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Leagues, Ranks, Tournaments for COD2, HL2DM, CS:S, Play on BattleScore servers and WIN!


codoriginalworld cod maps hacks mods, free suppor


{CLANMEET} {CLANMEET} is a meeting place for CoDUO and CoD2 clans. Please register and take a look for yourself. We are soon opening servers for {CLANMEET} so the more the merrier.


Supreme Chaos -={SC}=- A clan that needs regular users, just post on the recruitment forum!


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|TeM| The European Mercenaries We are an active Call of Duty 2 clan/community, We have a large memberbase on our community of over 400 members at present, Looking for active, friendly players to join our ranks, Dedicated Server Running - AMD 3700 2Gb Ram


The >Mugs< clan >Mugs< and the >Regs< we got over 9 public servers. Join us on mIRC at #mugs .


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Killer Peoples Clan! We are a clan to join that needs more members! We can not get any servers until we start to get more people! Our clan hopes to make servers on all versions of Call Of Duty. Join on this website!


Old Duty Honor Courage Clan We are a mature CoD UO clan that has been around many years that is now recruiting a few good men. We based membership on friendship and attitude not skills. Give us a visit!


|BnB| COD 2 Servers We are a friendly COD2 site for PC users with a minimum of rules , 3 servers including two 1.3 patched , a rifle only and a mixed game types,the 3rd server is a 1.0 server .All skill levels welcome , regular competitions and matches . Join the forum and enjoy a no hassel game of madness ;)


russiansniperclan russiansniper rocks and is the best anyone can join


{OG} Original Gangsters COD2 Adult Gaming Family with TDM, CTF, TWL Match servers and Teamspeak. Always recruiting fun members. No requirements other than 18 and wanting to have fun!


Most Valuable Games | Gamimg Blogs | The most valuable gaming blogs. online. Talks about the hottest games for today's extreme gamers


<{ITOE}> Is This On Easy ! Where the metal meets the meat! We laugh as hard as we play. Come check us out - we\'re inviting and easy to get along with. Our modders have spent months perfecting each server, and we pledge to make your gaming time relaxing and enjoyable!


Breaking Point : A COD2 WWII Tour Of Duty Breaking Point is a massive WW2 Tour of Duty Tournament. You join Axis or Allies and fight to capture all 3 theaters. Relive history with the Allies or rewrite history with the Axis! See ya there!


-RDX-Alliance Why RDX-Alliance? There is no secret ingredient or magical attraction, other than we simply all (members & non-members) enjoy spending a bit of our time in a friendly, humorous, controlled gaming environment. RDX-CoD4 SNIPER ONLY =


DUTCHSNIPERS This is our COD-UO server. Look and see our great maps en weapens


Welcome to the Call of Duty Jumper site Welcome to the most and nice jumper site


[SS] Silent Snipers CODUO clan Mainly sniper clan but also does all weapons! We are currently recruiting! Check us out and join us!


Hell Bound Soldiers Multi-gaming clan with over 500 active members. The only clan on the web with over 15 privet servers.


15th)FAR( Mature clan Recruiting good members...


FragHead gaming news, live coverage of CASH matches between top clans...


|STR|Gaming-Web A call of duty UO clan


FireHawks Clan Leading the way in the next generation of online gaming


SithGaming New Cod2 Clan lokking for recruits!!


Killer Instinct Cod 2 clan with a 20 man public server and teamspeak server, details of these can be found on the website.. Looking for medium skill players


Blood Red COD2 clan Blood red is a COD2 clan where are all players acce


Eagle Company Join the bran new xbox live clan - EAGLE COMPANY - Today!


Anomaly Gaming Anomaly Gaming is a cross platform multi - gaming organization currently consisting of competitive divisions in CS, CSS, COD, COD2, DotA, and Halo2. We will soon be expanding into BF2, CZ, AA and more!


emo?'s Paradise Welcome to the emo?'s clan website! Emo?'s admins from all the way from teamspeak admins, COD server admins, to website admins. We are recruiting so please visit the forum for more details if you are currently interested in joining. If you need any assistance or help, please post in the forum ......


Tuga[Clan] Portuguese clan of call of duty. Visit us


[RRC] Rough Riders Clan COD:UO Lock-N-Load, grab your gear and report for duty Soldier! <NOW ENLISTING> we have 2 CODUO servers w/ 35 TS slots. Join us on our new GERMAN FRONT MOD server and Battle for Europe!


1st Fallshirm Panzer "Herman Goeing" A new clan in the call of duty 2 arena activly recruiting, fun expirience and amazing guys have a server and TS leader a veteran of 1 FJR.


Exiled Unit Exiled Unit is a First Person Shooter Multi-Gaming Clan that plays Call Of Duty 2 and many other PC Games. Crushing Spinless Lackeys and Purging the World of the Mutant Plague!!!


The Dutchbrothers clan for young and old


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-={ToB}=-The Old Breed Sniper Company The Premier Friendly sniper server, our server is full of custom maps and mods - LONG RANGE sniper rifle which all snipers love. FAST DOWNLOAD - check us out: - Monthly Matches


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>T1-|Gaming >T1-|Gaming is a new Clan


Game Server - Voice Server - Clan Hosting Game Server Hosting, Voice server, gameserver, voice over ip, and Free Games


The Falaise Gap RP Join our WWII Rp site


Red No Mercy Welcome to site clan Red No Mercy


The Agency. The Agency. Rifles Server


SVReloaded COD / We have 2 TYPHOON servers /sniper /run&gun /These are clan run servers / Great bunch of pepole to play with come join us and have fun


22ndSAS Clan 22ndSAS is a pretty new CoD 1.3 clan, now recruiting, check out our forum, it is just up. [email protected]


-U4EA- International Gaming Clan Playing multiple FPS games - DoD2, WarRock, Day of Defeat Source, Iron Storm and more


CoD Clasic & United Ofensive Server CoD Clasic & United Ofensive Romanesc


Multigamer clan call of duty clan


| M0x13 | Clan a cod 1 rifle clan. take on good skilled players. clan includes ranks and matches RECRUITING !!!!! JOIN NOW !!!!! add napster92 to xfire

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