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LeftCoast VS Bots clan server Battlefield 42, desert combat final, coop server, exclusive modded maps. 1.8 Ghz, 768 Mb Ram, 24/7 - Linux dedicated - 40 bots


Dark Ages This is an awesome site that will astound you.


mob games alot of mafia games


PointBlankElite Front and center recruit. Let me be the first to welcome you as a recruit to Point Blank


caporegime gang warfare game


MU-STEP MU-STEP-the best.You want to have fun. Exp and drop-MAX...And you can be the boss .bok-in shops.bless.soul, quest items in shops.Good Admins like Kolin.HAVE FUN!!!!


=PINK= The All Girl Gaming Clan! We are recuiting girl gamers!!


Team-CSAR Mature Clan Site


.::| Mu - Bitram |::. Private Server Running on Dedicated Server || 100MB/s (NO LAG) || Online 24/7 || Vs. 1.02d || exp: 1500x, drops: 80x || BB OFF || Keep stats after reset || Web Registration || Hot Spots || New Maps || Friendly Admins || Events - everyday || JOIN US NOW!!


The Company a online bf2 community


Battlefield2Arena We are a Battlefield2 Fan site, we provide up the date info regarding all areas relating to the Battlefield2 series. We support the Modding, Mapping, and Clans within the Community on a variety of areas. We also provide free hosting on a multiple of scales if it is Clans space, Mods, Maps etc.


-I4nI- Battlefield 2 and COD:2 Clan We're a Battlefield 2 and COD:2 Clan. We have been around 2 years and have 30+ members. We have cheat free servers! Members from the USA to Canada to England. Please stop by. SERVER IPs...BF2: and BF2:SF:


Lineage2 VKT Server AutoSS, Heroes, 3d prof, Fishing, C4 Areas, C4 Drops, ToI and much more!


The Line Of Darkness Lineage 2 server Rates 1000/3000 traduit Francais full C4 Gm shop, pets, etc etc


DPF E-sports community / Clan DPF E-sports is a multi-gaming clan with mostly BF 2142 and COD 2 players


pure n00bish we are a nor parody of PP


The Forgotten The Forgotten clan. »CS:S/DoD 1.6/BF2 * Central/East * Michigan Lan Team* We are Recruiting.«


Elite Killers - Der Battlefield 2 Clan (EKClan) Elite Killers - Der Battlefield 2 Clan (EKClan)


Max Carnage BF2 & CS:S BF2 & CS:S Site and servers


Battlefield2 squad 5 yr old squad that plays to kick ass and have a good time doing it. We are currently recruiting for Battlefield 2142 please register at


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BADASS-GAMERZ A BF2 based clan. ALways looking for a good time!


tactical terrorists come and join tactical terrorists and show the enemy what you got.


Allied Combat Soldiers We are a fun clan with a battlefield 2 ranked server, and teamspeak. We are all about teamwork and haveing fun playing the game we like.


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=USK=Central United Strike Knights is recruiting new players. Join Our forum for more info


eternalduel2 enjoy playing dis game!!!!


>TSC This clan is for fun and gaming!


lions den bf2 clan join us today forward as one


Full Metal Jacket Full Metal Jacket is North American based FPS multi game clan. Hosting top ten servers since 1999. We are always recruiting dedicated adults. Visit our 64 man BF2 Poe2 Mod and 2142 Ranked servers


Blood, Blades and Fangs Darkness reins in the modern world. All fear the creatures in the night, especially the vampire. But creeping from the shadows in a new fear, the hunter. Who will win the fights? What side are you on? Are you vampire, hunter or a little of both? Come join us and see...


A Soldiers War We offer BF2142 Tournament /BF2 Clan / Pacific Fighters Squadrons / MS FLt Sim servers. We have also BF2142 and BF2 Ranked Servers


Xtreme Gamer's Clan Xtreme Gamer's Clan is for Xtreme Gamer's We are a clan for all games BF2 to Xbox games.


1DWR CLAN The 1dwr-clan is a mature gameing clan that was started by a few friends that have been playing the game for the past year now.we have our first very own server powerd by counter servers and its a 24 slot ranked server with map mainly being Wake island,Sharqi,Karkand,Dalian plant.


REDBACKS experianced bf2 clan 16 members


Late Night Commandos (LNC) Online Multi-Gaming Community since 2005. ArmA, BF2, BF2142, CS:S, Quake Wars Enemy Territory-- We are registered and match TWL BF2 5v5, 8v8, 2v2 choppers, 2v2 armour. WE ARE RECRUITING MATURE PLAYERS, VISIT OUR WEBSITE!!


LDS-Knallis Wir sind ein Battlefield 2 Fun Clan und freuen uns stehts über neue Member.Wir sind auf der Suche nach Sponsoren und freundlichen Partnerclanen.Wir verfügen über einen unranked Gameserver auf dem meistens Custommaps laufen.


Legion Force A new battlefield 2 clan


[DGO] Deadly Gamers Online. Deadly Gamers Online, a recruiting clan for Battlefield:2,Call Of Duty:2, America\'s Army,Point Of Existance for BF:2, and Battlefield:2! We are a some what new clan, but we have some skill and talent. We exept any skill level, and any age, but maturity is required! Come give us a shot at our site!!!


BF2-100% I Bf2 info site and community!Join today by clicking Join!


xXtremeMachines We specailize in BF2142 and will be converting over to a BF3 clan when it is released. We are a Team of people from around the USA that are dedicated to making this Clan number ONE!


Rain Of Blood 2D mmorpg game with lots of good features! Join and get ready for guildwars!


3lite Gaming - For Those 3lite Gamers! A cool gaming community (that means if you\'re in a clan you can join aswell). We have a BF2 stats checker: ! And we offer FREE graphics at request here: ! See you there!


Alabama Gang We Are Recuiting


10th Mountain Division We are mainly a BF2 clan but also have a CS:S Division. We use realistic ranks and structure but are not overly realistic. We would rather have fun then be a realistic military unit, or the best bf2 clan out there. We have 2 32 slot ranked servers + 1 10man 100tick CS:S Server.


imperia online it's cool, get it


The 86th Blackhawks We are a small community of gamers looking to increase our squad and get some more steady gamers. BF2 and many more games check us out!


blee ako gwapo waaakokokokoko


[email protected] BattleField 2 Games !!!


Ultimate BF2 battlefield community/clan

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