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Rabenfall - A german DAoC RP-Shard
A german Dark Age of Camelot Freeshard with new and roleplay-friendly features, new classes and an adjusted engine for RP-Players. For new DAoC experiences. Beginners to experts!


Purga DAoC RvR Server
The most advanced RvR shard.Keeps Sieging,Catacomb Classes,Champion Levels and Weapons,free level 30,5x exp,2x PvE damage,all spells and abilities,RA,Pets,Craft.Main RvR zone is Agramon.We have a very balanced RvR gameplay!


kingdom its a new multiplayer rpj in which you have to build your oun kingdom.You have to build mines for wood,gold,iron and stone.You can beet the other players and get their resorses.The other buildings are houses,barrackes for the archers,spearmen and swordmen,and the most important think the forteses.


MessinaPvP Shard gratuito e completamente in Italiano. Ci sono Pet, Keep/Torri, Relic/RelicBonus,RA, Istant50,Craft, Danno PvE x2, Tutti Spell e Abilità,Classi SI, Drop Galla/Tusca/Sidi, Epiche,Procs,Pietre Respec, SistemaRaid, Araldo E molte altre cose da scoprire.


iPvP 2.0 instantPvP is back! iPvP2.0 brings you the ability to get Level 50 immedially for joining partys fighting other groups or do it alone! RA's, Pets, Artifacts, Dueling Arenas and much more! Visit our Homepage for more Information!


FavGames Dark Age of Camelot Super Site We got your platinum and gold. Cheap and fast delivery 24/7 every day.


Uthgard - DAoC RvR Freeshard Best Support, Dedicated server, No buffbots, Classic style, Bugs hunted down, Regular updates, RA's, Craft, RvR in Emain and BGs, Keep Claim - Serving the community since 2003!


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Ysendar Serveur de type Alliance vs alliance intégrant le PvP et le RP, classes misent a jour 1.87, RAs, montures personnelles, nombreuses quêtes, armes de sièges et pleins d'autres choses à découvrir !


Dark Age of Camelot Cheats, Dupes, and Bots Cheats, Dupes, Bots, and Guides for Dark Age of Camelot


Dark Age of Camelot Private Server/Hacks Private server, free registration, no lag, high rates, visit now!


Giyim ve Bayan Giyim Giyim üretimi ve toptan satışı yapan firmanın sitesinde; ürün portföyü, medya, firma hakkında ve iletişim bilgileri bulunuyor.


AoC Bots & Hacks age of conan: hyborian adventures info


DarkAgeofCamelot.Top50.Net Top 50 Dark Age of Camelot Sites


JBDark age of camelot cebu based Good rating this sever visit us!!


Multigamer-Community Privater DAOC Server(Stygia das ist dann RvR Gebiet!) Neue spezielle Waffen und Rüstungs Teile).TS IP: mgc.ath.cx (bei fragen kommt vorbei)


100% Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) Online A-Z ... Searchable Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) Directory Listings! ...


Dark Abyss Build Rate - 16x/ Flight Speed - 20x/ New very promising server!/ Very helpful and active Admin./ New site features added periodically/ Fully working Outer space expeditions/ Fully working alliances/ Fully functioning server - no errors.


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Travian - the multiplayer strategy game Travian is one of the most popular browser games in the world. Travian - das Multiplayer-Strategiespiel. Travian - Le jeu de stratégie multijoueur.


Private Dark Age of Camelot Server Dark Age of Camelot Server [99,90 uptime] [No lag] [ No Donation - FRIENDLY GM.] [exp: 2500x - gold: 2500x - skill 2500x ] Join Now


Dominivm Final [i40 promotion] xp 5x in main zone and 8x in rvr, rp 1x, craft 2x (3x in main cities), classic zones.Realm Invasion System, Aerus City as Coop XP region. Daily Quest in RvR with Special mount as reward. Zombie Assault: Special arena where you have to fight against an hord of zombie, through 10 levels. Housing full working.


Tides Of War DAoC Server Mythic Like Dark Age Of Camelot Server


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Bifrost: A New World Instant lvl 39 with max level 50. 6 custom classes, custom quests, custom island/housing system 100+ New armor and weapons. Custom Faction vs Faction.