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=V4 Coalition= is seeking new recruits!
Individuals interested in competing at a high level of competition and enjoy the online gaming experience should contact =V4C=. We currently compete in COD: UO TDM in TWL and COD 2 TDM and TWL in TWL and OGL ladder competition.


Anger Management
Anger Management is a "fun" clan, but enjoys competition. We compete in TDM and S&D ladders in TWL and OGL. Guests are welcome in our TeamSpeak so feel free to join us. If you are interested in joining or need more info, post your interest in our forums


**AC** Alpha Company
New Clan playing Call of Duty & United Offensive, Fun Clan, Recruiting


FearRunSocom If it doesn\\\'t kill you, it will only make you stronger


Clan Hunt Looking to join a COD clan? Have a clan but need members, or just want a public or private clan forum for you and your members? You can find it all here...

6 CoD 1 + 2 and BF 2 Community GamerStrike is a casual gaming community playing Call of Duty 1 and 2 as well as Battlefield 2. We have two servers for Call of Duty 1 and 2 and are always looking for new members so visit today!


Call of Duty 2 Server Call of Duty 2 Server,Game-Hardware-News


[MGB]_Multigame-Bitches Wir sind ein junger neuer Multigame-FUN-Clan und suchen jeder Zeit Member. Also ziehr Dich nicht Sissy und trete Deinen Dienst an! ;-)


Free Full Games Download Free games online games full games adult games erotic games ...


ssrangers This clan was started 7 years ago with a hand full of guys that had nothing to do but kill time. As we got bigger and more popular we moved to other things. From MOH to COD now cod2 & bf2. We have had some ups & downs but we always came back on top.


101st Airborne Division 101st Airborne Division - There Is No 'I' In Team


The 13th Panzer Regiment The 13th is a friendly society of Call of Duty 2 players who arrange frequent events for our members to enjoy their time spent with us to the maximum


{Death Angels} {DA} The End Is Here... - Call of Duty: United Offensive v1.41 clan


|SS| Soul Stealers Souls Do Not Belong On This Earth, And We Are United To Rid Of Them.


Online Games Play cool, fun, and addicting online games ! Also download games like Battlefield and Call of Duty 2 !!! New: Download Red Alert 2


CL4N FR -=|FF!|=- A French's Team CoDē /// News on PunksBusTerR, DownLoads AnD a lot Of LinKs,Top 100 World


X'trem~TfTeam X'trem~tfteam powered by platinium Fx


Fa Leith clan, sponsored by ult1m8 - l33t gaming Active FREE and very professionally set-up community based Call of Duty (UO/4) online multiplayer gaming clan. Consists of various teams, also active in official Clanbase matches. Completely free!


The Insane Warriors BE ~ .:|T.I.W|:.~ | [email protected] [email protected] | ~ AdmiralMOD v1.543 (AM)


|LSD| - A Call of Duty 2 Clan - Recruiting |LSD| offers servers with stats on Call of Duty 2, Counter-Strike: Source and Half Life 2. We compete in the TWL CoD2 ladders and we play for fun. We are recruiting. Get our server addresses or apply to join at


DropZone Call of Duty, Call of Duty UO & BF2142 Anti-Cheater Gaming Community - We run AWE 2.12 Mod with Dual weapons, blood, popheads, sprint. All servers run Punk Buster and stream the MBL from Punks Busted


{AXIS} Empire Gaming Clan COD2 Gaming Clan: Recruiting fun members! We have a TDM server and Teamspeak. Visit us for details.


Easy Company Gaming A very new Call of Duty 2 Clan. We are recruiting members ages 16+


Original Gangsters COD2 Gaming Clan: Recruiting fun members! We have a TDM, CTF server and Teamspeak. Visit us for details.


Omega nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


Maps Clan Mid American Patiots C.O.D.UO : A cheat free clan bsed on having fun and a few laughs. We welcome all ages where clan members have an equal voice in clan decisions.


*{MASS}* Snipers Clan *{MASS}* is a snipers only server for Call Of Duty 2. Join us at IP port 28960


Deadly Forces Our Clan Needs You!!! - We are recruiting players 18+ for an active clan. We play 2-4 matches a week with training on Sundays. We are accepting players of all skill levels. Please see the website for details.


Allied Airborne Army The Allied Airborne Army is a community with a long, distinguished history and we pride ourselves on a solid foundation of accomplishment and tradition by setting the standards for many gaming communities for over decade. We are currently playing several cWe are a group of gamers dedicated to providing a fun, mature and competitive gaming environment for Call Of Duty 2 and other WWII themed games.


'Killzone Only Rifle Harbor. Don't Wait, Come Play!


Quebec aGe gaming community Community of gamerz from the beautiful Quebec province. Gaming multiple games like Call of Duty 2, Titan Quest, Battlefield 2, World of Warcraf and others !!!


the [SeF] clan - Always ready for the future The [SeF] clan keeps readers informed about latest from Call of Duty. News about CoD2 and latest GFM patches. But in general all what is needed for fun online gaming.


-]KA0S[- xKLANx We are the #1 Gaming clan. Recruting 24/7 visit are site @


Team ^K1LL- We are a CoD2 clan in the USA. We are a new clan and hoping to expand soon. We are recruiting and in the near future looking for Adminstrators and Moderators.


Finn Pelaamo Finn Pelaamo Server


{B.C.F}Britishclanforce Great Cod2 1.3 severs always with the latest mods server ips Admiral mod Rcmod


Team X50 Team X50 is mostly a Call of Duty clan but we also play other games. we are also always recruiting so if you think your better try out.


{WW2| Clan The Newest WW2 clan


Xtreme Chaos Gaming Community


Fighting Turtles call of duty 2 klan


16th Infantry Division New clan created mostly for the fun of the game. Have a COD1 server.


|BIA|Brothers-In-Arms We are a competitive clan that is involved in the TWL league.We have over 50 members ..which are all curently active.


Old Duty Honor Courage CoD UO ALL CUSTOM ALL S&D RE


Alliance A cheat free alliance of players that currently host Call of Duty UO with mohaa and custom maps, rotating CTF, HQ and TMD. Modern weapons mod. We also have 2 Mohaa servers featuring Jet packs. Now recruiting. Stop by and check us out.


{HK}Hells Kitchen A mulit-gaming community COD4 {] DoD [] Custom maps. News, downloads and fun loving discussions.


<BPG> Boyish Players Gang Multigaming clan COD2, NHL 07, CS:S, Top COD2 Server (special PAM MOD for publick)

47 A Call of Duty 2 and United offensive funclan.


uE' Recruiting! We are a all weapons clan, Plus we have a Rifle squad just starting up.


#p!tbullclan we are a clan for call of duty and call of duty 2 we are looking for new memmbers to join the clan


Next Of Kin Clan Next of Kin Clan was form by Friends for Friends. We have a COD2 Sniper server and Run & Gun server. Stop by and play a while.

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