] [no donation needed] [rebirth]


IceFlyff [Server Coming Soon!!!] [Grand Opening Event: 2x Rates] [Rates: EXP 500x - Drop 300x - Penya 1500x] [Friendly Staff] [Helping Players] [Costum Maps] [Greens, Cs and much more in shop] [45-120 Greens] [Daily Guild Sieges] [Weekly Events] [Hope You Enjoy IceFlyff]


Evolution Flyff--> v15/16! [New Server][High Rates: Exp->350, Drop->100, Penya->1200][No Negative Awakes][Lv.105 Armors in SHOP][Have Lv.129 Set][Behemoth and Turtle King Inlcuding their maps][Non-Hamachi][Custom Items][ONE-CLICK JOB CHANGE!][JOIN NOW!]


Pulse FlyFF v16.8 ~~ 185x exp ~~ 40x Drop ~~ 550x Penya ~~ Updated weekly to add in eFlyFF\\\'s new Fashion ~~ Level cap 150 ~~ Currently in beta ~~ Friendly Admins ~~ CS pet versions of every mob ~~ For the duration of beta, please send a PM to Phoenix on our forums to have your account registered. We do this because we decided to have all accounts have GM powers


Fly For Fray Un nouveau monde de Madrigal s\\\'offre à vous ! Ce Madrigal a besoin de Héros pour faire régner l\\\'ordre et la discipline ! Personne n\\\'a jamais réussi à affronter le ClockWorks, le Météonyker, Matholle ou même Behemoth ... Si personne ne vient anéantir ces monstres je crains que Madrigal devienne un enfer ...


Zero-Flyff SERVER INFO:Currently v16Experience: 325x (x2 While Raining, x3 While Snowing)Drops: 150xPenya: 400xNO LAG!CUSTOM GLOWSDAILY EVENTS HOSTED BY GM'S


FlyForFenix v15 [NEW SERVER!][Max Level 200 v15 Custom server][100x exp/125x penya/20x drop][Fully Working v15 Files][Custom Weapons and custom sets] [24/7 Dedicated Server - No Lag] [Constantly updating] [Custom Maps-Custom CS] [Guild Sieges] [Custom EVENTS] [Full Buff Pang] [ Professional STAFF ] Join NOW!


Friends and Fairys Ein deutscher v15 Flyff Privatserver. Auf wartest du?! Join us! (:

[ 1-50 ] - [ 51-100 ] - [ 101-150 ] - [ 151-200 ] -