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The Free World Clan. Great clan to join if you would like to join message iifuzionscopez, livelong26 and UnderStood Mind.


Black Ops Blog A web blog dedicated to black ops video game


YesWeGame - Call of Duty Clan YesWeGame is a clan dedicated to Call of Duty series games, We have our own servers and a very nice community. Everybody is welcome to join as long as he follows the rules.


Cod Modders Join the site and get: GSC Tools, Modding Tutorials, Request Mods, Release Mods. We support everything that use GSC, we are most known in CoD Modding and we are now able to help you for free and almost 24/7 support.


Grumpy Bastards we are a Call of Duty series gaming clan we have a cod 1 server that is modded to the max! We also have a cod Black Ops server with 24/7 server monitor that means less bs and more gaming. We have a Ventrilo voice server and we will be adding in more servers soon. If you are wanting to join a No B.S. clan search no more! We are recruiting 18 years +


CodWar CoWar is a Call of Duty fun based clan. We have 3 servers online right now, Cod, UO, COD4. We plane to expand these to 10 servers by the end of november 2011. So come and join us and lets FRAG!


Assassin Tech Gaming We are a community gaming website for MW3 and we have monthly prize give a ways just for being apart of assassin tech gaming.


|oYK| - Gaming Clan Communuty |oYK| tag represents a Call of Duty 4 PC Gaming Clan currently based on ProMod and Normal at 1.0 and 1.7 patches. We have squads based on LoL and WoW WoTLK. Active TS3 Server and forums. For applys and more info visit us @

259 Offical WebSite Offical WebSite Media Land. A WEBSITE? Get a WebSite Designed Today By MK Designz ex: TATTOOSHOPS, NIGHTCLUBS, RESTAURANTS, HAIRSALONS, DJ's, ENTERTAINMENT or Any Major Business


Skulls Graveyard Black Ops Welcome to SkuLLs Graveyard , We are a hard core gaming community, we run one Spearhead and one Black Ops server at this time. We are looking for admins and members and we will be giving out awards to members, once a month.


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OGL Elite OGL Elite is a well fond clan with respectable members. Ranging from 15 - 34yrs old. Mostly play COD, but we are also looking into new games such as HALO, BF, ect...


Lineage 2 Killer Instinct (oficial) servidor C4 L2 OFF Exp: x100 Sp: x100 Adena: x50 Drop: x1 Spoil: x1 Skills de 3ra solo en la ultima sub (se juega con la ultima sub) Sub Class por pagina (sistema unico de sub - evita el bug de skills) Safe enchant: 3 Max enchant: 20 Buff y danzas: 1hs Seraphin y Cat Queen: 5 minutos


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ImMortaL Zombie Do you Like a Zombi in CoD2 Come and join usServer IP:918284213:28984 Level cap 100Easy leveling, helpful friendly admins,Support, VIP system etc


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Call of Duty: Black Ops II Online Server HQ Brand new working server for Call of Duty - Black Ops II with mods included. Works perfectly. Nice people, friendly staff and much more! Check us for yourself if you don't believe it.


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Community - Bad Blood - !Legendz! Clan Our old clan name was Bad Blood from COD:MW3. We have changed our name to !Legendz! Come join our clan on COD:Ghost.


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Game Server Hosting We rent game servers, voice servers, and dedicated servers, and here is an exclusive promo code to get 30% off any purhcase. PROMO CODE: gamestop100


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